Thailand Tourist Visa Covering Letter Sample

Thailand Tourist Visa Covering Letter Sample

Thailand is one destination spot that is noted for mad fun and pleasure. It is a favorite vacation place as it has spectacular beaches, awesome parks for shoppers, mouth-watering delicacies, fantastic places for sightseeing and warm people. So if you want to hasten the time of experiencing all of these then you would need to get a tourist visa after passing the eligibility criteria for the visa. You would start this by completing your visa application but to fasten the issuance you would need to accompany with it a Thailand tourist visa covering letter.

The Thailand tourist covering letter is the letter of introduction of the tourist to the consulate general of Thailand. This is the letter that accompanies the tourist visa application that helps states the additional information that can’t be found on the Thailand tourist visa application or it helps in expanding it. The letter will have on it the applicant’s name. Date of travel, passport details, details of expenses, duration of stay etc

When writing a Thailand tourist visa cover letter, you would need to give information on the below points. This is to give the consulate a clear idea of who you are and encourage for a positive response. So you would include the:

  • Purpose of your trip to the Thailand
  • You would need to show proof of how you intend to fund your trip. Would you be using your funds or you have a sponsor.
  • If you would be sponsored, then you would need to explain the relationship that exist between you two and the reason for the sponsorship
  • You should also show or give an overview of your itinerary. Explaining why you choose that embassy for your application
  • State reasons why you can’t back up your letter with some documents as requested
  • Make your letter as compelling as possible to encourage the consulate gives a go ahead.

Below are the sample Thailand tourist visa covering letter

Royal Thai Embassy

Tenseness crescent off Panama Street


Subject: Thailand visa for tourism

Dear Sir,

I am applying for a Thai tourist visa as I have the intention of visiting Thailand come April 2nd 2020. My main purpose of my trip is to see my Thai friends and visit the beautiful places in Thailand. Aside that, I would love to have a good measure of  the famous Thai food as well as learn the way of life and culture. During my stay in Thailand I would love to visit with my friends: the wild elephants at Khao yai park, the railway ranch beach, the grand palace Bangkok, the history city of Ayutthaya and Sunday walking street.

I am an employee of Calcemo cement producing company in Lagos, Nigeria. I am holding the position of Assistant Administrator. My vacation has already been approved by my boss for the duration I have stipulated for this trip. The needed document I have attached to this letter includes my visa application form, my passport which shows my travel experience, my travel insurance, my hotel reservation, and my employment and leave certificates. I also enclose the copies of medical records and my bank statements. I have also attached my planned itinerary for the entire period of stay.

I have no doubt that you would find all the information you would have needed intact. But if you would need further information to clear all doubts then you can contact me on 556-876-987. I am thanking you already for the quick and positive response. Please expedite action as I look forward to having my visa with me at least few days before my departure date.

Yours sincerely,

Imoh Cletus

Sample 2

Embassy of Thailand, London


SUBJECT; Thailand tourist visit to friends and family

Dear Sir,

My name is Jack Oliver; I am applying for a Thailand tourist visa which will be enable me travel to Thailand. I intend making this trip from the 3rd of April to the 3rd of May 1999. The main reason for this travel will be for leisure. I want to see some of my friends and family that I haven’t been able to meet for about 10 years now. Again, I have read how magnificent a place Thailand is, so I intend to take out time too, to visit these places.

I am self sponsoring this trip and I have already booked my accommodation at the popular Phulay Bay. During my visit I would love to visit places like Ao Nang beach,ralay ranch and Hong island. Other fun things I will like to do include island hopping, ride a tuk tuk, watch sunset at sky bar, go diving and visit the different temples around. I intend to visit popular eateries like siam city thai restaurant, Thai chi royal thai cousine and chi thai revolution restaurant to taste the different Thai delicacies.

I have been under the employ of Mercentile bank plc for about 4 years now. I am currently the marketing director in the bank. My direct employer has already approved of my vacation duration. The below documents are attached to this letter: the visa application form,  coverage of $50,000 travel insurance, my passport that shows travel experience, hotel reservations that I have already booked and the E-ticket reservation for my flight. I have also attached my health insurance coverage, bank statements and medical records. I am sure that everything is in order, please feel free to contact me anything you would be needing more information.

Thanks in anticipation for your urgent response.

Yours sincerely,

Hanson Edwards


The Thailand tourist visa covering letter is important and need to be written alongside the tourist visa application. This letter will influence the recipient as it is to introduce you and your purpose of travelling to the recipient. This is why you would need to adopt the right guidelines; the ones outlined above would help you have a winning covering letter if you follow them systematically. The samples have also been written for you, you can personalize it by using your original information where necessary to have your own Thailand tourist visa covering letter

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