Best English Countryside Vacation Towns to Visit

Have you ever been to England, or do you plan to visit soon? England is one of the four countries which make up the United Kingdom. Most people may know England to be an enchanting country with fascinating cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

If you are seeking to get away from the urban noise however, then the countryside might just be a fantastic choice for you. If you’re a lover of nature, England’s countryside attracts all sorts of holidaymakers who want to spend time at the moorlands, sparkling lakes, sandy beaches, rolling hills, limestone cliffs and other unbelievably breathtaking natural scenery that will create a magical experience to leave you with unforgettably pleasant memories. Travelers would love the scenic locations which could be found in the English countryside because they will find this experience to be peaceful and relaxing.

The United Kingdom still remains a top choice for vacation spots because England is a top destination spot for holiday makers and for people who are looking for that exciting getaway to rediscover the beauty of the glorious English countryside. This article would serve as a complete guide to making the best choices when it comes to visiting the stunning landscapes, the rolling green hills and the charming villages of the countryside.


1. The Cotswolds

Colswolds village

The Cotswolds, sometimes known as “King Cod’s Land,” is a historical area in the West of England which is famed for its outstanding natural beauty as well as its heritage of wool and stone. This place which has a collection of 113 towns and villages are famous for their typically English landscape of lovely green rolling hills and pastures, stonewalls and woodlands. It is also home to some of England’s most delightful, fairy-tale like villages. You will find that Cotswold buildings are commonly made by using Oolithic Limestone that resembles the colour of honey. This brown hue comes in variations, according to the iron ore content in each local quarry. The subtle natural colour creates harmonious towns and villages that incorporate the area’s landscape into the towns and villages, making the whole area highly attractive. Roughly two hours outside of London, it lies mainly within the English counties of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, but it extends into parts of Wiltshire, Somerset, Worcestershire and Warwickshire. You will find that their lovely gardens create a wonderful atmosphere to relax. They have extravagant landmarks such as Sudeley Castle & Gardens and Blenheim Palace. The Cotswolds are also home to 5000-year old Neolithic stones called the Rollright Stones. You can walk amongst the ancient stone circle of some 70 stones called the King’s men. It is believed that these stones were probably used as a council circle in ancient times by the local tribes. A set of stones known as the Whispering Knights can also be found close to the King’s Stone. There are many legends about the stones. One of them is about how difficult it is to move them from the site.


2. Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park is a premier vacation spot nestled in northwest England where nature lovers can climb craggy cliffs and soak in the view of picturesque lakes. Millions of years of glacial erosion have been responsible for created scenic hiking trails that are bridled across spectacular landscapes. The shimmering waters of Lake Windermere, one of the dozens of ribbon lakes in that location have held visitors spellbound for decades. Summer visitors love to spend their day on serene kayaking excursions or calming boat rides. Ambleside, which is a short distance from the Windermere Lake, is another scenic tourist hub that offers a collection of fun activities such as steamboat cruises, hiking, visiting ancient ruins and viewing Victorian architecture.

One of the best villages to visit while you are there is Dent. It’s a cozy village outstanding for its Viking roots. You’ll also find the fabled Dales Way footpath close by as well as England’s highest railway station. Nature lovers have been inspired for hundreds of years by market town of Keswick for its heavenly location. It boasts a wide range of charming pubs and artistic shops nestled between Skiddaw Mountain and Derwentwater.

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3. Cornwall

Cornwall is certainly the place for you if you are a beach lover looking for the best sandy escape in England. Located in the southwest tip of the country, Cornwall is blessed with white sand shores and a rugged coastline. It is the ultimate haven for seaside activities like swimming, surfing and sailing. You can hike to the top of the cliffs where you can look over the breathtaking view of the charming town and its harbor. A visit to the captivating waters off the Cornish peninsula will offer you stunning views. The best villages to visit in Cornwall include St Ives, an attraction for beachgoers due to it sandy shores, crystalline waters, picturesque location, lively harbor and vibrant arts scene. Fowey, another village located at the opening of the River Fowey is a seaside village known for its bustling harbor, scenic boat trips, rugged coastline hiking trails and elegant shops. The Cornish village of Sennen may be lacking in amenities but makes up tenfold with its dramatic cliffs, turquoise waters and the legendary scenery of its white-sand beaches.


4. Peak District National Park

Right at the doorstep of Manchester, are a spectacular stretch of landscapes which hikers would find to be heavenly. The central location of the park makes it easy to access from the majority of the country; with dense forests tranquil rivers, rocky limestone dales and quaint villages. Tourists can cycle or hike from the limestone of White Peak to the vibrant moorlands of Dark Peak. The best villages to visit while there are Hayfield; an alluring place situated in the valley of the River Sett where tourists can explore the Kinder Scout, the highest point in the Peak District. Ashford-in-the-Water a village located near the picturesque Monsal Dale is decorated with charming old stone houses, medieval churches and highlighted by the beautiful Sheepwash Bridge. Cyclists and tourists who love to go on long walks will crowd to the village of Castleton located adjacent to Hope Valley and engulfed by rolling hills and limestone gorges.


5. Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales which is located towards Northern England boasts of some of the country’s most diverse landscapes. These captivating landscapes surround its charming stone villages, wide-stretching moors of every hue of green and scenic valleys which will hold cyclists and hikers spellbound. The endless paths will draw you into serene waterfalls, colourful flowers in bloom, stone-laden walls and remarkable limestone. Tourists can witness the underground ambience of the Yorkshire Dales when they explore its extensive cave system. Malham Cove and Aysgarth Falls are two of the most enchanting natural sites in the region. The best villages to visit in Yorkshire Dales are Appletreewick; a tiny hamlet of medieval homes arranged on a single thoroughfare with scenic hills that attract a crowd of cyclists and trekkers to soak in the spectacular scenery. Another village of note is Hawes which attracts a bevy of nature lovers because it is surrounded by miles of greenery. Being England’s highest town, a tranquil river flows through the town close to England’s tallest one-drop waterfall. Kirksby Londale is just adjacent to Yorkshire Dales National Park. This charming market town hosts an intriguing mix of shops, exotic eateries, cozy cafes and vintage stone cottages.


6. The Isles Of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly is the perfect destination for tourists who wish to visit the remote countryside. Situated just off the tip of Cornwall and scattered in the English Channel, the region enjoys loads of sunshine mainly due to their southern location. Visitors will enjoy the warmth whether they choose the gorgeous sandy beaches or the rugged grassy plains or the lush gardens full of exotic plants. Spring time displays the best of wildlife as tourists will get to see rare birds and plants that flourish there. There is plenty of time to kick off your shoes, let down your hair and pleasure your eyes with the breathtaking scenery. The local cuisine which includes an array of premium fresh seafood is excellent.


7. Northumberland National Park

This northernmost national park stretches along the Scottish border and boasts of miles of unspoiled wilderness. Northumberland National Park is an area that is one of England’s least populated. For those with an adventurous spirit, it is an intimate place to connect with nature. Lovers of history can walk through the boundaries of Hadrian’s Wall. This defense barrier dates far back to the era of the ancient Romans. Visit some of England’s most beautiful waterfalls or dare to stay outdoors after dark for a enchanting night beneath the stars. You can also take a tour of the rolling Cheviots which sets England apart from Scotland.  The best villages to visit in Northumberland are Corbridge; a town which echoes Roman history. Its streets boast of one of the area’s top assortment of independent shops. Bamburgh is a peaceful village surrounded by sand dunes and beautiful beaches. Here, you’ll also find the legendary Bamburgh Castle which was the seat of the Kings of Northumbria. Make sure to wander the harbor of the coastal village of Seahouses and visit the wide range of restaurants and shops before setting sail to the Farne Islands, which is famed as a bird watcher’s paradise.

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