Best Places to Visit in Dubai

best places to visit in dubai

The city of Dubai is a fascinating one with a lot of amazing architectural structures, beaches and wonderful desert beauty, the city also possess an incredible history that is well preserved and presented within traditional and historical building as well as its museums. For every tourist, Dubai offers exciting moments and unforgettable memories to take in and take home. Among the several amazing places to visit is the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa formerly referred to as the Burj Dubai and the amazing Dubai Aquarium with the underwater zoo, famously known as the largest suspended aquarium with a sea life comprising over a hundred aquatic species. There are also several beaches including the Jumeirah beach that offers a view of the Persian Gulf and the Kite beach with its beautiful view of kite surfers among others. Not to forget the desert, tourist can have a trip through the wide unending stretch of desert also known as desert safari.

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However, if you are visiting Dubai for the first time and do not have an idea of the to visit, I have provided a list of famous and fascinating places below that you should not miss for anything.

  1. Burj Khalifa- World’s Tallest Building

burj khalifa is one of the best places to visit in dubaiThe Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world at 829.8 meters. It is the most famous of all tourist attractions in Dubai and the most visited. You cannot afford to visit Dubai without taking a trip to the Burj Khalifa and taking in views from the famous observation deck at the 124th floor. From the observation deck, you can view the entire city taking in the whole beautiful picture especially the night view.

The burj khalifa also has other amazing things to explore like the beautifully carved gardens around the building, the Dubai fountain (regarded as the world’s tallest fountain with over 6,600 lights and several colour projections) and some interesting winding walkways.

Tip: Visit the Burj Khalifa during the night to enjoy the sight of panoramic lighting that is formed by the Dubai city lights.  Also, in order to make your trip easier, you should try to get your entrance ticket in advance and skip the long queues on the day of your visit.

  1. The Dubai Miracle Garden – World’s Largest Natural Flower Garden

dubai miracle garden is one of the best places to visit in dubaiThis is actually my favourite of all the places to visit in Dubai. The Dubai miracle garden is an unbelievable arrangement of natural flowers and an amazing design of nature. It is called the miracle garden because of the seemingly hard task of having such luscious beauty created not just on normal soil type but in a desert city. It is one the most famous Dubai tourist attractions and the largest natural flower garden in the world .

A visit to Dubai is seemingly incomplete without stopping over at the miracle garden. Enjoy the sight of models made of flower used to create different structures like the Burj Khalifa, different animals, cars, dunes and so on all created with flowers – natural flowers.

Tip– Be ready to get wowed with moving models and exotic lighting. It’s a really miraculous experience you will get at the Dubai Miracle Gardens!

3.      Wild Wadi Waterpark – Thrilling and Exciting Wonderpark

wild wadi waterpark is one of the best places to visit in dubaiOkay, here is one for the fun lovers- an outdoor amusement water park! Wild Wadi Waterpark is one of the most exciting places you can go to have fun with your lover or family with all different forms of water sports and fun activities. The park is located opposite Burj Al Arab  along Jumeirah Street and has over twenty five different thrilling rides such as the Tumble Falls, Falcon fury, White Water Wadi and Thunder Rapids  to get you to the top of the world. You can also get an opportunity to learn about the famous Arabian folklore while you catch your fun.

Tip- Visit Wild Wadi Waterpark with kids to give them the time of their lives and make fun filled memories. The park usually opens at 10 am and closes between 6-8pm

  1. The Dubai Museum

The Dubai museum is the best place to visit for the history lovers and those who love to see the story of Dubai and what it has been through. The Dubai museum is located in one of the most traditional areas of the city along Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai and right inside the Al Fahidi Fort which has been since 1787. The museum is made up of every element of Dubai history as depicted in different pieces and things like old maps of the city, and archaeological findings. Te museum contains all things that signify the history of the people, animals and places as well as its arts and crafts.

Tip– The Dubai museum is usually open between 8.30 am to 8.30 pm

  1. Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House – Splendid Museum and Fascinating Architecture

best places to visit in dubaiAt the Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum house, located on Al Khalej road within the locality of Al Shindagha, you will find the Dubai Museum of Historical Photographs and Documents containing Photographs from Dubai history on fishing, boat building as well as the timeline of developments of the Emirates. There are pictures of the royal family that ruled Dubai as well as royal jewellery, stamps and coins collections. The building was constructed originally in 1896 by the Sheikh’s father who is the grandfather of the current ruler and represents the epitome of the beautiful and uniquely wonderful Arabian architecture. As a tradition, the house was usually named after whoever is ruling at the current period or resident within the building. The balcony of the building was where the then Sheikh used to view and observe all the shipping activities going on. Although the original building has been demolished and rebuilt, it still maintains the various intricacies that symbolize the Arabian architecture; you will find artistically carved teak doors, gypsum screens for ventilation with amazing floral designs and geometry, wooden lattices across windows and a central courtyard with wind tower details at the top.

Tip: Close to the Sheikh Al Maktoum house is the Sheik Obad bin Thani House, you can also take a few minutes to visit there and view amazing traditional interiors as well.

  1. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – Incredible Sea Life and Aquarius Wonder

The Dubai aquarium is one of the most visited places in the city of Dubai. Located at the Dubai Mall along the Sheikh Zayed Road, the aquarium is home to over 120 species of sea life. You can have a very close view of wonderful sea animals and creatures from the suspended tank of the aquarium. You can also walk through tunnels to increase the thrills and enter into the famous underwater zoo. Glass boat tours are available as well as cage snorkeling and shark diving activities. There is so much to enjoy at the Dubai Aquarium and you are sure to have an amazing experience.

Tip: You can always get a free view of the aquarium through the interior of the Dubai Mall. 

  1. Burj Al Arab- Worlds Most Expensive / First Seven Star Hotel

The Burj Al Arab is the first seven star hotel in the world. Regarded as the world’s most exotic and expensive hotel and located in the famous touristed town of Jumeirah, the Burj Al Arab is situated on an artificial island and has a helipad constructed specially for its use. The magnificent structure also regarded as the most luxurious hotel in the world has the most fascinating view ever. As a tourist, all you need is just to visit the site, enjoy the sea side and take in the majestic view offered by the building and its surroundings. You will find one of the most amazing views in the world (especially the Palm Jumeirah) by climbing up to the 27th floor where the skyview bar is located and you can be sure to create loving memories that are impossible to forget.

If you have abundant funds, you can also choose to have a meal at the exotic Al-Mahara restaurant located underwater and enjoy the sight of sea life as you dine.

Tip: Don’t forget to hold your camera so you can capture all the amazing views. You can also visit at night to experience the beauty created by the lights on the billowing dhow sail-like architectural wonder called the Burj Al Arab.

  1. The Dubai fountain- World’s Tallest Fountain

The Dubai fountain is known as the world’s tallest and most dramatic fountain. The fountain is about 900 metres tall and is located right in the middle of the Burj Lake. The Dubai fountain is most amazing to watch at night with several lights up to about 6,600 and another twenty five colour projections. You can be assured of astonishing views from the illusions created on water by the beautiful lights. It is also estimated that the fountain shoots up about 22,000 gallons of water at any particular moment.

Tips– there is always different type of music playing at the fountain varying from Arabic rhythms to contemporary, classical and world music.

  1. Al Bastakiya Quarter Old Dubai

The Al Bastakia also known as the Old Dubai or the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is an old ruin town made up of sandy lanes and traditional architectural buildings that reflect the beauty of Old Dubai. The town houses the exquisite and modern white mosque,the grand gypsum and amazing architectural designs. The buildings are made of coral and limestone with artistically carved wooden doors, walls topped with wind towers, traditional air condition with elaborately designed gates that adorn the entrances. The Old Dubai also houses the Mahjlis Gallery that contains a collection of old ceramics and furniture used to decorate the traditional Arab houses

Tips– Enjoy the view of the Old city wall, the XVA Gallery (consisting of contemporary art collections) and the Sheikh Muhammed Centre for Cultural Understanding from the Old Dubai surrounding. You can also take a stairs to the top to enjoy the rooftop views of the old city and catch a better glimpse of the wind towers.

  1. The Dubai Mall

Located on the Doha road, off Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai, the Dubai mall is also one of the numerous amazing places to visit in Dubai. The mall is a magnificent tourist attraction centre with lots of tourists visiting at any particular point in time. The mall has amazing interior designs and glorious structure. There are also a high number of very expensive shops over 1,200 in number that convey the message that Dubai is a city of the wealthy and affluent.

There are movie screens, an ice skating rink, restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy exotic dishes and entertain yourself.  There is also a gaming zone, live music and fashion shows. If you are visiting in January and February, you should not miss the Dubai Shopping Festival and if you are going in July and August, then don’t miss the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival as well.

Tip– the Dubai Mall houses the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo therefore you can plan your visit to enjoy the aquarium at the same time as the mall.

  1. Dubai Creek

The Dubai creek is a wonderful natural water body that separates the city of Dubai into two. The saltwater creek has the Deira to the north and the Bur Dubai to the south. It is located at the extreme end of the famous Rasb Al Khor wildlife sanctuary and has old small villages along it dating as far back as 4000 years. You can take a Dhow trip to explore the creek, there is also the Dubai gold souk to explore, the ferry, park tours as well as a number of restaurants and cafes to dine and enjoy exotic dishes.

Tip– you can mingle with the Dhow workers and learn more about the life of the older traditional sailors. Although most of the dhows have been converted to tourist cruise boats, you are sure to enjoy the tour.


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