Singapore Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

Singapore is an island city-state off southern Malaysia in the southeast continent of Asia. It is Asia’s financial centre and a business melting pot for countries all over the Asian continent. Singapore has a population of 5,975,581 people.

It is the third most densely populated country in the world, with a multicultural population of major ethnic groups. Singapore has four official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. Singapore is also multi-religious, with the Inter-Religious Organization (IRO) of Singapore recognizing ten major religions in the city-state which include predominantly Buddhism, at 31.1% of the population. 20% of the population practice no religion, 18.9% practice Christianity, 15.6% practice Islam, 8.8% practice Taoism and folk religion, while 5% of the population practice Hinduism.

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Singapore is considered as the 9th best country to do business in the world. It has the world’s highest percentage of millionaires. One out of every six households earns at least one million dollars in disposable wealth, excluding property, business and luxury goods. It is however the most expensive city to live in the world as reported by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Tourism is a major revenue generator for the Singaporean economy. In 2018, the country attracted 18.5 million international tourists; more than three times the entire population of Singapore. In 2019 tourism contributed to 4% of the country’s GDP, although after the COVID-19 pandemic, these figures have significantly dwindled to 6.3 million international tourist visits as at 2022. Remarkable tourist locations to visit while in Singapore include the Gardens by the Bay, Changi Experience Studio, Changi Airport, Underwater World, Singapore Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Aquarium, The Nocturnal Wildlife Park, River Safari, MacRitchie Reservoir amongst others.

Singapore Tourist Visa

Singapore tourist visa is a short term visa that is issued to individuals who want to travel for holidays, sight-seeing, festivals or visitations. An individual who intends to receive medical treatment in Singapore is also eligible to apply for this visa. You will need certain documents to aid you in securing a Singapore visa in Nigeria. Below is a list of documents required for Nigerian citizens that wish to visit Singapore.

Here are some of the terms and conditions you should know about when applying for a Singapore visa.

  • This visa category can be issued for multiple entries. This permits the visa holder to visit Singapore several times using one particular visa.
  • A covering letter stating the reason for your travel and date of travel should be written by the applicant and addressed to the “The Embassy of Singapore/The Consulate General of Singapore.”
  • Employed applicants should submit a letter of introduction from their current employer, stating that the applicant is on an approved leave and also stating the destination that the applicant is travelling to.
  • If your documents are not in English, the original copy must be submitted along with an official English translation by a certified translator, a notary public or High Commission/Embassy.
  • You need to have two recently taken passport photographs which should be 35mm x 45mm in size. The passport photograph must have a white background; the colour of your shirt should be in contrast with the background. Place the photographs along with your visa form.
  • Applicants can apply for a Singapore visa online or through the Singapore embassy. If you choose to apply through their embassy, then you have to go there physically.
  • The Singapore tourist visa fee is non-refundable and costs N7, 910.22. online payments are accepted. You can pay with your MasterCard or Visa debit card using the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). The payment can only be done by registered agents approved by the Singaporean consular or by local contacts in Singapore.
  • The visa applicant is expected to make a caution deposit of S$1,000 and S$3,000 upon the approval of your visa application. This payment covers your stay in Singapore. You will be refunded this money at the end of your stay in the country if it has been confirmed that you did not breach any of the conditions stated in the security bond that is executed by you the applicant or by the Singaporean local contact that you are visiting. The caution deposit will also be refunded if it is established by the Singaporean immigration authorities that you are legally departing the country.
  • Visitors to Singapore whose purpose is for tourism, social or seeking medical treatment and who require a longer period of stay beyond the Visit Pass granted on entry may submit an application for extension of stay. An extension of 89 days from the date of entry is permitted.
  • If you intend to increase the duration of your stay in Singapore for up to 89 days from the date of your entry, you will have to require a local sponsor.
  • Applicants are not allowed to return to Singapore within five days from the departure date of the current trip.
  • Overstaying your visa or trying to enter and exit Singapore illegally is a serious offense.
  • Singapore tourist visa is valid for two years. However, each visit must not exceed 90 days.

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 Basic Requirements for a Singapore Tourist Visa

  1. Your international passport, with at least six months validity from the date of entry into Singapore.
  2. A photocopy of your international passport’s biodata page.
  3. Two recently taken passport-size photographs, taken within the last three months and with even exposure.
  4. A completed 14A form.
  5. Evidence of Basic Travelling Allowance (BTA) to cover your entire stay in Singapore.
  6. Proof of flight booking showing your date of departure and arrival.
  7. Bank account statement for the last six months and signed by your bank.
  8. Tax clearance certificate.
  9. Police clearance certificate.
  10. Your company’s identity cards.
  11. Letter of introduction from your employer, stating your job position and official leave dates.
  12. Evidence of accommodation or hotel booking, indicating your location and date of arrival.

If your purpose for visiting Singapore is solely for business, then you need the following information:

Terms and Conditions for Singapore Business Visa Eligibility

  • A Singapore business visa is issued only for limited business activities.
  • Examples of these business activities include seminars, conferences, meetings and business discussions.
  • The company you intend to do business with must be duly registered in Singapore as a legal business entity. You will need to provide a printout of the company’s registered business profile. The document should show the names of all its directors, shareholders as well as details of your trip. This printout should be issued within the last three months to the date of your visa application.
  • You will need an invitation letter from your business partner in Singapore. This should be submitted along with a photocopy of the company’s certificate of incorporation.
  • If there are any previous dealings between you and the Singapore company, you should provide evidence.
  • Your local contact in Singapore is also required to issue a completed V394 form which is basically a Letter of Introduction (LOI) for visa application, for you to be eligible for a Singapore business visa.
  • LOIs issued by embassies is also accepted.
  • If your host will be responsible for your accommodation, he must provide proof.
  • If you are self-employed, you are to submit a copy of your company’s tax clearance certificate.
  • All non-English documents should be translated into English or official translations of the documents should be attached.
  • You will be required to duly complete and sign a 14A form for a short stay visa. Your application for this visa will be made based on the information provided in the form. ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) may request the submission of the form.
  • Penalties for entering Singapore illegally or overstaying your visa attract a jail term of six months and a minimum of three strokes of the cane. On the other hand, the penalty for leaving the country illegally is not less than six months in jail and not more than two years in jail. It also attracts a fine of S$6,000.
  • Singapore immigration and checkpoints authority takes a stern stand on attempts to enter, exit or overstay in the country illegally.
  • False declaration of information or submission of forged documents during the application process or non-compliance with immigration regulations is an offense under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. Penalties may include a fine and/or imprisonment for the applicant and/or company.

 Basic Requirements for a Singapore Business Visa

  1. Introduction letter from your employer.
  2. Company registration and documents
  3. A completed V39A form. This is a letter of introduction for the visa application.
  4. Your international passport.
  5. Singapore visa application form.
  6. Flight reservation.
  7. Hotel reservation.
  8. Marriage certificate.
  9. Bank statement for six months, signed by your bank.

These are the steps you need to take when applying for a Singapore visa in Nigeria.

  1. Compile all necessary and relevant documents.
  2. Fill the application form with a pen.
  3. Get your six-month bank statement five days to your submission.
  4. Submit your documents at the Singapore Embassy in person.
  5. Wait for 3-5 days for your document to be processed.
  6. Collect your passport after 4 days.

The Singapore Consulate is headed by the Consul General, Harkishin (Haresh) Ghanshamdas Aswani who is responsible for handling all visa applications by Nigerians wishing to visit Singapore. For further enquiries, this is the contact information for the Singapore Embassy/Consulate in Nigeria:

Address: No. 81-A, Younis Bashorun Street, Off Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.



Phone: (+234) 1-461 0818/9088, (+234) 809 967 8888

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