Can Expired Unused US Visa be Renewed? – Updated

if an expired u.s visa was not used by applicant can it be renewed

If a U.S visa is granted, and the applicant doesn’t visit the USA while the visa is valid? Can the visa be renewed?

I have had so many people ask me this question over and over again: ” I was granted a U.S visa but I didn’t visit the U.S while the visa was still valid. Now, it has expired, can the visa be renewed via drop box or do I have to start afresh as a new applicant?”

Let me start by saying that if you have a U.S visa that you never used to travel to the U.S before it expired, you have no need to worry whether you will be issued a visa when next you need one. Because the truth is that you actually scored good points in the books of the U.S embassy and they will be quick to issue you a new U.S visa whenever you apply.

This is because consular officers frequently see applicants who are desperate to travel abroad that when they issue a visa to someone who doesn’t bother to travel gives the impression that the applicant has strong ties in Nigeria or had other engagements that made him forfeit the trip at the time or that the applicant has something really good going for him in Nigeria or is not just desperate in any way or has other ulterior motives for travelling to the States.

So Yes! you can renew your U.S visa even if you never used it in the first place.

Now there are ways to renew your expired visa. Find them below:

  1. Renew Your U.S visa via Dropbox Program.

Dropbox also known as the U.S visa Wavier program is program for people that fall under a certain visa category where they will not need to go for another visa application interview to have their visa renewed. Provided they meet up a certain requirement, all they need to do is to fill out and submit the necessary documents in the designated establishment that are partners with the U.S embassy. In Nigeria, designated DHL offices are tasked with the responsibility of collecting documents from dropbox applicants. To learn how to renew your U.S visa using the dropbox program, read this posts: How to Renew a US Visa in Nigeria / Dropbox Locations in Nigeria and  How to Renew Your US Visa in Nigeria in 5 Days.

  1. Renew Your U.S via the Regular Appointment Interview.

In this method, you are expected to go through the regular pattern where you are expected to fill out the DS 160 form, book an interview appointment and attend this interview with the required supporting documents. To learn how to renew your U.S visa via the regular appointment interview, read this post: How to Apply for US Visa in Nigeria.

Now the only difference with the afore mentioned methods is timing. If the expired visa issued to you has stayed more than one year before you go for renewal, you will have to go through the regular appointment interview where you will have to stand before a consular and answer his questions. However, if the expired visa issued to you has not lasted for up to a year before you go for renewal, you can use the dropbox program to renew it.

For example: Let’s say your U.S visa expired on the 10th of January 2017, you have up till 1st January 2018 to renew it via the dropbox program. After the 1st January 2018, it is mandatory to use the appointment interview method to renew your U.S visa. With that said, am sure you got your question answered.

I hope this article helps. All the best in renewing your U.S visa.


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