Turkey Visa Appointment in Nigeria – Updated

turkey visa appointment in nigeria

Turkey Visa Appointment in Nigeria

If you are reading this article, it is because you want to book a Turkey visa appointment in Nigeria. In other words, you want to schedule an interview appointment date at the Turkish embassy in Nigeria. So you will want to know and book the earliest turkey visa appointment dates available in Nigeria.

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Without an interview appointment you will not be able to get your Turkish visa. But before you schedule an interview date you should be eligible for the visa.

Here is a list of requirements for Turkish visa for Nigerians

1. You must fully fill and sign a Turkish visa form online. Each family or group member must fill a separate form.
2. You must have a valid passport (6 months) + photocopy of your data page and 2 passport photos in white background colour.
3. Pay your application fee. This fee is non-refundable. Here is the cost for the application fee

  • Single Entry – $250
  • Multiple Entry – $400
  • Single Transit – $250
  • Double Transit – $400

4. Your flight reservation with confirmed dates.

5. Your proof of accommodation.You should have a confirmed hotel reservation for the whole period that you will be staying in Turkey. If you will be staying with your family or friends it should be stated in an invitation letter sent by your host in Turkey.

Financial Guarantee
You will present your last 6 months bank statement with reference letter from your bank. This bank statement of account must show your full name.However, if you cannot financially cover your trip or if you are a student, you are allowed to provide a letter from your sponsor stating that s/he will be responsible for your expenses, proof of financial means and a copy of their international passport.

For Students, you are expected present your student’s identification card.

If you are working for someone, you must submit a letter from your employer mentioning your position, annual salary and the date of leave.

For business owners in Nigeria, you will also present one Original and one photocopy of your income tax clearance certificate.


You are expected to present the original copy of a business invitation letter from a company in Turkey stating the following:
1. The purpose of your visit to Turkey.
2. The name, address and contact number of the company that you will be visiting.
3. That the host company takes full responsibility for all your expenses in Turkey.


If the parents are not traveling with you, you are expected to provide a parental authorization letter from the “Court” or “Notary” .
The original and photocopy of your birth certificate.


Passport Copies of both parents.
One photocopy of wedding certificate.


Vaccination Card or proof for yellow fever and typhoid diseases vaccination.

The Original and photocopy of your National ID Card.

A Travel health insurance document to show that you have the entire period of intended stay or transit covered.

To book an appointment at the turkey embassy in Nigeria visit this link https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/Visa/.

If you are having any problems with getting an appointment date on the Turkish embassy website, feel free to call us on 07033378184, we will be glad to help.

Turkish Embassy in Nigeria
Address: 333 Diplomatic Dr, Central Business Dis, Abuja, Nigeria
Working hours:Opening time – 9am, Closing time – 5pm


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