How to Get Visa on Arrival in Nigeria for Babies

visa on arrival in nigeria for babies

The number of Nigerian mothers that are traveling abroad for child birth is constantly on the increase. Their reasons may be to have access to better health care or dual citizenship or a bid to secure the future of for their children.

Whatever be the case, it’s really a good thing because judging from the socio-economic condition we find ourselves in Nigeria, one has to do everything humanly possible to give his or her kids sound education, excellent health care, a secure environment and a stable economy which can be relatively found in countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Canada.

This article is not about the benefits of giving birth to kids abroad or the process and requirements of childbirth abroad. You can read up all of that in this article “Give Birth in USA “. This article will give you a breakdown of the advantages, prerequisites and cost of giving birth abroad using the U.S as case study.

Visa on Arrival in Nigeria for Babies

In this article, we are going to talk about how to get a visa on arrival for a Nigerian baby. Let me explain a little better. If Nigerian parents give birth to baby in any country of the world asides Nigeria, that baby is not yet a Nigerian citizen until s/he is issued a Nigerian passport. Therefore when they are coming back to Nigeria with the child, the child will be issued a visa on arrival as a foreigner and pay visa fee. When they have arrived Nigeria and cleared with immigration, they can now take the child to the immigration office to be issued an international passport as a Nigerian citizen. Understood? So are you a Nigerian couple who just gave birth abroad and you need visa for your child to come back to Nigeria? – This article is for you! Or you are a Nigerian who has grown kids abroad who want to visit Nigeria for the first time but they don’t have Nigerian passport? – This article is for you!

Okay let’s go on to the topic of discussion today: ” How to a Nigeria Visa on Arrival for Babies / Children”

There are two ways to get the Nigerian visa on arrival for infants after giving birth to them abroad.

  1. You can go to the Nigerian embassy in your resident country and make the application or
  2. You can make a visa application to the Immigration service in Nigeria through an agent in Nigeria. This method is usually fast and more reliable compared to option 1.

Getting a Nigeria Visa on Arrival through an Agent

Required Documents

  • Valid passport with minimum of six months validity for mother, father and baby.
  • Bio data page of the applicant (i.e. baby).
  • Bio data page of both parents (i.e. mother and father).
  • Letter of consent signed by both parents (signature should be same as the ones on parents international passports).
  • Passport sized photos of the baby (2).
  • Application letter from parents to the Comptroller General of the Nigerian Immigration Service.

The Process of Using an agent to get a visa on arrival for babies in Nigeria

Once these afore – listed documents are ready, the agent will file the application letter from parents and a formal request for a visa on arrival at the Nigerian Immigration Service. Within 48 hours a visa on arrival approval letter will be sent to the agent who in turn will scan and send to the parents via email.

Once the parents have the approval letter, they can travel to Nigeria with their newborn and this letter. At the port of entry, they are to go to the desk marked “Visa on Arrival” and present this letter to the Nigerian Immigration service at the airport and proceed to make payment for visa. The visa fee varies depending on the nationality of the baby. To find out the cost of visa for your baby check out this article “How to apply for Nigeria Visa on Arrival” Once this is done, a visa on arrival will be issued to the baby. Now you are good to go.



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