Dating a Nigerian Woman – What to Expect

beautiful nigerian lady

Are you thinking about or currently dating a Nigerian woman? In this post, we are going to talk about what to expect when dating a Nigerian woman; their personality traits, attitude and how to know if she likes you. Let’s get started!

beautiful nigerian lady

Nigerians are very interesting people and their women are no exception. It is a country divided into geopolitical regions of diverse people with diverse cultures. When dating someone, the first thing that attracts you to that person is their physical looks. You might be wondering how a Nigerian lady looks like.


When it comes to looks, they do not disappoint. They are very attractive. Like most coloured people, the complexion of the Nigerian woman comes in different shades, from glistening dark charcoal which is rare to a rich dark chocolate which is more common. You would also find most of them with a creamy caramel complexion and even very fair like a bi-racial complexion. Their eye colour ranges from a beautiful black like opal stones to dark brown, to hazel. Their lips are mostly full and luscious with an earthy brown or pink hue. A typical Nigerian woman is also quite curvy with an ample bosom, voluptuous hips and a full rounded backside. In a room full of women of other races, it is very common for a Nigerian woman to stand out. She possesses an unforgettable presence; a kind of “je ne sais quoi” that is somewhat difficult to describe.


If her physical attributes are quite agreeable, then her personality is quite fascinating. The typical Nigerian woman is physically strong and is even stronger emotionally and mentally. Nigeria as a country has been ridden with massive corruption and economic hardship since it gained independence from the British in 1960. This makes it a very hard country to live in. Nigerians have by default become survivors with a very resilient character and the Nigerian woman is not an exception. She is built to tackle tough issues, face all the curve balls life throws at her and emerging with confidence, inner strength and determination. Top those with the ability for her to evolve adjust and integrate fully into any society that she finds herself. Show me a Nigerian woman and I will show you a woman who is bold, courageous and sets herself apart from other women in the African continent. The average Nigerian woman is quite stylish. They love designer brands, good hair, fragrance and cosmetics. They are very particular about their outward appearance which could range from simple and classy to slightly ostentatious. Adorning themselves in beautiful attires and bold facial makeup is an inborn trait that translates from the traditional way of dressing across the country. A hot Nigerian goes to prove that the popular saying, “black don’t crack” is so true.


You might want to brace yourself for this: Nigerians are one of the most educated people in the world and their women are no exception. They are known to bag multiple degrees in some of the most prestigious universities in the world. In colonial and early post-colonial era, the education of the girl child was never valued. She was mostly groomed in kitchen duties and homemaking in preparation for her transition to her husband’s home. That soon changed as Nigerian women have been known to excel academically and even do excellently in jobs that were once male dominated. An average Nigerian family understands the value of education. No matter what career a Nigerian child wishes to choose in future, even if it is skilled labour, the parents would insist for their child to go to school and acquire basic education first. Today, you find Nigerian women around the country and in diaspora as high court judges, in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. You can find a Nigerian woman excelling in the medical field as doctors, nurses and pharmacists. It is also common to see them as university vice chancellors, professors and senior lecturers. They also hold high positions in the military and in aviation. In Diaspora, a Nigerian woman holds positions in congress, parliament and others sectors of government. They are also not left out of the economic sector, finance and in international diplomacy.


Most Nigerian women are peace loving. They tend to exude a calm and tranquil demeanor. This is because they are brought up to be respectful and submissive to their partners. A Nigerian woman may consider it disrespectful to argue unnecessarily with her partner. However, some of them do not take kindly to being oppressed. If they perceive that their partner is taking advantage of their calm demeanor, they will surely protest and fight back.        


A Nigerian woman’s personality is greatly influenced by the region she comes from. The women from each region possess characteristics that are unique to them. The Southern women who are predominantly of the Christian faith are more vivacious, outgoing and expressive. Women from the northern parts tend to be quite reserved, shy and conservative. This may be because they are predominantly Muslim and culturally compelled not to interact freely with the opposite sex or to date men casually. Rather, they would prefer to opt for relationships that have the potential of ending up in marriage. Most of the Northern women marry early so a serious or more meaningful relationship is preferred by them. A typical Nigerian woman is religious and quite adherent to her faith. Whether she is Christian, Muslim or Buddhist; whether she practices the traditional religion of her ancestors, she is dedicated to her faith. Her belief propels and influences her ideologies, behavior and character. You could find her in the club drinking, partying and socializing. It would not deter her from going to the mosque on Fridays or attending church service on Sundays. The interesting thing is, if they fancy you, they might invite you to attend church with them.

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Faithfulness is a universal requirement in any romantic relationship. It builds trust between the couple and strengthens the bond of a relationship. Most Nigerian women are monogamous in nature due to their religious morals and as such, being faithful in a relationship is a common trait found in them. It is part of the culture for Nigerian mothers to instill high morals in their daughters, right from when they are children. However, the degree of faithfulness that they would devote to that relationship is quite relative as most Nigerian women prefer to be kept women. Even if they are making their own money, they love their men to spend on them and spoil them with gifts on a regular basis. By default, most Nigerian men see it as their sole responsibility to provide for their women, so it seems most likely that Nigerian women would expect same from any man they are dating, even if he is a foreigner. They would even expect a foreigner to spend more because of the power of their currency. When a Nigerian woman gets financial security, love and commitment from her partner, she would almost certainly stay one hundred percent committed to the relationship.


Ride or die is the motto of the typical Nigerian woman. You will find her to be quite supportive and dependable. If you’re a foreigner looking to date a Nigerian woman, be sure to have a shoulder to lean on when things get tough and you’re feeling overwhelmed. The Nigerian woman is excellent at boosting the confidence and psyche of her man. They have what it takes to fulfill the emotional, psychological and physical needs of the man they love. The unique quality of the Nigerian woman is that they have a way of making all these happen without you losing your self respect as a man. They are contented to be in the shadows; propelling you like the wind beneath your wings. They will support you to play the lead role and only chip in or overtly take over when it is absolutely necessary.


Normally, a typical Nigerian woman is respectful. Her culture demands it of her as well as her religion. In Nigerian culture, being respectful shows you are from a good home with good upbringing. It also shows the quality of your pedigree. Therefore, you will find a Nigerian woman to be almost always courteous with a pleasant demeanor. She also extends same respect to her boyfriend. There may be few cases however where the Nigerian woman could let her guard down and act out of character. She may throw a tantrum if you are not generous enough with cash and gifts. She could also show her anger if she finds you’ve been cheating on her.


 Titi and Mike have been dating for the past five years. Titi is a 26 year old lady who works in a bank on Lagos Island. She earns well. Her salary comes with attractive bonuses and incentives, while Mike is a seven-figure earning business mogul who has his hands deep in real estate. He owns a smart home in Lekki and drives a 2019 Maserati. He is every girl’s dream. Titi definitely sees her relationship with Mike as serious enough to lead to marriage. When those nosy aunties tease her at family gatherings, asking when it will be her turn for the family to wear aso ebi to her wedding. She confidently lets them know that it will be very soon. Mike has never hinted that he would never get down on one knee to make a good woman of her. In fact, his friends already started addressing her as “Iyawo,” the local way of saying, “our wife.” She has the keys to Mike’s home and can let herself in to cook, clean or just relax at anytime.


She has never seen a sign of another woman in Mike’s home; not carelessly strewn underwear or stale perfume left on the bed sheets. He seemed like the perfect partner, except that he never gave her money or spent money on her. He also never celebrated her birthday, Valentine’s Day or their relationship anniversary.  Titi didn’t like that part of her boyfriend but she decided to cut her losses and accept that part of him because he made up for what he lacked in the affection department with his other sterling qualities. Trouble knocked on the door of their relationship when Titi’s cousin Lara ran into Mike at a block of apartments tucked away in a hidden street on Victoria Island. Titi could not believe her ears when her cousin tipped her off and so they both went snooping. What they found out left her devastated. It turns out Mike rented the apartment for his side chick. He also bought her a 2016 Toyota Corolla. They even got more hot gossip about the lady. Her name was Omotoke and she had been seen at least twice going on a shopping spree with Mike. A mutual friend also informed Titi that Omotoke’s recent vacation to Dubai was sponsored by none other than her errant boyfriend. Armed with enough receipts, Titi could not wait to confront Mike. She let herself into his flat early the next evening. Mike tried to conceal his shock at his girlfriend’s discovery. Then he tried to deny and then Titi flew into a rage and rained a barrage of insults on him. She told him she had lost his respect for him and can never be with a man who would betray her in such a manner. Mike stood with gaped jaw staring at his once calm and respectful “wife material” girlfriend as she stormed out of his house.


The culinary skills of a Nigerian woman are to die for. This is because most Nigerian girls as young as age eight have begun to help with meal preparation in the kitchen. By the time they become teenagers, they are almost capable of whipping up a mean dish. Their mothers never fail to drum it into their ears right from when they are little girls that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. They grow up with that mindset and are always eager to display their culinary skills to the man they love. If you are dating a Nigerian woman, you are sure never to go hungry or go to bed on an empty stomach. Chances are that you may acquire a thicker waistline a few months into the relationship if you do not hit the gym often. Nigerian meals are quite tasty and delicious. Their array of delicious meals include the popular Jollof  rice, white rice and stew, moimoi, dodo, fufu and edikan ikong, afang, banga, egusi, ogbono andefo riro soups. They also have more native delicacies like isi ewu, nkwobi  and suya; also the one pot porridges and pottages. Across each region of the country, they is always a unique meal to enjoy and the Nigerian woman is versatile in preparing them.


Jamie from England narrates his experience with Najite, a Nigerian girl from the Niger Delta region.  It was his first time in Nigeria. He was working with an oil company in Warri and was very open to experiencing the sights, sound and culture of the people. His Nigerian colleague Deji warned him that a Caucasian man looking to date a local girl must be ready to spend some good cash and shower the girl with expensive gifts. “When girls in these parts see a white man, all they see in front of them are bags of money. Their ‘gold digger’ mode is activated, so be very careful,” Deji warned. Najite however wasn’t a gold digger. She was different. Najite was a tall, chocolate skinned woman with all the curves in the right places. She had an ample bosom, a slim waist and voluptuous hips. Her smile was infectious. It was the first thing you’d notice when you saw her pretty oval face. Jamie was at first skeptical when she first approached him. She greeted him the popular Warri way: “Oyibo, how far now?” The startled white smile looked at her with a slightly confused expression. She knew he wasn’t familiar with the popular pidgin English and so she adjusted.

 “Hello, my name is Najite. Seems you are new here?”

“Oh yes, I’m new here! Hello, my name is Jamie and I’m from England.”

“Jamie from England, you are fine sha. You smile like Ed Sheeran.”

Their small talk led to conversations about music, food and art. It turned out that Najite was a fun-loving, free-spirited being with no ulterior motive than the regular boy-meets-girl attraction. She took Jamie to see a live band that played afro pop music all night. When he attempted the popular Zanku leg work dance, Najite threw her head back and laughed so hard. She teased Jamie about having “two left legs.” By the time the night was over, his shaku-shaku dance was fairly good, although his gwarra-gwarra was mildly horrible. The following week, they planned to have lunch together at a popular restaurant that served Banga soup with fresh catfish and seafood. This soup is usually served steaming hot in small black clay pots and eaten with a translucent starchy fufu by the locals but Najite figured Jamie might not be able to handle the elasticity of the starch fufu and so she ordered starch fufu for herself and pounded yam fufu for Jamie. Jamie stared mouth agape at Najite eating starch like a kid fascinated by a magician’s hat trick. This cracked Najite up so hard that she almost choked on her food. Jamie found the meal to be quite tasty once he could handle the temperature of the soup. He was also curious to know how starch fufu tasted like. He twisted the fufu around his fingers but it was so sticky that he couldn’t cut it into swallow size balls and so he gave up, much to the amusement of his date.


Subsequently, the two of them began to spend most weekends together. The feelings between them flowed naturally because they started from a place of friendship. It was easy to fall in love with Najite. She was very attractive, courteous, and absolutely no dull moment with her. When she was upset about something, she was blunt in expressing her hurt. These attributes were quite agreeable with Jamie. It made him consider going into a more serious and long lasting relationship with her. Najite possesses a fine quality that is common among most Nigerian women. She is affectionate. You are bound to get loads of affection from a Nigerian woman if you date her. They shower their men with love, friendship and devotion. They do all this in such a tender manner; almost like the nurturing love a mother has for her child. This is because just like a mother, the Nigerian woman believes that it is her duty to make her man feel wanted and special by keeping him and his needs close to her heart always. So it therefore goes to show why Jamie found her to be quite irresistible and unforgettable.


Universally, women see men as babies and just like they are protective of their biological children, most women are also quite protective of their men. A Nigerian woman is no exception in this regard. You could sometimes find them to be clingy and easily jealous when they see their man with other women. They are ready to fight or do whatever it takes to keep their man. She is also the best hype person a man could ever wish for. She is very generous with her compliments and readily showers her man with praises. She does this because she feels it is important to completely win the heart of her man. She understands that a man’s ego is greatly massaged when his woman makes him feel so wanted. Therefore, a Nigerian woman has perfected this skill because she knows that she can get the best out of her man by doing this.


As a foreigner, you may be curious to know how you can win the heart of a Nigerian woman and get her to accept going out on a date with you. First find out what that particular lady fancies. Next, try to practice conforming to those things that she likes so that you can win over her heart completely. For example, if she is religious, she is most likely to accept you if you are a God fearing man, even if you are not the church going type. She is least likely to fancy you if you are an atheist. So have it in mind that you may have to accompany her to church on a Sunday to make her happy. Let her also perceive you to be a morally upright man who is law abiding with good principles guiding your lifestyle. Show her that you are capable of being a compassionate, selfless and faithful person. Nigerians are a very social people. They are friendly, they love to interact. You are most likely to find them in small groups eating, drinking and laughing. Get ready to loosen up and fit in if you want to date a Nigerian woman. The average Nigerian woman is extroverted to an extent. She loves entertainment and the social media. If you are shy and withdrawn, you must make an effort to come out of your shell if you are going to win her heart. The average Nigerian is witty and smart. A Nigerian woman would find you intriguing if you can match her wit and brains. You should be able to hold an interesting conversation and make her laugh. Always make sure that you are far from boring.


If you are caring and kind, you’d be off the singles market in no time because what’s not to love about a man who knows how to devote his feelings to a woman? Every woman would be dying to have such a man. Women love a man who listens to them and a Nigerian woman is no exception. It doesn’t matter if she is spewing gibberish. Humour her. Smile. Hold her hand and reassure her that more than a lover, you are also her friend. The Nigerian woman is also particular about her man being generous. Be generous with your money, let her be splurged with gifts, be generous with your time by devoting quality time to spend with her. Surprise her by planning activities she loves. A Nigerian woman loves a faithful man so make sure you have eyes only for her. If she catches you cheating, you stand a big chance of losing her.


Being with a Nigerian woman puts you in a good mental space. You will not be emotionally drained. Also, be guaranteed to have a healthy relationship with her. She will bring excitement, fun and warmth into the relationship.  There will hardly be any dull moment with her because you will experience passion like never before. If the aura between the both of you is compatible then get ready to experience a synergy that is out of this world amazing. It is very possible to enjoy mutual understanding whilst you’re in a relationship with a Nigerian woman. She knows how to stand by her man and play a collaborative role when it is demanded of her.


Despite the sterling qualities that a Nigerian woman possesses, she does display some character traits that may range from not so impressive to downright disgusting. One of those unremarkable traits is that an average Nigerian woman tends to be quite materialistic. You could call her a gold digger and you might not be wrong. The first criteria for assessing a man they are about to date is wealth and status in society. They would want to know: Is he rich? Does he have money? What kind of job does he do? Who are his family? Are they well known? If a Nigerian woman genuinely falls in love with a man of low pedigree or poor financial status, she has to contend with the acidic backlash from her friends, family and even the society at large. It is the pressure from society that pushes most Nigerian women to become materialistic. It is this same pressure that lays down the ground rules or criteria for choosing to date any man.


Nneka, a recently divorced mother of two pre-teen kids tells her story. She met Festus, her ex-husband while they were students at the university. They fell in love and started dating. Their love story panned out like something you’d read about in a fairytale. By the time they graduated and completed their compulsory Youth Service year, they were both ready to take on the world. Nneka’s father owned a printing press. When he died, business became slow and the business faced threat of closure. This meant her mother would return to the village with her younger brothers and who knew how life would turn out for them? Her late father was a man of gate integrity. It was just the perfect social capital that she needed. She dressed up properly and visited all the banks that had contracted her father to forge their official company seal, stamp as well as the printing of their tellers and deposit slips. She convinced them to continue their relationship. She promised to maintain the same production standard and quality. She did same with the few churches that her father printed promotional flyers, banners and tee shirts for. Her brothers worked in the shop with their father, so they knew exactly what to do. She revamped the face of her late father’s small scale business by doing some impressive public relations with the clientele and requesting for their recommendations. She handled the administrative aspect of the business; her mother handled the book keeping, while her brothers handled production.


As soon as the printing business stabilized she suggested to Festus about obtaining a distributor’s license with the Nigerian Brewery to become major suppliers of their drinks to supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. There were no longer enough white collar jobs for fresh graduates in Nigeria. Starting up their private business in the mean time would be ideal. Festus was not enthusiastic about the idea. He insisted on finding a white collar job. Nneka asked him what he intended to do for money while he was waiting for a job and he had no sensible response to give. Nneka was 28 years old at the time and was very eager to settle down, get married and have children. Her distributorship business was thriving and she was raking in six figures every month in net profit. She sponsored her wedding despite her mother’s protests and soon had their first baby. Festus was still jobless and had no intention to partner with her in business or start up his own. Her third pregnancy came with very serious complications. She had a Caesarean section. The surgery was botched and so she had to undergo three more surgeries to correct the anomaly caused by the first surgery. Nneka was left weak and tired. Her business suffered tremendously while she focused on was her complete recovery. She barely had enough energy to nurse her infant and care for two other young children. There was nobody to supervise the business. Festus refused to step in and help. He preferred to sit on top of his laptop all day, browsing for job vacancies and watching football. Soon after, a few trucks used to supply drinks broke down. The drivers were milking Nneka dry. They cooked up stories to get more money from her by using vehicle repairs as an excuse.


The business soon ran underground. What extra savings Nneka had was used up for her treatment. One day she woke up and Festus was gone. He had packed up a small bag and left. He had been complaining that he wasn’t ready for marriage. He only gave in because Nneka was the one who was pushing for it. He said he didn’t have time to breathe or be himself before children were slammed on him, forcing him against his will to become a father. He said he was miserable and caged all through the five years he was married. He wanted to be free. Nneka says she feels sad and dejected that her childhood sweetheart would be so heartless to abandon her at the moment she needed him the most. Her family and close friends reminded her of their warnings and misgivings about Festus. They wanted him to be financially stable as a proof that he would be responsible enough to take care of his wife and children. Nneka on the other hand believed in love and was so sure that her faith in the man that she loved would never fail her. She is currently fighting the feelings of bitterness, resentment and regret. The children cry everyday for their dad and she has nothing reasonable to tell them. She is just beginning to pick up the pieces of her life. Her business has not been as viable as it used to be since the COVID-19 pandemic. Most businesses have been generally slow post pandemic. She is seriously considering starting up a cooking gas depot business to have a multiple source of income. Her major constraint is how to raise the capital as most of her income went to saving her life. Her candid advice to any young lady seeking to date is making sure the man has money. Better to be labeled a gold digger and be financially comfortable in a relationship than to be with a man for love alone and suffer greatly for making that choice.


For most Nigerian women, financial stability is equivalent to emotional and physical security. They will not give their heart fully or commit completely to a relationship if they are not sure that the man is capable of providing for her needs. Nigerian women have zero tolerance for men who lack ambition and men who are lazy. For them, it is a major turn off. You must be hardworking, smart and display promising potentials to steal the heart of a Nigerian woman. Based on this theory, you may see a Nigerian woman as being materialistic; but in truth she is just being a realistic lover. If you fit her criteria, be rest assured that a Nigerian woman will go all out for you. The extent of her love and commitment will know no limit. Her feelings toward you will be obvious and you will have no reason to doubt her affection. She is bold enough to define her relationship with you. Most times, she’d lay her cards on the table and expect you to bring you’re A-game as well. She doesn’t want to be taken advantage of, so she will want you to define your relationship with her from the onset.


The essence of dating is getting to know a partner better. It is also for the purpose of sharing a deep intimacy together. If you are planning to pitch your tent with a Nigerian woman then you should start by understanding her personality. Find out what makes her unique. Find out if she is attracted to you or desires to be with you. Sex is important in an intimate relationship and Nigerian women love sex. Even though most Nigerian women are shy, they would find either subtle or obvious means to communicate to you when they crave sex. They have a preference for men with high libido. Nigerian women are quite good in bed. They either take a dominant or receiving role, depending on the mood and circumstance. They are active and love to experiment with different sex positions. Ensure that your prowess is good enough to fan the flaming embers of her desire to burst into flames of ecstasy. Your ability to give foreplay should be top range. Kiss her. Stroke her hair. Bite her lips softly in between kisses. Lick her ears. Moan. Bite her playfully on the neck. Whisper sweet nothings into her ear. Rub her nipples. Trace circles on it with your tongue. Pretend she is a juicy lollipop and lick her in all the places that matter. Prep her body by charging it up just right for the main action. Do not only take pleasure from her. Give her pleasure as well. This will go a long way to stamp your presence in her memory for a long, long time.

Questions to ask a Nigerian woman

The essence of dating is getting to know your partner better. So if you are dating a Nigerian woman then you should find out some facts about her. You don’t have  to keep guessing or assuming. Just go straight up to ask the vital questions that will help strengthen your bond.

  1. Ask her what she feels about your personality?
  2. Do you love me? What makes me unique?
  3. When Is your birthday? How do you celebrate it
  4. Where do you see our friendship in the nearest future?
  5. Are there things you think I should change about myself?
  6. How do you want handled in the bedroom
  7. Do you practice safe sex?
  8. Do you practice sex after marriage?
  9. Can we define our relationship?
  10. Do you plan the future with me in my picture
  11. What is your age?
  12. How soon do you want to meet my family?
  13. How soon would you show me to your family
  14. How do you handle cheating?
  15. Do you indulge toxicity?
  16. How do you rate my sexual skills?
  17. Do you approve of my appearance?

Just like any other woman, if you know how to press the right buttons, you can easily date a Nigerian woman.

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