How to apply for Botswana Visa from Nigeria

botswana visa requirements for nigerian citizens

In this post, we’ll talk about what Nigerians need to do to get a Botswana visa and how to apply for one from Nigeria.

Botswana is proud of how many natural sanctuaries it has. Nature is all that can be seen and appreciated from any vantage point in this country located in southern Africa. Botswana is the place to go if you like animals and nature and want to spend quality time in the southern part of Africa.

botswana visa requirements for nigerian citizens

Botswana visa in Nigeria

When traveling to Botswana, Nigeria’s citizens must have a valid visa to enter the country. Botswana’s High Commission in Abuja handles visa requests from Nigeria. In most cases, visitors are only permitted to remain in the country for a maximum of ninety days, and the visa itself is only valid for that amount of time after it has been given.

If you are a Nigerian citizen and want to visit Botswana, you need to plan ahead and make sure you know what you need to do.

On average, it takes 10 to 25 working days to make a decision about a visa application.

Let me briefly go over the different Botswana visa options available to you if you are a holder of a passport from Nigeria. Please know that their visa fees are non-refundable before you apply.

Types of Botswana visa

Botswana Tourist Visa

Botswana Business Visa

General Requirements for Botswana Visa

  • Fully completed visa application form
  • Certified copy of the page of the applicant’s passport
  • The applicant’s cover letter
  • If the applicant has already tried to get a visa, he or she must include the result with the application.
  • Travel plans/flight plans/hotel reservations
  • Copy of a minor’s birth certificate that has been certified
  • A copy of the applicant’s hotel or lodge reservations or the applicant’s home address where they will be staying
  • In the case of married couples, certified copies of their marriage and birth certificates
  • Certified copies of religious leaders’ ordination certificates
  • A profile of the company in the event that you intend to start a business
  • Recent Bank statement

Tourist Visa Requirement

This is the category of visa that is made available to Nigerian citizens who have the intention of traveling to Botswana for tourist-related purposes. This visa also allows you to visit friends and family in the country.

  • All visitors to Botswana must have a valid passport. The passport to be used in the application must be valid for at least six months and have at least three blank pages.
  • You are required to provide a letter of invitation from a friend or family member who is currently residing in Botswana in order to visit a friend or family member there. This letter should include the host’s address and contact information, as well as a clear explanation of your relationship with them.
  • The person who invited the person may be asked to sign a statement under oath. If this is the case, the person must go to the nearest immigration office in Botswana in person to do so.
  • You must include a copy of the visa decision if you have previously applied for a Botswana visa.
  • Certified copies of birth certificates will be required for all children traveling to Botswana.
  • If only one parent is traveling with the child, the other parent must write a letter giving permission for the child to go. If neither parent is traveling with the child, a temporary guardian must be appointed.
  • If you are driving to Botswana, you will need to say so in your introduction letters.
  • Applicants who won’t be picking up their passport with a visa on it must write a letter giving someone else permission to pick up their passport and visa on their behalf. The letter should include full names, ID or passport numbers, and contact information.
  • Include a prepaid, self-addressed shipping label or envelope with your application so that your passport can be sent back to you.
  • Applicants will have to have a finger print taken at the Botswana port of entry.

Business Visa Requirements

This is the type of visa given to Nigerians who are going to Botswana for business reasons.

  • You’ll need a letter of invitation from the company in Botswana you’re going to visit. You will also include their contact details, the nature of your travel, and the anticipated date of your entry in this letter. If the goal is to attend a meeting or seminar, confirmation or an invitation from the conference organizer or institution is required.
  • If you are going to Botswana to attend a conference or seminar, you must show proof that you have registered for the event and an official letter of invitation from the organizers.
  • A letter from your company confirming or approving your business trip is required if you are currently employed.
  • If you want to start a business in Botswana, you must submit a detailed business profile.
  • You must show proof that you have enough money to pay for your stay, like a bank statement from the last three months.
  • People who work for themselves may have to show proof that their business is registered.
  • This visa does not allow you to work while you are in the country.
  • It should be clear whether your employer or you will pay for your trip.
  • You should show proof that you paid the visa application fee.

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Botswana Visa Fees

If you are a citizen of Nigeria and wish to travel to Botswana, you will be required to pay for your visa. The costs associated with each type of visa are different.

You have the option of paying using a variety of other currencies, including the South African Rand, the United States Dollar, the Pound Sterling, and the Euro. Both Visa and MasterCard accepted payment methods when making purchases online. For further information, please get in touch with the embassy, high commission, or consulate that is located closest to you.

  • Single entry visa – 300 Pula or US$30 per person
  • Multiple entry visa – 500 Pula or US$50 per person
  • Transit visa – cost the same as above.
  • Tourist visa: 114.00 (USD)
  • Business visa: 114.00 (USD)


Botswana Covid 19 Entry Requirement

Botswana has eliminated all domestic travel restrictions in addition to opening its land and air borders to immunized travelers.

  • Botswana welcomes visitors who have documented proof that they have received all recommended vaccinations.
  • Visitors who do not have proof of vaccination but whose tests come back negative are permitted to enter Botswana.
  • If an individual arrives in Botswana without providing test results or a vaccination certificate, or if they are showing symptoms, they are compelled to enter a period of 14-day quarantine within a government institution.
  • All other arrivals are subject to the requirement of self-monitoring for a period of 14 days while maintaining communication with the relevant authorities.

Should I get the COVID-19 test before traveling to Botswana?

  • Anyone entering Botswana will be asked to provide either a vaccination certificate or the results of a negative PCR test that was conducted within the previous 72 hours.
  • Arrivals that have not received booster doses and arrivals that have not been immunized are required to undergo testing upon arrival.
  • Upon arrival, you will be required to undergo a medical examination.


Botswana Visa Application Centers & Embassies in Nigeria

High Commission of Botswana in Abuja

Plot 1241, Oguta Lake Street (off River Benue Street)

Maitama Extension, Abuja

TEL: (+234) 97 822181/ 782

FAX: (+234) 7034 103 830



Major Airports in Botswana

There are four major airports in Botswana which includes;

  • Sir Seretse Khama International Airport at Gaborone
  • Maun Airport at Maun
  • Kasane Airport at Kasane
  • Francistown Airport at Francistown


Airlines that fly between Nigeria and Botswana

South African Airways, Airlink and seven other airlines fly from Lagos to Mogoditshane every 4 hours.

Airlink Airlines


Flights from Lagos to Gaborone via Johannesburg

Average Flight Duration:  8h 58m

Time: Wednesday and Sunday

Estimated price: $700 – $2,000


Flights from Lagos to Gaborone via Luanda, Johannesburg

Average Flight Duration:  13h 20m

Time: Thursday and Sunday

Estimated price: $600 – $1,200


Flights from Lagos to Gaborone via Kigali, Johannesburg

Average flight Duration: 14h 45m

Time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday Estimated price $480 – $1,500


Flights from Benin City to Gaborone via Lagos, Johannesburg

Average flight Duration: 14h 50m

Time: Wednesday and Sunday

Estimated price:  $800 – $2,200

Air Botswana Airlines


Flights from Lagos to Gaborone via Nairobi, Johannesburg

Average Flight Duration:  13h 40m

Time: Monday, Thursday and Friday

Estimated price:  $440 – $1,800


Flights from Lagos to Gaborone via Nairobi, Lusaka

Average Flight Duration:  14h 40m

Time: Thursday Estimated price:  $430 – $1,800

Ethiopian Airlines


Flights from Benin City to Gaborone via Lagos, Addis Ababa

Average Duration: 27h 55m When

Time: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Estimated price:  $700 – $2,000

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