Dating a Nigerian Man – What to Expect!

what to expect dating a nigerian man

What to Expect When You are Dating a Nigerian Man


Nigerian is blessed with men that are uniquely amazing. A typical Nigerian man can be described as an opportunity pursuing, fruitful and passionate. It wouldn’t be a hype to state that a Nigerian man is hardworking than his counterparts abroad, because Nigerian men are incredible hustlers. So they are always looking for a wife that would be a second in command, not just a confidant but a real system support.

When it comes to dating you can see a Nigerian man being very passionate, this is due to the country’s culture where commitment and love is a way of life, This is why most Nigerian men date to get to the aisle in no distance time, because a typical Nigerian man is family-oriented so living happily ever-after is their end game. The age by which a Nigerian man is expected to start a family is about 30 years, this is why they start working early because they believe in taking up the whole family bills which is not same with those in the Diaspora. In this case, the wife and children should be taken care of by the man.

This belief of being the head and the need to protect his family makes Nigerian men tilt towards loving dependent women. They believe as the head of the family, the wife should be naturally submissive, dependent and be able to carry out tradition demands. They do have huge problems with women that are controlling, independent and finding it hard to play some traditional roles. This is why some of them still come back to their root wherever they are in world to pick a wife. Well, you can’t blame them as they are already used to their culture and tradition.

Be aware that the Nigerian men are also dating and marrying women from other countries now, all what one need is to know how and what to expect when one is dating a Nigerian man. This is why this article is written for, to outline all that you would need to know about dating a Nigerian man before taking the plunge.  So if you have been looking for all that it takes, then you are having all the accurate and appropriate information below.

How are Nigerian Men ( Their  Personality Traits, Attitudes and Temperament)

Just like any other race, Nigerian men comes with diverse attitudes, temperaments and personality traits which a lot of women even those in other countries find irresistible, it is of utmost importance to always find out about the man you want to date. Nigerian men though have their flaws like being so egocentric, self-absorbed, domineering, traditional etc but their positive attributes far outweigh all these imperfections. The below points are exactly how you would find a good percentage of Nigerian men when you start dating now.


A Nigerian man is always having a firm determination and desire to be successful. This is why I earlier stated that the men are hustlers, a typical Nigerian man want to fend for his partner, they don’t believe in shared bill, so they go all out to make a success of their career, employment or jobs. You can take everything from a Nigerian man but not the spirit to excel in whatever he sets his mind to accomplished


The Nigerian culture which gives men a big voice enables them to be both vocal and proactive. So when once they sight good people or opportunities they embrace in a breeze. The society is always making people see new areas that need to be touched and the Nigerian man doesn’t mind grabbing the opportunity with both hands. So they take advantage of these new ideas to make a fortune off it. So if you love working with new idea then you would enjoy being with a Nigerian man

Approachable and loving

A Nigerian man is taught right from a young age to treat the female child lovingly, as women are perceived as a weaker sex. With this the culture becomes a way of life as it become ingrained in their lifestyle. This make them become very protective, approachable and very affectionate towards their partners. Unlike other parts of the world where dating and relationship is seen as a casual thing, this isn’t applicable to Nigerian men. They take their relationship seriously and they are a lot committed

Impact positively on the partner’s life

This is one attribute that is so outstanding with a Nigerian man; they love their date or partner and treat one like a queen. Because of the Nigerian traditional root of seeing relationship as a sacred thing, it gives the impression that one should be committed to it and the Nigerian strive to achieve this. They bring out the best in their partners as they are raised to see mostly the good in people. So if you intend dating a Nigerian man, be rest assured that you would have a good back-up with all your ambition.

How do Nigerian Men treat Women?

Dating a Nigerian man is soothing as they treat their partners like a good assistant. This means you remain the heart while he is the head. By so doing you both will be in symbiotic kind of relationship. The men expect their women to be answerable to them while they can deliberate on difficult situation before he can take the final decision. This simply means they always want to be the man and the woman needs to understand this while lending her support,

Nigerian men are not tilted towards subservient women, because they believe a woman needs to be taken care of by her man. This is one thing the Nigerian girls and women know and naturally allow that to happen without any restriction.  A Nigerian man need a woman that is modern but doesn’t forget her traditional demands like preparing sumptuous traditional meals, not allowing the home front to suffer and being very energetic when the need be.

The Nigerian man  treat his partner like the helper that she is, providing for her, caring for her, protecting her, pampering her and dominating her. There shouldn’t be room for any kind of competition or overbearing attitude from the woman. The truth is that Nigerian men can very demanding and domineering but they are very loving too, which makes the women submit naturally. So if you are looking out to date a Nigerian man you can when once you are willing to be a polite, humble and submissive partner.

Tips on Dating a Nigerian Man

I don’t think I would be wrong if I state that the Nigerian culture as a whole lot which others especially the western world should learn from. These culture and traditions have helped to shape the Nigerian men that they are really civilized even in the dating scene. The awesome thing about Nigerian men now is that they are revolutionary which enable them to accept partners from all societies. if you are not a Nigerian, you can still get your prince charming from Nigeria, but you need to know how to date them.

Below are practical tips on dating and winning over the heart of a Nigerian man

Be submissive:

if you need to find savorable love from a Nigerian man , then you must be submissive. A Nigerian man loves her partner polite, courteous and humble. You shouldn’t be cocky or difficult to submit. Don’t see his act of protection and care as being domineering or controlling. The Nigerian culture gives men the idea that they need to be in control of what they desire so they would be doing all they can to protect what they have including their partner. So you just need to stoop to conquer.

Be respectful:

This is another goal you must score if you intend dating a Nigerian man. The truth is that when once you marry a Nigerian man be aware that you are marrying the entire family. So you need to be very respectful with no airs when with your man or his family. So if you are one with ego then you might just need to shrink a little to be able to be in deep connection with your Nigerian man.


Be a good cook

In Nigeria, there’s a common sayings that the way to a man heart is via his stomach. This statement firmly hold true for a classic Nigerian man. They men in Nigeria have great cooks as mothers so they are used to eating sumptuous native meals and they will need partners such as their mothers. So dating a Nigerian man successfully in most cases will need you having superb culinary skills. While dating, ias  a non-Nigerian you can learn about some of these native meals and how to prepare them. But if not just equipped yourself with skills of preparing meals but you can be creative with them

Let your sexual skills be above average

Nigerian men like to explore and be creative when it comes to sexual activities. So they always need not just a healthy sexual connection but one that is vibrant and fulfilling too. So to please a Nigerian man you would need to adopt some spicy skills that will help kill sexual boredom. With this you need to employ communication skills, be flexible, and vary activities, bonding and high performance. To keep the tempo of the relationship going you need to be flexible, initiate sex, get aroused easily and help him reach the climax.

Be family oriented

A Nigerian man loves a homely partner that will love to spend most of her time building her home. They detest women that go clubbing, partying all day and having bad habit of having excessive drinks or drugs. There’s no way you can win a Nigerian man over with such behavior, it is highly unacceptable to them. Nigerian men were raise to find such life by a woman irresponsible, so you can’t convince them with mere words that you are responsible, they need action. This is why a Nigerian man would leave his present destination even if it miles away to his home country to pick a wife. They look out more for prim and proper partners.

How to Know if a Nigerian Man Loves you

The fact remains that you might want a man to show you love in a certain way but it might not come that way. For a Nigerian man just like other men they may not excessively make everything revolve around you but they will sure treat you right. If you are a good observer you would be quick to realize when one is in love with you. Well, below are the obvious and inferred signs that are very common to note when a Nigerian man loves you.

More actions than words:

The first sign that shows that a Nigerian man loves a lady is via his actions. He does more of what he said and didn’t say. You would need to pay attention to his attitude and behavior towards you. Lean more towards his action and not his words only. Try to be sure that his word matches his actions with all that concerns you.

Looks out for your well-being

A Nigerian man is raised with the culture of being a protector. So if you are loved he will want the best for you. Support you in your career, ambitions and dream. He wouldn’t mind financially supporting you to become who and what you want to be. He wouldn’t mind too, to give you his time and effort that are needed.


A Nigerian man is a selfless man and will go any length to do things for the one he loves. A typical loving man will deny himself things to impress his partner. So same applies here with a Nigerian man can let go of his treasure for the one he loves. It will be glaring enough that you are his heart and he want no heart-ache so he must all that it takes for you.


You can’ joke with a Nigerian man when it comes to the things they love. A regular Nigerian man is overtly jealous and insecure. They do not love to share their prize-possession; the level of his love will show through his possessive level. So look out for his reaction when you are just talked to by other guys or you talk good about another man.

Show you off

This is the most glaring points you need to take note when you are dating a Nigerian man. They love to show off their partners especially those they see in their future. You will be showed off to his friends, immediate family and anyone they deem fit. They always want you to meet one or two persons that you don’t know. This is a point to know that he sees you more than being a mere friend, there’s something serious in the offing.

Great bond

A Nigerian man that loves you would want to show how committed he is to the relationship. He will always want to be with you, hang out with you and spend almost all his spare time with you. He is trying to create something serious and develops a solid bonding with you. All of these go to show that he loves you and wouldn’t mind being with you for life.

You are respected

A Nigerian man is in love with you when you are held in high-esteem. You are respected by his friends and treated right by them. No man would want any level of disrespect for the woman he loves. If the friends treat you well and love you just the way they should, then you should know that your man have been telling them great things about you and that you are loved.

What to Expect When Dating a Nigerian Man


A Nigerian man might not be your standard romantic wreck that will remember to send you spontaneous romantic notes, open the car door for you or even  bring you breakfast in bed. But be rest assures that you would be dealing with a man that employs thoughtfulness and courtesy to illustrate his trust, dedication, affection and love. So with a Nigerian man expect to deal with a chivalrous gentleman.

Being part of his family

When you are dating a Nigerian man know that you are already part of his family. I think this is unspoken rule because it is unconscious thing that is done by most Nigerian men. You would be expected to appear in their family occasions and events, you would call their family members and receive their calls as well, you would be friend to his family and friends and you would be smoldered by his family. These are reasons why a Nigerian man wants to always date people of the same nationality since the lady will understand this actions to be a very normal way of life unlike others from a different nationality.


A Nigerian man is egocentric and overtly authoritative, this is not to say that they do not know when you are hurt. The truth is that they might not openly apologize even when they are wrong. They expect you to understand that they are sorry through their action and leave them being vocal with it. The thing is that a Nigerian man just finds it hard to accept any fault of his. So if you are seeing the signs through his action that he is sorry then you need to move on from the issue. They dislike argument or nagging so understand and let things be.

What a Nigerian Man wants in a Woman

It is good as a woman to always put the right foot forward when it comes to attracting a man. But sometimes it is good to do things that will attract the kind of man that you want. So for a Nigerian man if you need to be appealing or attractive to one, you need to find out what they find appealing in women. Even as a non-Nigerian the below points will give you an insight into what a classical Nigerian man want in a woman.

Good appearance

Just like in good food that the eye eats before the mouth, same is applicable with a woman. A Nigerian man loves a natural beauty. A typical Nigerian man doesn’t like women that are excessively artificial, trying to live the lives of models on the cover of magazines or paper. They men here perceive such as fake life and trying too hard. A Nigerian man wants a partner that is always neat, clean and cute. You can be fashionable and glamorous but everything should be done in moderation.


The sayings that a beauty can attract a man but what will keep him is your character holds true here. A Nigerian man can find you appealing at the first instance but what will keep him is your character. As the relationship progresses it will be no longer about the outward appearance but inner beauty. A Nigerian man needs a woman that is confident, cheerful, caring, supportive and selfless. There will be no room for bossiness, nagging, difficult, pomposity or for a badly behaved lady.


One core thing that will endear a Nigerian man to a partner is one’s level of domestication. A Nigerian man loves a woman that can get her hands busy enough with home chores and generally building the home. You need to enjoy home life and all the activities that come with it. An average Nigerian man is trained to work more outside the home, Infact they believe that their sole responsibility is to pick up the bills in the home not necessarily help in the domestic work that the home needs, so they need and expect a woman to be grounded in this area


A Nigeria man wants a woman that has knowledge whether acquired or natural flair, one need to be great in them. They want their women educated, have necessary skills that will help to empower herself and have home training too. As a support system, they expect their women to have little understanding of different areas of life. You need to be proficient, intelligent, wise and insightful about situations that need to be fixed.

Morally upright

The Nigerian society is one that takes morals seriously, it frowns at activities that do not show a good moral standing in the society. The Nigerian women  are heavily criticized when it comes to the issue of morals as such right from a very young age the female children are more trained to be morally right (chaste and pure) than the men. As such a Nigerian man expects to date this set of women and despise any morally bankrupt lady. So even when the man moral standard might just be little above average, still he expect his partner to be morally sound. Infact, if you are a virgin the better for him because they acknowledge more women that are morally conscious and seek not to undermine it.

How Nigerian Men are in Bed (what do Nigerian men like in bed)

When it comes to sex with Nigerian men they do have huge appetite for it as a lot of them have high libido. Nigerian men love to explore as they are not necessarily hinder by religion or culture from being sexually explicit. For a Nigerian man sex must be indulge in for pleasure as such they will need to get to any length to achieve that while making sure their partners are satisfied sexually too. The truth is that the sex drive for Nigerian men is high so to keep them coming back you need to keep the bedroom spicy for them. The love the following in bed:


A Nigerian man loves various styles and positions in bed. You don’t have to be in one position throughout the sex session, trying even different corners of the room can be great fun for them. So they expect exploring new places outside the bedroom to play and even have creative opportunities to role-play too.

Physical connection

A Nigerian man want to be in sync with his partner when in bed, so apart from the sexual intercourse there should be intimacy like eye contact, holding him very close, massaging the body and immersing self in what is happening at that moment and not being absent minded. This enable the man crave more for sex and enjoy the session.


The Nigerian man is daring in bed and always bring actions that sparks fly. They can be freaky and kinky in bed and expect some unconventional sexual habits from their partners. So apart from sex, they also enjoy other sexually appealing things. Expect a Nigerian man to be a little bit wild in bed and those things that are often fantasize about outside the bedroom.

A partner that Initiate sex

The Nigerian man wants to have a partner that sometimes initiate sex, it shows that they are desired and this will push them to do exceedingly well. with asking for sex will energize the man and he will give the partner the baton to be in control which will enable her have her orgasm, enjoy the sex, the man not being pressured and everything will synchronized just the way it should. A Nigerian man needs a woman that will be bold and sexually active.

Questions to Ask a Nigerian Man

If you are dating or loving a Nigerian man as a foreigner and he shows the same level of commitment, then you need to find out some things by asking question. You don’t need to have everything up in your head or just have imagination of things, you can set the record straight. Be certain that he is willing and ready to spend his life forever with you. The following question though exhaustive can be really essential to know.

  • Find out about his genotype and blood group, you need to be compatible here first for a life time relationship
  • Ask about his HIV status and find out the last time he took the test
  • Find out about his financial background: ask about his job, how much he earns and his spending rate
  • Ask about his tribe, culture and way of life, this will help you find out if you can naturally cope or need to adjust to live with them
  • Ask about his marital status: Just like any man out there that readily want fun they might not be single but they do not mind engaging in sexual acts. So find out that you are not dating a married man or an engaged man
  • Ask about his family and the kind of family he want to raise: this should include the number of children he wants, the gender of the children and how prepared he is for family life
  • Ask about his sexual life; this should include his sex preference, styles, and kinks. Duration and appetite for sex
  • Find out about his person: his full names, educational attainments, his accomplishments, his life views and want he thinks about the future
  • Ask about his contact with his exes: this sometimes causes a strain in a relationship exes cropping up all the time in a present relationship. You need to find out that he is done with his previous relationship
  • Finally, ask to find out where your relationship with him is headed, you need to beforehand know what is in the relationship for you. It might just be a fling so don’t be taken unawares you need to ask to find out.

Things to check before you marry your Nigerian man

Personality traits:

It can be difficult dating a Nigerian man if you are pro-feminist. The Nigerian culture despite the tribe gives much respect to the male gender. He is seen as the head as such you should be ready to live under his control. A typical Nigerian man is fiercely independent, furiously macho and with a burgeoning sense of entitlement. They sometimes want their partner to be at their beck and call, you need to check this in your partner and be sure his own level matches with your tolerance level.


The core of a Nigerian man is the thumbprint which always mandate from the days of their ancestors. This simply means they get instilled and trained to suit their background and it can be difficult to derivate from it. So you need to check his family values, culture, festivals, rituals, celebration, way of doing things to be sure you are in for them. Look at his root and be sure it where you would love your unborn children to be associated with.


When it comes to the Nigerian society, religious identities, practices and beliefs animate everyday interactions and behaviors, same with seeing as public social makers. So religion is highly visible in the country more like it is the opium of the masses. An average Nigerian man have a faith or belief he could be a Muslim, Christian or a traditionalist (indigenous religions). You need to check this out and find out where he belongs and be sure you wouldn’t mind such a religion.


The need to be sure that a Nigerian man is in love with you can’t be over-emphasized. You can’t be in a long-lasting relationship with a Nigerian man if he isn’t in love with you. These set of men are smooth-talkers so don’t get carried away. Use the love parameters to ascertain he has tick your boxes when it comes to the kind of love you need from a man. Ascertain that he is not there to use you but you both are mutually in love.

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When dating a Nigerian man you need to know that their culture makes them to be controlling, overbearing and paternalistic as such you need to be ready for a kind of subservient role. The Nigerian man believes it is a man world as such even in the dating scene they want to be in control. But then they are really lovable and very protective of their partners. Though the foundation of love or relationship becomes solid when the partners have almost same culture, language or background inter-racial relationship still thrives.

The truth remains that a Nigerian man always want to incorporate his belief and culture in all that he does, so you should expect same in their unions and relationship. Integrating their way of way to their dating lives make the Nigerian man adopts a different and unique approach in dating. You would have to be subtle to please a Nigerian man because they wear their egos on their sleeves and can easily be bruised. So if you can’t be flexible and accommodating against all odds then you would be finding it difficult to date a Nigerian man

Well, you can study the tips above and take the chance if opportunity presents itself to date a Nigerian man. You can study the information stated here and go get your prince charming.

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