Spouse Visa Extension Cover Letter Sample

How to Write a Spouse Visa Extension Cover Letter

There are instances, whereby unforeseen circumstances may arise as an immigrant/visitor in another country, making it compulsory for you to extend your stay beyond what was on your visa, in this case, you will need to request a visa extension, by filling a visa extension form, In this article, we shall be discussing about extending your spouse’s visa duration.

When submitting your visa extension form, it is advisable to include a cover letter, a cover letter is an optional additional piece of documentation, that can be used to give an extensive explanation of what your request Is all about, it can boost the chance of getting your request approved.

While writing a cover letter for your spouse visa extension, it is important to state the reason for the request, you aren’t given enough space to state your reason in the application form, but the most important aspect of your request is the reason for the request, this will determine the priority placed on your request, therefore, you should be generous with useful information, the aim is to convince the consulate of the geniuses of your request.

Additionally, you must present the information of your spouse form I-94, it’s expiration date and the duration of your requested extension.

You must also assure the consulate that the request isn’t to buy time to make your spouse a permanent resident of your country of residence, be sure to state a convincing reason why your spouse shall be returning to their country of residence once they are done with their activities, this may be a dependent at their country of residence or a financial commitment.

Be sure to include necessary supporting documents and list them in your cover letter, these should include your application form, visa information, financial statements, a form or reference letter confirming the need for an extension, copies of passport pages, and whatever document that can be useful in getting your visa extension application approved.

Lastly, your cover letter must be concise and easy to comprehend


Examples of cover letter for spouse visa extension


Sample 1

Cover letter for spouse visa extension


Larry R. Gill

3655 sill street

Wellfleet, MA 24647



ATTN: I-539

2501 S. State Highway 121


Dear Sir/Madam.

I am applying for the extension of my wife B-2 tourist visa.

My wife has been in the US for a visitation, but according to her I-94, her authorized stay expires on 29th of August, 2021. But she would like to extend her stay to 30th of September, 2021.

She primarily came down to the US, in order to take our kid, who was supposed to be graduating on the 10th of August, back to Nigeria, in order to further his education over there, but there was an adjustment to their graduation date, and she wouldn’t be able to be taking him along, except she extend her visa duration.

Since this was her primary purpose of being here in the US, it wouldn’t be good if she is unable to achieve her aim, and I am working a long hour job, which left me with little time with the kid, and also visiting Nigeria isn’t viable else, I should have taken him back to Nigeria instead.

If her visa was extended, she shall be able to see over the preparation of our son graduation, and thereafter, take him back home with her.

Enclosed in this application are the following documents.

Form I-94 copies

Passport pages copies

Return airline ticket copies

Proof of her financial commitment to Nigeria, including her business lines.


Kindly note that my wife had a strong financial commitment back in Nigeria, and had no intention of remaining here in the US as a permanent resident, she own a chain of beauty spas which constantly needs her attention.


Therefore, I earnestly request that you approve her extension in the US.


In case you had any question regarding this application, kindly contact me at +1 (352) 575446



Larry Gills.


Sample 2


Cover letter for spouse visa extension


Iren S. Nguyen

2784, Spirit drive

Orange city, FL 67957




ATTN: I-539

2501 S. State Highway 121


Dear Sir/Ma


I am applying for an extension of my husband non-immigrant status in the US, and enclosed is my form I-539.


His current visa is valid until 27/08/2021, but we shall love a 3 month extension.


He was here on a visitation, but he recently fell sick and was diagnosed of colon cancer, of which he had an operation scheduled at St. Thomas hospital, on 25/10/2021, please see attached letter from doctor Jen of St. Thomas hospital.


There are no professional doctor to handle a colon cancer operation back in our home country as many who are also diagnosed of same ailment are usually referred to an international



Enclosed are:

Copy of I-94 Records

Copy of passport and visa pages

Copy of return airline ticket

A copy of our financial statements.

A reference letter from St. Thomas hospital


I am also assuring you that my husband shall return to our home country after a successful operation since he had to preside over the affairs of his business.


For further inquiries, kindly contact: +1 (343) 57575644




Iren Nguren.


Who are eligible to apply for a visa extension?


According to the information obtained on USCI.gov, as a US resident, You may apply to extend your stay if:

You were lawfully admitted into the United States with a nonimmigrant visa

Your nonimmigrant visa status remains valid

You have not committed any crimes that make you ineligible for a visa

You have not violated the conditions of your admission

Your passport is valid and will remain valid for the duration of your stay

You may not apply to extend your stay if you were admitted to the United States in the following categories:

Visa Waiver Program

Crew member (D nonimmigrant visa)

In transit through the United States (C nonimmigrant visa)

In transit through the United States without a visa (TWOV)

Fiancé of a U.S. citizen or dependent of a fiancé (K nonimmigrant visa)

Informant (and accompanying family) on terrorism or organized crime (S nonimmigrant visa)

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