How to Write a Cover Letter for a UK Visa

Getting a visitor visa to the United Kingdom needs one persuading the Entry clearance officer to give approval. You would need to convince the ECO that you have met the entire visa requirement and that you have no intention of staying beyond the stated time.

The entry clearance officer needs to be convinced that you are genuine and would not hesitate to return to our home country. To achieve this will need you to write a compelling cover letter for UK visitor Visa to the immigration officer.

So the cover letter for UK visitor visit is a document that will give additional information to back up a UK visa Application. The letter will provide an extra detail that wasn’t asked in the UK visa application. The cover letter is one document that will aid in increasing the chances of getting the approval for the visa. The truth is that most questions asked on the visa application are just close-ended, so you might not have the space to explain.

So convincing the ECO is really important and the cover letter will help in this regards.

Writing a cover letter for your UK visitor visa might not be compulsory but it will be very helpful. It will afford you the opportunity of explaining every detail in your own words. You would be as descriptive as possible.

With the cover letter you would be able to convince the Entry clearance officer because it will allow you express yourself in a simple, short but clear manner. Writing an effective cover letter will need you adopting the right format and including in it the information that will interest the officer. You would need to grab the attention of the recipient to get the needed result. The below writing guide will give you the accurate details to adopt to write your letter to perfection.

  • Begin with giving a summary of your visa application, then list out the documents you are attaching to your letter
  • State the purpose of your visit and why you believe you wouldn’t stay your allowed period
  • Mention the dependents that you are also applying for if need be, then go ahead to clearly state how you intend to maintain yourself during the UK visit
  • If you have one, then state as well if your sponsors have met all the sponsor requirements
  • Give a confirmation that you are not using successive or frequent visits to make the country your main stay
  • Keep the details relevant to the subject matter, no exaggeration or deviation.

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Below are the samples cover letters for UK Visitor visa

Sample 1

The Entry Clearance Officer

British Embassy

678 Lincoln Road

United Kingdom

RE: Ms Celine Visitor Visa Application, Passport Number; 457654 Expiry Date; May 20th, 2012

Dear Sir,

This letter is written with the intention of expatiating on the information on application on myself and on the purpose of me needing a UK visitor visa. So I’m Celine Lawrence and I will be 40 years on the 3rd of Feb 2012. I have been working as an Engineer in landmark construction for about 8 years now. My country is affiliated to the renounced primetime construction and we execute main federal government jobs. I have been a regular employee since after my 6 months probation period of joining the company. I receive an annual salary of $40,000 and my monthly salary is $3500 that is divided in the below categories

For my taxable is $500

Honorarium is $2500

Allowance is $500

I had met my finance on the Badoo dating site on the January and we have just being communicating only via email and chats. Though he has been making attempt to come to Nigeria but his job routine has not allowed that for now. So I’m free now and will be permitted for my leave of work for about 48 days. So I want to use this opportunity to meet up with him.

I will like to leave for the UK on April 10th, 2012  and will return to my country on May 10th. My finance Mr. Tom will be paying all the expenses associated with the trip which includes my accommodation, airfare and living expenses. I have attached to this letter all the documents needed to get an approval.

Yours sincerely

Celine Lawrence


Sample 2

Dec 2nd, 2021

Entry clearance officer

British Embassy

United Kingdom


Re; Visitor visa for George Job, passport number 66798 Expiry Date; 3rd July 2021

Dear Sir,

This letter is coming your way to give you additional information that might interest you more about my visitor visa application. My name is George Job and I work as a medical scientist in the US. My company is incorporated in a pharmaceutical company that is based in Japan. I’m a regular worker that receives $60,000 yearly and splitting this into months will make it $5000 per month. This payment includes my taxable income, allowances and other expenses.

I’m trying to visit my friend in the UK, this is why I’m applying for the visitor visa and I want to be there for only 2 weeks. I would have to return to work after the expiration of this period so this confirms that I wouldn’t be staying beyond the time or duration on my visa. I will be taking care of all the expenses associated with the trip though my friend also wants to sponsor the trip. Whichever way, this also confirms that the trip will adequately provided for.

Thanks you for your approval

Yours sincerely,

George Job



The entry clearance officers need to be convinced that one applying for a visitor visa to the UK is a genuine person. The best avenue to use for a purpose like this is by writing a cover letter, as the cover letter will show one’s purpose of travel, proof of funds, copies of supporting document, planned of travel dates and other important information.

To write this letter to perfection, you just need to follow the above guidelines as enumerated above. The samples are excellent templates you can take advantage of them by customizing any to your taste.

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