UK Spouse Visa Cover Letter Sample

How to Write a Sponsor Letter for UK Spouse Visa

Having your spouse be with you in United Kingdom is a great idea but the process of getting them over might just be daunting. The process comes with some technicalities but they are surmountable. Though it might not need you going through a checklist to achieve it but sometimes it might just be overwhelming with all the documents and evidences you would need to present. But one document that might steer you on the road to winning it all is to write a compelling UK spouse visa cover letter to accompany your application. You know all you need to do at this point is to convince the Entry clearance officer to grant the visa, there will be no better document than the cover letter to help you grab the attention of the recipient amidst the chaos.

So the UK spouse visa cover letter is the document that shows the entry clearance officer the summary of what the application is all about and beyond. The cover letter will help you state the why, what, how and what of your cover letter request. It will help explain in clear terms the reason for the UK spouse visa and the overview of the application. The cover letter will encourage the ECO to take an informed decision if the approval will be given or not. So summarizing the application will need a cover letter to do the job and this wills saves time as the entry clearance officer would have gotten a detailed information with the cover letter.

Writing a wining and effective UK spouse visa cover letter will need you having the vital information in it. The below details needs to be adopted into your letter when writing one.

  • You would need to mention the personal details of your sponsor and the applicant as well. the recipient will want to know the type of visa application, the nationalities and other information you deem fit to help the process
  • Then state the relationship status; this will be stating the relationship while you and your spouse were living separately, you would need to state the how, when and where of the relationship. Anything to convince the ECO about the union for approval
  • Now you would need to state the financial details. Who would be the sponsor and how the sponsor intends to meet the financial obligations
  • Mention the accommodation details, English requirements and other information
  • Don’t forget to give a comprehensive list of all the supporting documents, you would be attaching to your cover letter.

Below are the sample UK spouse cover letters

Sample 1

12th June, 2021

The entry clearance officer

P.O. Box 7896

Ontario, United Kingdom

Subject; Amah Santos spousal visa application, passport number EC 67899876

Dear Sir,

I, Amah Santos is writing to intimate you of my intention to apply for the spousal visa that would be sponsored by my husband Bright Santos. My husband is a British citizen and we have been married for about 5 years now. We met in Japan when he came to attend his best friend wedding. So from there we moved our relationship to the next level, since we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We did get married but I couldn’t move with him immediately to the UK then. I was a student when we got married so I needed to complete my education before moving over.

I am done with my education now so I want to move in with my husband, hence, the need to apply for the visa. My husband is able to meet the entire financial requirement. I have attached to this letter all the needed documents as evidence, so you can check them out. My husband as also meets the accommodation requirement. The evidence to this fact as been attached same for your perusal. For English requirement I no doubt know that I am great with British English as I can present a certificate on that.

Thank you for your approval, please feel free to contact my husband on 567-987-654 if need be.

Yours sincerely

Amah Santos

Sample 2

3rd July, 1999

The Entry clearance officer

P.O. Box 4321,

England, united kingdom

Subject; spouse visa Application of Joanna Godfred with passport number#56789

Dear Sir,

I am Joanna Godfred writing to inform you that I will need you to issue me with a UK spouse visa. I have been in the states for about 3 years now after getting married to my husband. I have been working as a registered nurse and I needed to conclude a program that was to last for 2 years before I move to be with my husband in the UK.

I am through with all that was holding me back and I want to come over to the UK to finally settle with my husband. I have attached with this letter all the required documents and evidence to show I am genuine. My husband is a top engineer and he will be capable of handling all the expenses from my boarding to lodging and other bills that will be incurred in the course of this relocation

For the English requirement, I have my English certificate that was given to me by the British council, I’m fluent in it and I can produce it whenever you would need it. I will be thankful if you expedite action in granting my request. If you would be needing further information please shot a mail at or call : 654-987-432. Thank you for your consideration.


Yours sincerely,

Joanna Godfred


Writing a UK spouse cover letter for your application is a sure way of persuading the entry clearance officer to give the needed approval for your visa. You would use the cover letter to furnish the recipient with other information that didn’t have a space for in the application. The whole essence is to get the ECO interested and issue the visa. Writing a compelling cover letter needs the right information in it, so you would need to use the guideline given above. The samples can be your templates; you just have to customize any to suit your need.

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