Sample Cover Letter for Business Visa Application

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Business Visa Application

When it comes to international business, you would need a business visa to be able to transact business effectively. Traveling to the next country will need one completing the business visa application. But to go further to impress the consul to immediately grant your business visa application would need you writing a cover letter. This is where the cover letter for business visa application comes in; it will state the facts in accordance to our purpose of travelling.

So a cover letter for business visa application is a supporting document that explains in more details to the recipient about one’s business visa application. It will aid in giving the overview of the business visa application before the recipient goes through the application. It will help the consul easily know about the business location, purpose and the duration. The cover letter will be the right document that will connect you to the consul in a more personalized way. It helps to give assurance to the consul on all the claims that are already made in the application. So it is important to attach a cover letter to a business visa application if favorable answer is expected.

A cover letter for business visa application which is like an accompanying letter to the application should be informative and persuasive. You are requesting for a favor, and then you should be compelling and convincing as possible as you can  with your content. The below guidelines would help you craft your cover letter to perfection as you adopt them.

  • This is a formal letter so you feature the formal letter format that will have the date, addresses, salutation, title, and the body of the letter, conclusion and the closing.
  • The body of the letter should give all the information that will help encourage the recipient to give a positive feedback.
  • You don’t need to make your cover letter bogus, try to keep to the details but make it short
  • You can have a subject line to indicate the kind of visa you need. Then write a short introduction on yourself
  • If you are travelling with business partners, you can include their names and also state the relationship you have with them
  • Don’t forget to attach supporting documents that were required
  • Conclude your letter with a complimentary close and don’t forget to leave your contact in case they would need to reach you for whatever reasons.

Below are the sample cover letters for business application visa

456 kantar road,

Uyo, Nigeria

The consulate General

The high commission

Chiromo road, Chicago

Dear Sir,

Application for a business visa application

I, Udeme Lawrence hereby apply for a US business visa to cover a business trip from Nigeria to the US. My trip will commence on the 12 of April 2021. I humbly apply to you my honorable consulate since my port of entry will be Berlin and my exit point will be Munich. I will be making the business trip with my two business partners, Mr. Salsa Eden and Ms Fracas udokang and they are both Nigerians living in Lagos.

My cousin, Emma which we would be staying with is an immigrant working with the Pounder multichoice ( here attached the document). As the subject matter is already stated, the purpose of this trip is purely business. We would be presenting our proposal to our business partners there for the expansion of our business. We are only requesting for about 4-6 days duration for this trip.

The below documents have been attached with this letter for your perusal

The flight tickets confirmation sheets, the fully completed application form, my business documents, my six months printed statement of accounts and the letter of invitation from my cousin, Emma.. I hope you would grant me the business visa as I have no intention of overstaying my duration. Thank you in anticipation as I receive a favorable response from you.

Yours sincerely,

Udeme Lawrence

Sample 2

Consulate General of United States

12th may 2021

Dear consul General,

This letter is to inform you that Mr. Bassey Eyo is an employee of the Fox construction firm, Lagos Nigeria. Has the chief procurement officer he would need to be in the states in the next four days to get some important equipment for the office. We have been in contact already with the contact person in the states but need to finalize the business to get the equipment. So the company as appointed Mr. Bassey for this business trip.

The company has made all the necessary arrangement for Mr. Bassey, he will be staying in the starlight hotel, Los Angeles, California. The phone contact of this said hotel is 456-987-432. The business trip will need him being around for 5 days. So we humbly asked that you issued Mr. Bassey with the business visa to enable a smooth business trip. Please help with the request at your earliest convenience. But if you would need any information from a contact person in the company, then you should call 567-987-432. Thank you in anticipation as we anticipate your positive response

Yours sincerely

Aye Effanga

Information officer


The cover letter for business visa application is to help encourage the consulate general take an involved decision on a business visa application. The cover letter is the best document that would expand on the information stated on the application. It doesn’t necessary need to have the same information but the unique thing is that it will give the recipient more insight about the business visa application.

The cover letter needs to be informative to give the consul more ideas about the business trip. So you would need to include a lot of information that will interest the recipient. The guideline written above will help in this regards. You would have to review them and adopt all of them in to your letter. The samples have been written to your use as well. You just to choose the one that suit you and customize it to have your original information in it.

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