Trinidad and Tobago Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

T&T visa for nigerians

This article will explain the Trinidad and Tobago visa requirements for Nigerian citizens and show you how to apply for a visa to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.



For hundreds of years, T&T has been a popular destination for tourists in the Caribbean. Scuba divers and others who enjoy other water activities in general will find Tobago, the more smaller of the two islands, to be of particular interest. Given its location, it should come as no surprise that this small island is home to an abundance of marine life and fascinating dive spots.


Every visitor to Trinidad and Tobago must find something they like. Whether they like nature, parties, food, or just want to sit back and relax. And that’s why it is a popular vacation destination for many Nigeria who want to relax and chill in nature. And that brings us to our next question.

Do Nigeria citizens need visa to go to Trinidad and Tobago?

Yes, Nigerians must have a valid visa to travel to T&T. Remember that your eligibility for a visa to Trinidad and Tobago will depend on the reason for your visit. All visa types can only be gotten through the consular section of The High Commission of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in Abuja, Nigeria.


Trinidad and Tobago Visa Types

Tourist/visitor visa: This type of visa is given to people who want to travel for vacation, sight-seeing, and recreation.

Student visa: This type of visa is for people who want to study in one of Trinidad and Tobago’s colleges and universities.

Business visa: This type of visa is for people who want to travel to T&T for business reasons like business meetings, seminars, market research, contract negotiations, etc.


Trinidad and Tobago visa fees

Visitor visa – $11 (90 days duration of stay)

Student visa – $11 (Duration of study)

Business visa – $11 (90 days duration of stay)


General Trinidad and Tobago Visa Requirements for Nigeria Citizens

  • A Nigerian passport that has at least six months remaining on its validity after the scheduled date of departure from Trinidad and Tobago, as well as two blank pages for the visa stamp.
  • Two copies of your completed visa application form.
  • Two passport-sized photographs with a white background.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Invitation letter.
  • Proof of accommodation booking.
  • A copy of your ticket for the flight back home.
  • A security deposit.
  • Invitation letter.
  • Paperwork proving the reason for the trip.
  • A copy of the travel plan.



  • All required documents must be turned in with the originals and two photocopies.
  • The originals plus two copies of all required documents are to be submitted.


Additional visa requirement for Nigerians seeking Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Visa

  • In the letter, the host’s name, address, and a way to reach them should be included, as well as their immigration status. The invitation must be official, and invitations sent to the T&T embassy by email will not be accepted.
  • You must show a payment slip or bank statement from the three months before the date of the visa application.


Additional visa requirement for Nigerians seeking Trinidad and Tobago Student Visa

  • The Ministry of Education in Nigeria must send an official letter saying that the person’s intended course of study in Trinidad is not available in Nigeria.
  • You have to send in the original copy of your transcript, which shows the grades you got for your previous degrees.
  • An acceptance letter from the institution in Trinidad and Tobago is needed.
  • It is mandatory for the student’s sponsor to provide a bank statement that is not more than three months old. The bank statement ought to show that there is adequate money to cover the length of the course of study.
  • In order to obtain a student visa, prospective students must have already arranged for housing and provided documentation to prove it.


Additional visa requirement for Nigerians seeking Trinidad and Tobago Business Visa

  • Applicants must submit a letter from the host company in Trinidad and Tobago that explains the exact purpose of the visit, how long it will last, and how to get in contact with the company.
  • Doctors who are traveling must show a copy of their original medical qualification certificate from the Medical and Dental Board of Nigeria.
  • Applicants who have jobs need to bring a letter from their employer. It should have things like the applicant’s job title and salary on it.
  • Self-employed people should show proof of business registration from Nigeria’s CAC (corporate affairs commission).
  • The applicant is required to produce a financial statement that is no older than three months at the time of application. If the Consul determines that the applicant does not have sufficient funds, the visa application will be denied.


Paying a Security Deposit

Any Nigerian traveling to Trinidad and Tobago must pay a refundable security deposit of 560,000 Naira to any Diamond bank. When you get back to Nigeria, you can submit a refund request.

The request takes a week to process, and only the person who applied for the visa can ask for and get the refund.

The applicant will get a letter from the Consul saying that he or she is allowed to make the security bond deposit. After making the deposit, the applicant should send back the slip to the embassy and get a receipt in return.


How to apply for Trinidad and Tobago visa in Nigeria

  • Fill out the Trinidad and Tobago application form. Here is where you can get the visa application form.
  • Once you’ve filled out the form, take it to the embassy of Trinidad and Tobago along with your passport, the required documents, and payment.
  • You will get an email when your application for a visa to Trinidad and Tobago is approved.
  • You will need to collect your passport at the Embassy of Trinidad & Tobago.
  • You are now permitted to go to Trinidad and Tobago, where you are authorized to remain for the total amount of time specified on your visa.


How long does it take to get the Trinidad and Tobago visa in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, it takes between 10 and 15 days to get a T&T visa. However, y You should check to make sure that the information you put on the application is correct. If there are mistakes, your visa may take longer to process or be turned down.


International airports in Trinidad and Tobago

  • Port of Spain’s Piarco International Airport (POS) is in Piarco
  • Scarborough is home to the Tobago-Crown Point Airport (TAB).


How much is flight ticket from Nigeria to Trinidad and Tobago?

Flying is the fastest and most convenient method to travel from Nigeria to Trinidad and Tobago, but it is also the most expensive option, costing between $550 and $2,200 and taking 29 hours and 42 minutes.


Trinidad and Tobago’s biggest cities

Here are some of T&T’s most well-known cities;

  • Chaguanas
  • San Fernando
  • Port-of-Spain
  • Arima
  • Scarborough
  • Piarco
  • Trincity
  • Castara


Trinidad and Tobago embassy in Nigeria

High Commission of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, Abuja

Address: # 7 Casablanca Street,

Wuse II, Abuja, F.C.T.

Country: Nigeria

Phone: 011-234-9-461-1118



Office hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm

Consular hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 3 pm


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Helpful Information

All Nigerians who want to visit Trinidad and Tobago must have a COVID-19 PCR test that comes back negative. This test must be given at least 72 hours before the plane leaves.

Proof of a COVID-19 vaccination is also needed for Nigerians going to Trinidad and Tobago. The final vaccination dose must be administered at least 14 days before departure.

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