How Much is Turkey Visa Fee in Nigeria

how much is turkey visa fee in nigeria

How Much is Turkey Visa Fee in Nigeria

The most important part of your Turkey visa application is the fee payment. The immigration authorities will not proceed to process or issue you the Turkey visa if you do not pay the appropriate fee for your visa.  The Turkish visa fees vary and depend on the class of visa for which you applying  as well as the travel duration.

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This means that an applicant who is applying for a Turkish Tourist visa will pay a different amount from another applying for a Turkish Work visa.
Below is a list of Turkish visa types available to Nigerians and the application and processing fees attached to each visa type.
1. The Turkish Tourist Visa
This type of Visa is issued to individuals who plan to travel to Turkey  to visit relatives, family or friends or just on a holiday or tourism. This type of visa is usually a single entry visa and has a validity period of ninety (90) days which means that the  visa remains valid for 90 days from the date on which it is issued and can only allow the holder to enter into Turkey once.
The Turkish Tourist Visa Fees
For an individual willing to travel to Turkey on the Turkish Tourist visa, the application fees cost  100USD which is approximately N36,000.
2. The Turkish Business Visa
The Turkish  business visa type is issued to individuals who intend to travel or have been invited to Turkey to partake in business ventures. This could be a commercial activity and trade, entrepreneurial, business and other similar activities. It is also issued to those visiting Turkey for the purpose of attending conferences, seminars or lectures. The validity period of Turkish business visa is usually ninety(90) days.

Turkish Business visa fee
The cost of the Turkish Business visa type is 120 USD which is approximately N43,000

  1. The Turkish Transit Visa

The Turkish Transit visa is available to applicants travelling through Turkey into another country. The transit visa holders are only passing through and not intending to travel to Turkey as their final stop.

The Turkish Transit Visa is usually valid for only three (3) days.

The Turkish Transit visa fee :
This Turkish Transit visa type is the cheapest of all Turkish visas and it costs 20 USD which is approximately N7,260

  1. The Turkish Student visa

This is for those who wish to travel to Turkey to study. The study visa is issued as a multiple entry visa which indicates that the holders can enter  into Turkey as many times as possible during the validity period of their visa.
The Turkish Student visa fee
The Turkish Student visa fee is put at 80USD which is approximately N29,000

  1. The Turkish Work visa
    The Turkish work visa is issued to indivisuals who intend to travel to Turkey to work. Applicants for the Turkish work visa are expected to ensure that an evidence of employment from their Turkish employees is sent to the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security referred to as the MLSS and also apply for a residence permit within thirty (30) days of their arrival in Turkey once they have been granted visa.

The Turkish Work visa fee

The Turkish work visa costs the same as the Business visa and is 120USD which is approximately N44,000

How to Pay the Turkish Visa fees

The Turkish visa fees can be paid online through the Turkey e-visa portal. Click this link to visit the Turkish evisa portal at-

On the page where you are required to make payment for your Turkish visa, be sure to go through and follow the directions therein and fill all necessary information. Then go ahead to click on the ” Make Payment ” button to continue.

Also make sure that you are paying the correct fees for the type of visa for which you are applying. You should pay your application fees using a bank card such as the master or visa card.

After making your payment, wait for your payment to be approved and a message stating that your e-visa has been sent to your email. Check your email for further instruction and print out the payment page as evidence of payment.

It may also be possible to make payment at the Turkish embassy in Abuja after which the immigration office can proceed to process your visa application.

Important Things to Note

  1. Once you make payment, always ensure you print out evidence of payment page sent to your email or collect an electronic receipt if you are paying at the embassy.
  2. You can get more information about your for the Turkey visa application and pay the visa application fees at the following address;

Turkey Embassy Contact Address                             E-mail Address;

Number 333, Diplomatic drive,                         

Central Business District,                                              Website

Abuja, Nigeria.                                                       

Phone Numbers;

+234 803 64 88 981

+234 807 49 49 503

  1. Note that visa fees are non refundable and will not be returned to you in the event that you cancel your application or your visa is denied.
  2. The visa fees are subject to change without prior notice as deemed fit by the immigration authorities in charge of Turkish visa application hence always ensure you check the embassy website for current visa fees as at the time of your application.

5 The dollar/naira exchange rate used here is correct as at the time of compiling this fees list and may change anytime therefore always be mindful of the exchange rate at the time of your application to avoid wrong estimation.

6 The validity period of a Turkish visa refers to the length of time that the individual who holds a visa can enter into Turkey. Once the validity period of a visa expires , the holder is no longer be permitted to enter into Turkey if they are outside until they reapply and are issued another visa.

7.Number of entries such as single or multiple entry refers to the number of times the holder of a valid Turkish visa is allowed to enter into Turkey. Once an individual has entered the maximum number of times permissible, the visa is no longer valid for entry even if its still within the validity period and such person is outside Turkey.


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