How to Apply for a Philippines Student Visa in Nigeria

how to apply for a philippines student visa in nigeria

How to Apply for a Philippines Student Visa in Nigeria

The Philippines is a very popular country Nigerian students travel to for study purpose. This could be for a whole lot of reasons, higher institutions in the Philippines have English as their language of instruction so there is hardly a need to study a new language.Also, most of the universities offer specialized courses and have a diverse range of undergraduate program. Best of all, it is relatively easier to obtain a student visa to the Philippines than to other countries like United Kingdom, United States, Canada and the likes. Furthermore, the Philippines boasts a serene beautiful landscape and warm friendly people.

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If you are thinking of travelling to the Philippines to study,you have nothing to worry about. The process is relatively easy. If you can follow all the steps in this article diligently, you will have no need to pay an immigration agent for help to obtain your Philippines student visa.

Apart from providing you with a step by step process of obtaining your visa, this article will also answer most of your questions including what are the requirements for Philippines student visa, where is the Philippines embassy in Nigeria located and so on.

Basic Information on How to apply for  a Philippines Student Visa

Usually different types of Philippines visa have their different requirements such that the purpose of your travel will determine the requirements and documents you need to provide. Here our focus is on the Philippine student visa.

The Philippines Student visa is probably one of the easiest to acquire in Nigeria at least compared to UK or the US student visa. Below are the basic requirements.

Basic Requirements to Obtain a Philippines Student visa

  1. Applicants for the Philippines student visa must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  2. You must provide an evidence or proof of funds to show that you can support your education and have a means of livelihood in the Philippines.
  3. Every individual applying for a Philippine student visa must be taking a course in a higher institution( that is higher than the secondary school level) such as a university, college seminary, academy.
  4. The institution of study must be approved for study for foreign students by the Philippines Commissioner of Immigration.
  5. All applicants for the Philippines student visa must have met the requirements of their preferred institution and course of study and have been offered an admission by such institution.

Required Documents to obtain a Philippines student visa from Nigeria

  1. Your completely and correctly filled visa application form. You should make available two copies of this .
  2. Original and photocopy of your valid international passport . this must be valid for at least six months after your intended duration of stay in the Philippines.
  3. Applicants birth certificate. Original and photocopy. This will be authenticated by the officials at Philippines embassy
  4. Two recent passport photographs. Ensure you sign at the back of these. it is preferable to snap with a plain background.
  5. also you should make available two copies of your parents’ passport data page
  6. Original and photocopy of Parents consent/support affidavit or any other affidavit signed by legal guardians of applicant .
  7. Applicants transcript records to be verified and authenticated by officials at the Philippines embassy. Provide an original and photocopy of this.
  8. You will also need a sort of testimonial or a certificate of good character
  9. You will also be required to provide a medical and physical examination report carried it by authorized physician including an X-ray film to be authenticated at the Philippine embassy.
  10. An original and photocopy of Police certificate
  11. Personal history statement forms
  12. Individuals intending to undertake a graduate program will be required to obtain a Diploma.
  13. A note containing addresses and phone number of applicants contacts person(s)within the Philippines.

Step by step Process of obtaining you Philippines Student visa in Nigeria

  1. Contact your intended institution of study and ensure you meet all the requirements for your course of study.
  2. Gather all your required documents including your correctly filled and signed visa application form
  3. Ensure that your schools forwards your application package to the Commission on Higher Education and completes the process.
  4. Visit the Embassy of the Philippines in Nigeria to complete your visa application process.
  5. You will be notified of your visa issuance by the embassy

More Important Note:

  1. The applicant should ensure that his or her chosen institution of study forwards an application package to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for approval. Once the package has been approved, it will then be endorsed by CHED to the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) and forwarded to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). Following this , the Philippine Embassy will receive a notification from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to issue the student visa.
  2. It is very important to appear in person at the embassy for your visa application process. It is NOT allowed for an applicant to send a representative to the embassy for visa application

The Embassy of the Philippines in Nigeria is located at


No. 543-B, A Close

14 Road 2nd Avenue, Gwarimpa, FCT




(+234) 905 346 8166

(+234) 810 254 1252

E-mail Address:

Opening hours- 08:00 – 17:00

  1. Be mindful of the way you dress and behave at the embassy
  2. the Philippines student visa takes about 60 days or two (2) months to be processed. After the visa has been granted, the applicant will be notified accordingly by the Philippines embassy

NOTE: Once you arrive at the Philippine, you will be required apply for certain documents including the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) and Certificate of Residence for Temporary Students (CRTS).

The process should be carried out at the Bureau of Immigration, Intramuros, Manila. You can request the help of officials in your school to ease the process.

For more information, contact the Philippine Embassy in  Nigeria through the address or phone number above.

All the best in your visa application.


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