Sample Invitation Letter for Visa to Czech Republic

How to write an invitation letter for visa to the Czech Republic (With Free Samples)

There are several different categories of visas that may be required of you to enter the Czech Republic, and your selection will be based on the reason for your trip.

Depending on whether you intend to visit, study, or work and live in the Czech Republic permanently, you will be required to apply for one of several different types of Schengen visas.

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Since 2007, when the Czech Republic became a member of the Schengen Area in addition to being an EU Member State, you have been able to apply for a Schengen visa to enter the Czech Republic.

General required documents for a Czech Republic Visa Application:

  • To begin, you will need to download the application form, then fill it out completely and honestly. You can also submit your application for a Schengen visa to the Czech Republic electronically, and then print out a physical copy for your records.
  • You need to upload two images, one of which should be in the format of a passport photo: a recent picture of your entire face taken against a light background. Find out more information about the rules and specifications for visa photos.
  • Your passport and copies of any previous visas you have are going to be necessary, and the passport needs to be valid for at least three months beyond the date you plan to return. A minimum of two blank pages must be present in your passport.
  • A copy of the reservation for your return flight, if you have one. It is not recommended to buy a plane ticket before getting the visa, even if getting the visa is not required under any other circumstances.
  • Confirmation from your travel medical insurance that you are covered for at least 30,000 Euros in the Czech Republic and the entire Schengen region
  • A cover letter outlining the objectives of the trip to the Czech Republic as well as the travel schedule
  • Reservation of a flight itinerary, including the dates and flight numbers that determine entry into and exit from the Czech Republic
  • Documentation demonstrating that lodging arrangements have been made for the entirety of the expected stay in the Czech Republic.
  • Documentation of one’s civil status (marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse, ration card if applicable)
  • Documentation demonstrating that the applicant has sufficient funds to cover their stay in the Czech Republic.


The signed application form must be accompanied by the rest of the above-mentioned mandatory documents and handed personally to the appropriate embassy/consulate or its representative in your home country.

What are the different forms of Czech invitation letters

  • Czech Republic Tourist/Visitor Visa:

You would need the following documents if you intend to travel on a tourist vacation to the Czech Republic.

  • Invitation letter from your family or friends in the Czech Republic with the address and phone number – if applicable
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • Passport copies


Sample Cover Letter for Tourist Visa Application to Czech Republic

The Honorable Consul

Embassy Of The Czech Republic in London

26-30 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QY, United Kingdom

January 13, 2019.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Visa Application for Tourism

I, Henry Blaise, hold a UK Passport No. XXXXXXX, humbly ask that a Czech Tourist Visa be issued to me. Thank you for your consideration. Because I intend to visit the Czech Republic between the date February 13 and 2, 2019, I would like to apply for a visa to that country.


Martins Fedrick, a good friend of mine, will accompany me on this trip. My primary objective in going on this trip is to make a boyhood dream come true by going to Prague, Brno, and Kostya Castle, all of which were used in the filming of the Hannibal Lecter movies.


In addition, I am excited to explore the city’s other wonderful landmarks, try traditional Czech cuisine, and gain a better understanding of Czech culture and the country’s way of life. My travel companion and I have decided to base ourselves in Prague for the duration of our vacation so that we may most conveniently visit the city’s most popular attractions.


Since the 15th of January in 2012, I have been working at High Jack Pharmaceuticals located at 156 High Street in Uxbridge, where I am currently holding the post of Sales Manager. My time off of work for the duration of this trip has already been authorized by the company that I work for.


I would appreciate it if you could provide the following documentation in support of my visa application.


  • Visa application form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Current and old passports, showing my travel experience
  • Travel History
  • Certificate of Employment and leave certificate showing approved leaves as well as the date I am expected to return to work
  • 2017 ITR, Bank Certificate, and Bank Statements (6 months) as proof of my income
  • Variable Universal Life Current Statement and RRSP Statement as supporting financial documents
  • Hotel reservations
  • Day by day itinerary


I have attached all the complete requirements and I trust that you will find this in order. I assure you that if ever granted a tourist visa, I will abide by all laws and regulations in the country I am visiting and will not do anything that will damage my reputation in the future. Thank you very much.



Henry Blaise


Czech Republic Visa for Business Purposes:

If you have been invited by a company for a business meeting in the Czech Republic, you would have to provide the documents below.


  • You will need to provide a letter of invitation from the business in the Czech Republic that you will be touring as well as their complete address along with the dates of your trip.
  • A document from your employer stating that you are permitted to travel for business purposes.
  • Proof of any previous business dealings between the two companies is required if there was ever any kind of commercial interaction between them.
  • Statement of business banking activity for the most recent half-year Memorandum and Articles of Association in their original certified copy (registered with joint-stock companies) Documents about proprietorship or partnership, as well as the original issuance and current renewal of a business license
  • Either the applicant’s employer or the partner company is responsible for stating that they will cover the applicant’s expenses while they are in the Schengen zone. This information must be included in the invitation or letter.


Cover Letter Sample for Business Visa

March 27, 2019



Leonard Benson

1456 Kingsway Street London


UK Passport No:XXXXXXX, 


Letter of invitation for a Business Visa for the Czech Republic.


Dear Sir/Madam,

My partner company, the Haiman Kings Company, has extended an invitation to me, Leonard Benson, to attend a series of business meetings that are going to take place in Brno, which is located in the Czech Republic. The business trip is scheduled to begin on the 9th of April 2019 and continue until the 25th of May 2019. On December 26 I will be traveling to Tobruk, Czech Republic, and I will be departing from Queens City in London. My journey for business will be for a total of seven weeks and four days in total.

My details are the men mentioned below.

Name: Leonard Benson

Passport No: XXXXXXXX

Passport issued on January 10, 2018

Expires: December 29, 2024

The following documents have also been attached to support my application:

  • Bank statement for the last six months
  • Invitation letter
  • Passport copy
  • Detailed itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Travel Medical Insurance policy
  • Company bank statement for the last 6 months.


I request you to kindly issue me a single entry visa.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully.

Leonard Benson

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