Cover Letter Sample for Tourist Visa Application

How to Write a Cover Letter for Tourist Visa Application

Obtaining a Visa is an essential requirement when traveling to a foreign country, there are different types of visas, but a tourist visa is the most common, another type of visa includes student visas, business visas, media visas, fiancé visas, etc.

A Tourist or visitor visa is an official document granting you access to a country for a relatively short period, it usually contains information regarding your stay in the country, including duration and activities.

While applying for a tourist visa, there are some additional requirements to the visa application form, these includes a valid passport, a confirmed roundtrip ticket and a cover letter to the consulate.

The cover letter is necessary for visa’s that requires interview, but are optional for those not requiring an interview, these letters explains why you are visiting the country, and your activities in the country, including where you will be staying and duration of your visit.

It includes a detailed information regarding your sponsor, either it’s your company that is sponsoring you, an NGO, a lover, etc. It is important to include their details, this information is essential for your application to be granted.

Make sure to include the basic information of your sponsor, your sponsor job or their source of income, if it is an organization, state their website if they have one, state the relationship between you and your sponsor(s), including a proof, and a proof of your sponsor financial capability, and expenses to be covered.

Also, list every supporting document, these may include your passport copies and confirmation of leave of absence, listing your supporting document will make it easier for reference.

You need to state the purpose of your visit to the country, including a well structured itinerary, what your plans are, where you will be visiting and your duration at the country.

Stating the purpose of your visit clearly and genuinely will increase the chance of getting your visa application approved.

Visa applications are usually rejected for the fear that the applicant may use the opportunity to make the country their permanent residence, against the terms of visa agreement, to avoid your visa application being rejected for this reason, give a very good reason why you are sure that you will not be exceeding your stay in the country after your visa expiration, this is to assure the consulate that you are not going to be exceeding your approved duration in the country, it may include a commitment to your business back at your home country.

If you are traveling with a dependent, you must be sure to certify that you or you sponsor will be able to take care of the dependent during your stay in the country, and, if you are traveling with a minor, be sure to certify that the legal custodian of the minor are in approval, by including a parental consent letter, and that preparations are made to cater for the minor needs.

If you are traveling with a group, the names of every member of the group should be listed Alphabetically in the first paragraph of the cover letter.

Lastly, your cover letter shouldn’t be bogus with unnecessary details, but it should be written in a concise and comprehensive manner.

Examples of cover letters


For a better understanding of how cover letters are written, below are some examples.

Sample 1.

Sample cover letter for visa application


Joseph P. Rios

749 Camden Street

Reno, NV 89501


The consulate

Ambassade de France

42 Sussex Drive

Ottawa, ON K1M 2C9


Dear Sir/Madam

I shall love to apply for a tourist visa to spend a short vacation in France, from 20th of August, 2021 to 23rd of August, 2021.

We shall be taking a break from college, and I shall love to use the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of France, I shall be seeing the Eiffel tower, the Côte d`Azur, and the Louvre Museum. I am also looking forward to experiencing the culture of the people, and getting a taste of the city cuisine.

I studied at University of Toronto since February 2019, and we shall be going for a break in two weeks time.

My trip shall be sponsored by my dad, who works at liquid oil has as a plant director, he shall cover my accommodations, feedings and transport, attached to this document is a copy of his financial solvency.

Additional documents attached to my application includes:

A copy of my passport

Application form

A copy of the vacation notice from my institution

Round ticket booking confirmation

Hotel bookings confirmation


I shall be returning to Canada, at the end of my visit in order to continue with my education.

For further enquiries regarding this application, kindly contact my dad at: 3335-67578-576.


Joseph Rios


Sample 2

Cover letter for tourist visa application


Raul T. Lopez

4799 Richards Avenue

Stockton, CA 95202


The consulate,

Embassy of the USA

Bolshoy Deviatinsky

No 8, pereulok



Dear Sir/Ma

I shall love to apply for a visiting visa to the US, in order to attend an oncoming business conference, holding at Detroit, on 25th of June, 2021.

I shall be traveling from 24th of June, 2021, and shall be returning on 26th of June, 2021 after attending the conference.

I worked at New light Business consulting firm as a project manager, since 2017, my trip shall be sponsored by my company, and a provision for my accommodation, feeding and transport has been made.

The following documents are attached to this application to confirm my claim:

My passport copies

A reference letter from my company, including an approval of leave of absence

A copy of Round trip plane reservation ticket

A copy of Hotel reservation booking

An expense summary and budget allocation from my company.

I shall be returning to Russia at the end of my trip in order to continue with my work, as indicated in the letter from my company.

If any information is required regarding this application form, kindly contact:


Raul Lopez

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