Sample Cover Letter for Student Visa Application for Canada

Sample Cover Letter for Student Visa Application for Canada

Apart from your completing your visa application requesting for a student visa for Canada, will need you attaching a cover letter as well. Securing a Canadian student visa is a lot challenging but with the right things in place you can still secure the Canadian student visa at the end of the day. You would need a document that will help you convince the immigration officer. So the best bet will be to write a convincing cover letter for student visa application for Canada. With this, you would be able to state valid reasons that would grab the attention of the recipient to give a positive response.

So a cover letter for student visa application for Canada is an official statement of intention sent to the recipient alongside the application for a student visa for Canada. The cover letter is different from the student visa application as such the information on each differs. The cover letter would cover the areas of why the sender is choosing Canada as the country of study. It would cover the sender’s post-study plan, the academic profile and reasons for choosing a particular course or the university. All of these facts when presented convincingly will encourage the recipient to give the desired response. The cover letter for student visa for Canada needs to be unique because its presentation might make or mar the whole process for you.

Writing an effective cover letter for student visa application for Canada will need you to be detailed in your submission. Remember this is a request letter as such you should employ tools that would make your request acceptable. Doing this will need you to adopt the correct format and include all the necessary information that would enable the recipient to take an informed decision. Below are the writing tips you would need to adopt to write a perfect cover letter for your student visa application

  • Start as usual with addressing the letter to the right person, you can find out the recipient name before hand to include in your salutation
  • Date the letter with the date you are writing the letter
  • Introduce yourself in the first paragraph, then go ahead to state your purpose of writing the letter
  • Then explain why you decided to choose Canada as your country of studies. Explain the two aspect why the university you have chosen and why the country, Canada. Your reasons must be valid and reasonable
  • Then you can go ahead to highlight the following: the faculty, professors, facilities, course structure etc. this is to show that you are really interested in the university as you have researched a lot about it.
  • You can state your work experience especially if you are a postgraduate applicant, you would encourage the recipient more with having at least 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Canadian universities are strict when it comes to cover letter word count. So you should make sure you don’t have something longer than 1000 word count

Below are the sample cover letters for student visa application for Canada

The high commissioner

Canadian high commission

The diplomatic enclave,

Ref: Pascal Ben

Date of birth: 20th march 1985

Passport: #4568899

Dear Sir,

I’m paschal Ben, I’m writing this letter for you to grant a student visa for my studies in Canada. So I’m submitting this letter alongside my application for your consideration. The following details are all that qualifies me as the right student for this visa for my studies in Canada. First I would be stating my valid documents as evidence for your approval.

I’m submitting alongside my completed and signed student visa application, complete and signed family information as requested, a completed and signed application for temporary resident visa. My academic documents included are original bachelor degrees as issued by the University of Benin with a notarized photocopy, original higher secondary certificate from board of intermediate education, notarized copies of internship letters

My financial support will be from mother, Mrs. Percy Ben. She would be providing all the necessary things that would be needed. This includes both my boarding and lodging expenses and even after my arrival in Canada. There’s also evidence of direct deposits from my mother and aunty.

I have included the entire document needed so please consider my application and grant me the student visa. I will be most grateful and thanks once again

Yours sincerely,

Paschal Ben

Sample 2

High commissioner

Canadian high commission

3456, palm close, diplomatic drive


REF:  Olivia Aria

Date of birth; 12th August 2021


Dear Sir,

This is a detailed letter explaining why you should consider me for a student visa for studies in Canada. I’m Olivia Aria and I am asking for a student visa. I have the below documents as evidence to be granted my request. For the requested forms I have completed and signed the application for the study permit, completed the information sheet for the upfront medicals same with a completed and signed family information.

My academic documents are as follows an offer letter from the McGill University Montreal. Original certificate of acceptance of CAQ from the immigration, another is the original bachelor transcript issued by my previous school with a notarized copy. My travel documents are also intact which is my original passport. The financial support would be coming solely from my mentor, Mr. Maurice Brain. He would be responsible from my boarding to the last destination.

I have attached other documents that would interest which include my birth certificate, national identity card and statement of purpose explaining my reasons for this visa. So please give me the approval so that I can begin all preparation in earnest for a departure.

Yours sincerely

Olivia Aria


It is always good to have a cover letter in place when requesting for a Canadian student visa. The letter will help you to capture a summary of the application you have. With all the documents you would be attaching with the cover letter it would show you are genuine and you are there for business and nothing else.

Writing your letter perfectly will need a guide and that is why you have the above guidelines outlined for you. Follow them systematically and craft your letter just the way you should.

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