How to Apply for STR Visa in Nigeria

how to apply for str visa in nigeria

In this post, we will be discussing how to apply for the Subject to Regular (STR) visa in Nigeria, who is eligible, the requirements and other related information. Ready? Let’s get straight to the crux of the post.

What is an STR Visa?

The first thing to note is that STR is an abbreviation. It stands for Subject to Regular. In other words, STR Visa means Subject to Regular Visa. With this in mind, what is the relevance of this kind of visa?


When an expatriate is seeking a permanent employment opportunity in Nigeria, they need an STR Visa. For example, when you get a new job in Nigeria, your host requests that you apply for this visa. It is the same if a company seeks an investment opportunity within the shores of Nigeria.


Thinking about the name “Subject to Regular” Visa makes it seem like a difficult piece of document. Far from this, the visa is harmless and easy to acquire. Now you must be wondering why the name “Subject to Regular?”


It is simple. The Federal Government of Nigeria places a limit on the number of expatriates able to gain permanent employment in Nigeria at a time.


In a nutshell, this visa is available to foreigners with job offers in Nigeria. Whether from individuals, private organizations, or non-profit organizations.


Who should get an STR Visa?

Like we have stated above, this visa is issued to a foreigner who gets a job in Nigeria. In essence, this means those who need to apply are people coming to earn money in Nigeria. by earn money, we mean those coming to work or conduct some kind of business in the country.


Examples of individuals that need to apply for an STR Visa in Nigeria include:

  1. A foreign representative of a non-profit organization.
  2. A staff of a private firm/company.
  3. An individual investor.


Examples of non-profit organizations include Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross. This visa aims to ensure that the expatriate can conduct business or work freely within the country. There is always a specified period stated on the visa, mostly 90 days or 3 months.


During this time frame, the bearer of the visa can carry out business-related activities within the country. When applying for this visa, the authorities expect the applicant to present a proof of return ticket. However, this permit can be renewed if you are not done with your business or work.


The Nigerian Immigration Service responds to requests or applications for STR presented by individuals and companies. It is possible to begin processing upon arrival in Nigeria. However, this can only be done at the office of the Comptroller General in Abuja.


If you just got a job offer or you are seeking one in Nigeria, you must check the directions for application. You can do this by visiting the website of the Nigerian Immigration Service. It is important to note that the authorities can revoke this visa at any time. This is usually subject to several factors like expiry or breaching of country laws.


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Types of STR Visa

While the most common type of STR Visa is the work permit, there are several other types. In this section, we will take a look at the different types of STR Visa apart from the work permit.


Other types of STR Visa include:

  1. Student STR – This type of STR Visa is issued to individuals who seek to study in Nigeria. They are also known as exchange students. The visa covers the period for which their study holds.
  2. Foreign Wives of Nigerians STR – This visa is issued to wives of Nigerian nationals who are from other countries. It allows them to work or conduct business-related activities within the country.
  3. STR for dependents – This visa is issued to dependents of expatriates who visit Nigeria for work purposes. Visas are treated on an individual basis so if the dependents must work or conduct business, they need their visas.


What happens t individuals applying for an STR Visa without a US passport? In this case, the applicant needs to provide proof of legal residency. How is this done? Simple, by submitting a green card copy.


There is always a small charge for this to be paid at the embassy. As you prepare to make your submission, it is important to make inquiries at the embassy. The fee changes from time to time. It is always dependent on amendments to the immigration laws. However, this fee is mostly pegged at 20 Euros.

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Important Operational Guidelines about the Nigerian STR Visa

Here are a few important guidelines you should know about Nigerian STR Visa:

  1. The permit should be approved by the Nigerian Immigration Service.
  2. Before submitting your application, you need to make a reservation for your return ticket.
  3. While submitting your application, you must provide recent passport-sized photographs.
  4. You need to first pay the visa application fee online via the website of the Nigerian Immigration Service. You must make your payment via the original website. There are so many scams out there.

These are just the basics, there are several others which you will see when you read about the application process. We lead you through the application process soon but first, let’s see how an STR visa differs from a temporary work permit.


Difference Between an STR Visa and a Temporary Work Permit

Many people tend to mix up the two and get confused along the way. Business visas are valid for business negotiations alone. Such negotiations include meetings, training, and contractual negotiations.


The implication of this is that a business visa doesn’t give you the leverage to work. However, with this visa, you can enter the country multiple times within the stipulated 90-day period. This holds until you extend or the visa expires.


A temporary work permit, on the other hand, is issued to a worker visiting the country on a specific contract. This means that the worker cannot engage in another income-generating venture. Also, this visa has an expiry timeframe of 90-days or the period required for the job.


Individuals who receive this visa include skilled workers or contractors coming to work on specific company contracts. It also covers individuals coming to carry out contracts on behalf of non-profit organizations. This visa requires a contract and return tickets during application.


We have already explained what an STR Visa above and clearly, it is different from these two. An STR visa covers those coming for business or work so it is a little more flexible than the two above.


STR Visa  Requirements in Nigeria

When applying for any kind of visa, not only the STR Visa, you must submit certain documents. In this section, we will discuss the documents you need to submit when applying for an STR Visa.


A valid Passport

Applicants for the STR visa are required to possess a passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond their period of stay in Nigeria. Also, this passport must have at least two blank pages where the Nigeria visa stamp will be placed. Applicants must note that the amendment pages at the back of a passport are not useable for Nigeria visa stamps


Recent Passport Photographs

In order to apply for a STR visa successfully, you need at least four (4) recent passport photographs preferably taken on a white background and not older than six months. Also, applicants are expected to sign at the back of their passports. Avoid making use of scanned or photocopied passports.


Duly filled Nigeria STR Visa Application Form

There is no way you can apply for the STR2 visa without obtaining and duly completing the STR visa application form. Applicants are expected to provide four copies of this form completely filled and signed. You can fill one online and then print four copies.


Certificate of Incorporation

You also need to provide at least four (4) copies of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Nigerian company.


Offer Letter / Letter of Employment

Applicants for a Nigeria STR visa are expected to provide four copies of letter of employment offer from the potential employer in Nigeria. This letter must clearly state the nature of the job, the job offer, kind of contract as well as the due start date.


Letter of Acceptance ( of employment offer)

The Applicant is also expected to provide a copy of his letter of acceptance of the employment offer usually addressed to the employer and stating clearly the acceptance of the job offer.


Employment Contract

This is documents showing the details of the new job or employment contract and must be duly signed by both the applicant and he prospective employer. Also, the document must state the exact position you are being offered.


Employment Qualifications

The applicant is expected to provide an evidence of all academic or professional qualifications or certifications as regards the job being applied for in Nigeria. This could include original certificates, Diplomas and any other relevant credentials.


Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae

Applicants may also be required to provide a copy of their CV for reference purposes.


Evidence of Online Payment

Applicants must print payment acknowledgement slips after completing the online application form.


Evidence of Approval

The applicants is also expected to provide four copies of the Nigerian Immigration approved expatriate quota.


Business Permit

Applicants travelling for the purpose of business must hold at least four (4) copies of their business permit which must have been issued by the Ministry of Interior. Note that this is for companies who have foreign shareholders.


Letter of Request

This is a document that be written by the organization or prospective employer in Nigeria and must include applicants full name, as well as an acceptance of moral and financial responsibility of the applicant’s visit. The letter must also specifically request an STR visa and state the duration and number of entries required. It must be original, drafted on company letterhead and signed by the organization or business entity and must be addresses to the Nigeria High Commission.


Travel Itinerary

Applicants for the STR visa also need to provide copies of their flight itinerary and travel arrangements.



  1. Note that you must make available at least four copies of all the documents listed above as this will be required for submission.
  2. Most of the documents required for the STR visa need to be provided by the employer, company or entity for which the applicant is willing to work in Nigeria.
  3. The Nigeria STR visa is usually issued as a single entry visa and is valid for ninety (90) days
  4. The processing of the Nigeria STR visa may take about five (5) to ten (10) working days.

Now that you know these, let’s look at the application process.


STR Visa Application Process in Nigeria

The first thing you should know about the process is that you can pay to the Nigerian Embassy online. To begin your application for the STR Visa, click here. Ensure to choose the United States as your country.


You must read and digest all the instructions before beginning your application. We have helped to summarize the process into the following steps.


  1. Create your unique ID on the Nigerian Immigrations portal. Do this using any of Gmail, Yahoo, or Open ID. If you have an existing ID then you can sign in instead.
  2. Fill in the required pieces of information. After doing this, print out 4 original copies of the application page. When you are done, you can submit.
  3. After submitting your application, you will be redirected to a webpage containing your reference ID. The same ID will be forwarded to your email by the NIS. Leave this page and move to the payment section. It is possible to pay later which allows you to fill a maximum of 6 applications at once.
  4. If you decide to pay immediately, choose one of the payment options and then follow the instructions.
  5. Confirm your payment details by either paying online or entering your money order details. You should get a confirmation message from SW Global LLC via email. It may take up to 48 hours so don’t worry.
  6. We advise that you print out the acknowledgment slip. After completing the first five stages, click here to supply the following details:
  • Visa type.
  • Reference number.
  • Application ID.


Send your documents to the consulate immediately after you get your acknowledgment. Make sure that you send your documents to the right consulate.

Now that you have forwarded the necessary documents to the consulate, you wait. The consulate evaluates the documents and then reaches out to you soon after. Processing times for the STR Visa varies depending on the consulate. It should take only a few weeks at most.


A Few Helpful Tips

These tips should come in handy:

  1. Money orders you purchase from the postal service make immediate processing possible. It makes the process faster.
  2. Purchase refundable hotel reservations and return tickets before applying. This way, you don’t lose should the application be declined.
  3. Buy your tickets via a travel agency. They offer refundable tickets and rates are cheaper.


How To Contact Us

Many people make the mistake of trying to apply for an STR Visa on their own. While some attain success, many encounter a lot of trouble during the process. Why go through the stress when you can reach out to us to help you out?

Getting you through the STR Visa application process is our specialty. We will do this without wasting time or going around in circles.

What does this imply? The moment you land yourself a job in Nigeria, reach out to us. We will help with all the instructions to lead you through the process. Our experts on this side are dedicated to seeing you acquire your STR Visa within the shortest possible time.

It is one thing to get a job in Nigeria, it is another to plan your trip there. We know how difficult it is to travel, especially when you are traveling with your family. Reach out to us today to help you make reservations, buy your tickets, and apply for your STR Visa.



Now you know what an STR Visa is and how to apply for one. We have also shown you all the documents you need to apply. Do you have any questions? You can drop them in the comments section. Speak to one of our experts now to get your STR Visa application started.

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