Jamaica Visa for Nigerian Citizens: What you need to know

The stunning natural scenery and exotic culture of Jamaica make it an ideal destination for vacationers. Visitors may stroll through lush rainforests, discover majestic waterfalls, and unwind on some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Hiking, whitewater rafting, and zip-lining are just few of the exciting outdoor activities that are available to people who are looking for an adventure. Jamaica has a rich cultural history that can be seen at historic sites like plantation estates and fortresses from the colonial era. The country’s cuisine is also a key draw for visitors, because to its unique blend of African, Indian, and European flavors.


The fact that reggae music was birthed on this Caribbean island and continues to be a key draw for tourists only adds to the country’s notoriety. Bob Marley, a famous reggae musician and songwriter, is one of their country’s most recognizable cultural figures.


Is a trip to this stunning nation on your travel wish list? Continue reading to learn about the visa requirements and everything else you’ll need for a stress-free trip. This article will cover the necessary documentation for Nigerian nationals visiting Jamaica, as well as the types of visas that are available, the application procedure, and any other pertinent information. Additionally, you can apply for a Jamaican visa with us right now at travelvisa.ng.

A passport and visa are necessary for Nigeria citizens traveling to Jamaica


Jamaica Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

  • A Valid Passport – A copy of the bio-data page must be submitted initially. The passport needs to be valid for the entire time that you plan to spend in Jamaica. (Please only submit the color copy of your data page; do not submit your passport).


  • One passport photograph. The picture should be 2 inches by 2 inches in size.


  • Flight schedule (i.e. flight booking or reservation).


  • Documentation demonstrating that sufficient funds are available to cover the cost of the trip. Current bank statements from the applicant, organization, or third party funding the travel are also included (And a letter authorizing the applicant to have them).


  • A letter of invitation from a person or organization in Jamaica (if applicable) or a hotel reservation.


  • Identification documents, such as a passport, driver’s license, or school leave letter, and an introduction letter from your employment or school.


  • If you are self-employed, you must provide proof of your company, such as bank statements and CAC registration documentation.


  • If someone in Jamaica is sponsoring you, you must provide documentation of their immigration status (e.g. copy of their passport).


  • For a business trip, a letter of invitation and recent proof of correspondence with the company in Jamaica are required.


  • To apply for a student visa, you must submit an admission letter, documentation of tuition payment, and a return ticket.


  • Minors need a birth certificate and a letter of consent if traveling with a guardian.


  • You must fill out their visa application form and submit it to the Jamaica embassy in order to obtain a visa. Jamaica does not offer an electronic visa or visa on arrival option to Nigerians. Visit the embassy or their official website to download the form.


Here is the address of the Jamaica embassy in Nigeria;

High Commission of Jamaica 

Plot 247 Muhammadu Buhari Way

Central Area District



Telephone: +234 9 234 5107 (you can only call the embassy  after 7p.m Nigeria time or 1p.m Jamaica time).


  • It will take between one and two weeks for your visa application to be processed.


  • You will need a letter of invitation from your host in Jamaica. This letter must state the nature of your relationship with your host and their contact information (Current address, phone, email, etc.)


  • If you are under the age of 18, you must carry a physical copy of your birth certificate with you at all times. You must also present a written consent that both of your parents have signed and had notarized.


  • You must provide proof that you have a strong reason to return to Nigeria once the visa’s validity has expired.


  • It is against the law in Jamaica or you to work while on this visa.


  • If Jamaican officials believe you are in the country unlawfully or pose a threat to national security or public safety, you will be deported.


  • A person’s ability to enter the country will be revoked if they have ever been found guilty of a crime in another country; if they try to enter the country, they will be barred from landing.


  • You should get the yellow fever vaccine before entering the country.


  • Visitors are welcome to join in the festivities at any of Jamaica’s many spectacular festivals. And enjoy the moments!


The types of Jamaican visa available to Nigerians are:

  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Transit visa
  • Student visa
  • Work visa


Jamaica Visa Fees

Visa Type

Tourist visa: 20.00 (USD)

Business visa: 20.00 (USD)


Major Airports in Jamaica

Three major international airports serve Jamaica: Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, and Ian Fleming International Airport near the tourist destination of Ocho Rios.


Airport of Norman Manley International

This airport in Kingston is the best way to get to Port Antonio or the Blue Mountains. To get to any part of the island, including the business hubs of Downtown and New Kingston, you can hire a taxi.  Travelers can locate services such as car rentals, taxis, and tour guides in the Arrivals Ground Transportation Hall.


International Sangster Airport

This Montego Bay airport is a popular entry point for tourists to the country. This airport is the best way to get into the country if you are going to Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, or Negril. The airport also features a unique area designated for people who choose to fly privately, complete with its own Immigration and Customs processing counters. Visit https://mbjairport.com/ for additional details.


Airport International Ian Fleming

The Ian Fleming International Airport is the most recent international airport to open in Jamaica, and it is located in the Ocho Rios tourist area. With the opening of the new airport, even smaller aircraft can reach the northern coast of Jamaica with relative ease. Convenient access to Jamaica’s many five-star hotels and luxury villas is at your fingertips.


Covid 19 Entry Requirement for Jamaica

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, Jamaica has relaxed all travel restrictions.  However, visitors who test positive for COVID-19 while visiting Jamaica must spend the next 10 days in isolation, either in their hotel or a government facility.


Generally Speaking:

If you run into problems while on vacation, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local connections, the tour operator’s agent, or the hotel’s management for assistance.

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