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rwandan visa for nigerians

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Rwanda is a small country in the central African coast. Home to over 12.21 million people, Rwanda is bordered  by four other African countries namely Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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For a while, Rwanda was known to the world because of the infamous genocide killings of 1994, but the nation has since pulled itself together and made tremendous strides in the committee of Nations.

Today, Rwanda is looked upon enviously by its fellow African countries for the development advances the country has undergone, and is considered the world over, as one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Why Travel To Rwanda?

Rwanda known formally as The Republic of Rwanda is blessed with gorgeous, scenic views and and a beautiful landscape that continues to attract thousands of people to the country yearly.

Whether you are travelling to Rwanda in search of work, for business purposes or if you are simply visiting nor going on a vacation, you will be blown away by Rwanda’s breathtaking savannahs in its eastern province and the country’s distinct mountains in its western province.

It goes without saying that Rwanda has a number of lakes in its country as well as it is a haven for tourists that  are interested in adventures and wildlife.

As a Nigerian travelling to Rwanda, you have a number of visa options. The one you choose depends on whether you are going to Rwanda for business, taking a vacation to experience the beauty of Rwanda or if you are just simply visiting family and friends in Rwanda. However, today we will be talking about one of the most popular and simple visa option for Nigerians; the Rwanda eVisa. Let’s start with taking a look at the visa option as well as its requirements.

How to Apply for Rwanda eVisa as a Nigerian

In 2018, the Rwandan government introduced the eVisa for travellers who want to visit the Central African nation. The eVisa document is an electronic permit issued by the government in electronic PDF format. It serves the same purpose as a visa. It is normally used by individuals and groups looking to visit the country as well as travel within the country for tourism.

What you should know about the Rwanda evisa

The eVisa is normally valid between three to 24 months once issued. This means that, depending on the fact that you are given a single entry or multiple entry eVisa, you will be allowed to stay within the country for three to twenty four months.

Like we mentioned briefly above, your Rwandan eVisa can either be a multiple entry or single entry visa

If you have a single entry eVisa, you can only remain in the Rwandan territories for a maximum of 90 from the day you enter Rwanda

When your eVisa is issued to you, you are expected to provide the government of Rwanda information about your point of entry into Rwanda. Please note on your arrival, you will be required to provide your fingerprints after which you will get your final approval to enter the country.

Rwanda eVisa Requirements for Nigerians

  • Before applying, make sure that your international passport still has a validity of about 6 months at minimum or at least that your passport still has at least one blank page for the Rwandan authorities to enter your entry and exit stamps
  • A confirmed return ticket to Nigeria
  • You will submit Rwandan visa application that is properly and accurately filled. Make sure that the visa application form is duly signed,
  • You must provide two coloured passport photographs that were recently taken. Make sure that you take a passport with a good background within the month of your travelling to avoid any disappointments. These passports should measure 2 by 2 in dimension,
  • You will need to present an international passport that still has a validity period of 6 months or more from your point of entry into Rwanda. Please make sure that at least two pages are blank on your passport.
  • You must present any evidence showing that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in Rwanda.
  • Also make sure that you provide a note that contains information concerning your visit to the country. State your intended duration of stay, your purpose of visiting and places you hope to visit.
  • You need a medical evidence to show that you have taken a yellow fever vaccination.

How to Apply for the Rwandan eVisa Using Our expert Agents

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Important facts for you to know

Note that while you are in Rwanda, you are expected to carry your eVisa (or a copy) on you throughout the duration of your stay in Rwanda.

Once you are in Rwanda, you are only allowed to stay in the country for the period that your visa is valid for. If your visa expires, you have two options available to you:

One is leave the country within the grace period of five days

The other option you have is to apply for a visa extension. The government of Rwanda allows you to apply for a visa extension with all former documents submitted still valid. Kindly be very proactive in visa extension application so as to avoid being in a limbo. Apply for a visa extension as soon as you find out that you will be spending more time in the country than you planned. Don’t wait  for your visa to expire before running helter skelter.

Top 6 Must-See Sites When in Rwanda

Now that we have covered the more cumbersome aspect of this post, let’s turn to something more exciting! Let’s look at some of the amazing places that you have to visit while in Rwanda. Rwanda is undoubtedly a beutiful country not lacking in historic sites where tourists and locals alike can visit to learn more about Rwandan culture and wildlife.

Lake Kivu

Located in the western province of Rwanda, the Lake Kivu is an unbelievable site to relax and engage in a myriad of activities. You could engage in hot springs, boat trips, swimming and kayaking just to mention a few. The Lake Kivu is jointly administered and run with the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. You might also want to visit any of the three towns that rise along the Lake Kivu. These towns  are namely Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cyangugu.

The Akagera National Park

Akagera national park as the name suggests, is a splendid savannah park located in the eastern part of Rwanda. This one of a kind park is home to ver 200 different birds species, zebras, waterbuck, bushbucks, elephants, crocodiles and hippos. One can engage in wildlife sightings in this beautiful park by partaking in game drives.

The Kigali Memorial Centre Genocide Memorial

While this destination has a more dark history, it is somewhere that everybody that steps foot in Rwanda should visit. I mean, where better to be reminded of the dangers of anarchy than the home of one of the largest massacre ever experienced by man? A visit to this memorial could be thought provoking, but it also shows the strength and resilience of the Rwanda people that arose from such bitter times to build their country. Make sure to visit when you are in Rwanda!

The Congo-Nile Trai

If you visit Rwanda, you have to visit The Congo-Nile Trail; it is as simple as that. Winding alongside the crystal water, Lake Kivu, The Congo-Nile Trail offers hikers the ever present rolling hills, thick vegetation and dramatic vistas that will make you want to come back here.


Kigali is the capital of Rwanda. And while it might seem obvious that you will pass through Kigali at some point while in Rwanda, we would like to advise that you do more than “just passing through” Kigali. If you take the Kigali city tour, you will be introduced to the Inema Arts Centre, The Museum of National History, the Ivuka Arts Centre, The state House Museum and a host of other attractive sites where you will understand the culture and history of Rwanda in a more in-depth fashion. Also, Kigali was recently declared as Africa’s most beautiful city by the United Nations. So this is not a tour that you want to miss.

The Musanze Caves

The Musanze Caves as the name applies are caves situated within the Musanze district. These caves are about one and half minutes’ drive from the capital city of Kigali and you can spot them at Volcanoes Nation Park foothill. A key feature of the caves that amaze tourists is that the cave in its natural state resembles a house complete with stairs and several rooms!

There are several other activities that you can engage in when you are in Rwanda asides the ones mentioned above. Rwanda is a beautiful African country that shows the promise of our continent when we decide to unite and build. It is a country that Nigerians can visit for different purposes and this post should help set you on your way.

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