Rwanda Visa on Arrival for Nigerians – Updated

rwanda visa on arrival for nigerians

Rwanda Visa on Arrival for Nigerians

Are you visiting the beautiful country of Rwanda in the near future? If your answer is yes, then you will need to procure a visa in advance to travel to the East African nation.

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Luckily, Rwanda is friendly destination for the green passports as holders of the Nigerian passports do not necessarily need a visa to travel down to Rwanda. However, when you get to a port of entry, you will need a visa on arrival to enter Rwanda.

What Is A Visa On Arrival?

A visa on arrival is an authorization pass that allows you to travel to a country with the assurance that you will get your visa stamped at the point of entry into the country provided you are not a threat to the national security of the new county that you are visiting. More often than not, countries introduce the visa on arrival scheme to help foster business investments from foreigners who are looking to invest in their country or to encourage tourism in their country.

Usually, to apply for a visa on arrival to many countries, you will need to fill out an online application on the country’s immigration website after which you will make payments and wait for an approval letter. It is with this approval letter that an applicant can then proceed to his or her destination with.

To be clear, a visa on arrival is a visa option and not a visa type. Here a few visa types available to Nigerians who are looking to travel to Rwanda

Different of Visas Available For Nigerians Travelling to Rwanda.

Rwanda has many classes and types of visas but we have found that Nigerians majorly visit Rwanda for three major reasons:

  • Business
  • Tourism
  • Passing through Rwanda to another country.

If you are visiting Rwanda for these three reasons, then this three different classes of visas that are the options that you can apply for:

  1. Rwandan Business Visa for Nigerians

The Rwandan business visa is issued to Nigerians who are looking to do business in Rwanda for a short period of time. If you are looking to close a sweet deal in Rwanda then head back home, this visa option is fantastic for you.

  1. The Rwandan Transit Visa for Nigerians.

This class of visa is normally issued to Nigerians who are looking to pass through Rwanda to another country. The Rwandan transit visa normally has a validity period of three days or less.

  1. The Rwandan Tourist Visa for Nigerians

This class of visa is normally sanctioned for Nigerians who want to visit Rwanda for leisure. The Rwandan Tourist Visa as the name suggests, is in place to help visitors who want to visit Rwandan for vacations and tourism.

Kindly note that this list of visas is not exhaustive as there are other visa options available for people travelling to Rwanda. Examples of other visa types include the Rwandan spousal visa, the Rwanda parent visa, the Rwandan student visa as well as the temporary worker visa but in our years of experience with Rwandan visas, the aforementioned are the top three visas Nigerian generally apply for.

How to Apply For the Rwandan Visa on Arrival.

Getting the Rwandan visa on arrival is pleasantly easy as opposed to what you get with the Nigerian passport all over the world when you are pulled aside by immigration. The process of getting your visa on arrival is very simple and straightforward. Like we pointed out earlier, Rwanda is a very friendly destination for Nigerians to visit so you don’t need a visa to travel to the country. Just buy your flight tickets and head over to Rwanda! It is actually when you get to the port of entry that the immigration officials will give you a short interview and then you get your visa on arrival approved. Another visa option is to get the East African eVisa  (valid for Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda) get approval and just fly to a designated port of entry show the printout and get approved to enter!

Documents You Need To Tender To Receive Your Rwandan Visa on Arrival.

Rwanda has one of the smallest document requirements for their visa on arrival offering. Below are their requirements for a Nigerian to tender in order to get their eVisa:

Your international passport is required. Please make sure that the passport you are using has a validity period of at least six months. Also make sure that your passport has at least one blank page.

Please make sure that you are travelling with two recent passport photographs on a white background.

You must also have a valid means of payment as you will pay your visa on arrival fees at the airport.

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As we have highlighted in this post, the Rwandan authorities are very strict when it comes enforcing their visa regulations and requirements. As discussed above, the Rwandan government operates a no-refund policy if you even decide to withdraw your application for a Rwandan bias or if your visa simply does not fall through; you are not going to get a refund.

So applying for the Rwandan visa is not as simple as many people think. For one, you have to fill each and every document with precision, you also have to make absolutely sure that you meet all requirements for the Rwandan visa or else you are just throwing money into a drain.

But do not fret; is a professional visa support company with years of experience in getting Rwandan visas for thousands if not tens of thousands of people. We have a highly proficient team of self-starters who have gathered years of experience under their belts as Rwandan visa specialists.

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Our team of courteous and discipline customer support officers and our highly effective group of account managers will be on ground round the clock to help make sure that there is no slip up anywhere. They also make sure that you get exactly what we promised you – a Rwandan visa! Our key competencies include:

  • Visa support.
  • Documents vetting.
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  • eVisa solutions

Here is an authorization document for Rwanda Visa on Arrival for a Nigerian

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How much does it Cost Travel to Rwanda and Get Your Visa on Arrival.

The flight from Nigeria to Kigali costs anything from 144,275.00 to 164,212.50. The visa on arrival cost for Nigerian citizens is just 10,000 Naira.

Please also bear in mind that you must plans for your accommodation or be left stranded in a place where you don’t know. For now accommodations in Rwanda cost 21,000 Naira per night.

Please note that you paying all these fees does not automatically guarantee you entry into Rwanda. The immigration authorities and the security officers still have a say on whether you will be allowed into their country or not based on if they consider you a threat to national security or not. They can also put you on the next flight back to your home country if they sense that you will become a burden on the Rwandan government if allowed into their territory. At the end of the day, governments only want people that impact their country positively or at least take care of themselves in their countries.

How to Apply For a Rwandan Visa While in Nigeria

Some years back, the Rwandan government introduced the eVisas as way of making application for Rwandan visa relatively easy. Here’s how to apply for the Rwandan eVisa in Nigeria and some important steps to take

  • Check to make sure that you are eligible to apply for the Rwandan eVisa before applying. A grave mistake that many people make is applying for a visa type that you don’t have the required documents for.
  • Please prepare all your documents and arrange it in a fashion that shows that all your documents are intact.
  • Visit the Rwandan immigration website to fill out an eVisa application form. Please make sure that the form is filled both completely and correct.
  • The next thing you will need to do is to pay for your eVisa fees. Please note when you are applying for the Rwandan visa online, the authorities give you the options of either paying online or electing to pay when you get the airport.

Important Things to Take Note of When Travelling To Rwanda.

  • All application fees and processing fees you pay when applying for the Rwandan eVisa and any type of Rwandan visa for that matter is normally non-refundable. So, please note that t=in the event that you either decide to withdraw your application or the authorities exercise their right to deny you a visa due to one reason or the other, you feed paid will not be refunded.
  • To reiterate this point, you must fill all documents and endeavour that all the requirements are made. You will need some of these documents while applying online and some other documents you will need when you reach the designated port of entry.
  • The validity that your visa carries depends largely on the type of visa you purchase, and the number of entries you qualify for is well stated in the information column of all classes of Rwandan visas on their immigration website.
  • It is accepted that you might not finish the business you came to do in Rwanda in the given number of days sometimes. So if you want to stay in Rwanda longer than the original date agreed, you are expected to apply for an extension of your visa while you active visa is still valid.
  • After your visa expires, you are given a grace period of 5 days at maximum to leave Rwanda. If you don’t leave the country during this period, you risk facing the Rwandan law.

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A Higher Chance of Getting a Visa Approval.

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