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In this post, we will be talking about the best places to visit in Nigeria as a tourist. Nigeria is not the largest country in Africa but it has the largest population on the continent. What many people don’t know is that beyond its vast population and mineral resources, Nigeria is a tourist haven. There are so many places to visit when you come to Nigeria.

From the lush mountains to the exotic beaches and the different traditional arts and crafts. There is so much to see in Nigeria. As you contemplate visiting the country, we have put together a list of the best places to visit when you arrive.

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Tourist Attractions in Nigeria and their Locations

Olumo Rock

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If you have the chance to visit Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, then you must come here. Olumo Rock is dubbed the “fortress of Abeokuta.” You’ll understand better when you visit.

Just so you know, Abeokuta is translated to English as “under/beneath the rock.” The rock, in this case, being Olumo Rock. This location has been one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria for several decades.

From the nineteenth century, this location has been a fortress for the people of Abeokuta. Abeokuta is the home of the Egba people. So what are the attractions at this location?

You’ll get to see the unusual trees, natural tunnels, beautiful gardens, and natural cantilevers. Other attractions include monuments showing the belief system of the Egbas and a couple of broken pathways. Do you now see why you have to visit Olumo Rock?

Yankari Game Reserve

Surprised that there’s a game reserve in Nigeria? Well, when you visit the Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State, you’ll be treated to an amazing view of wildlife. Yankari is nature at its best.

There are so many activities to keep you busy while at the reserve. Feed your eyes with the largest elephant herd anywhere in Nigeria. You can also engage yourself on a guided tour of the safari as well as enjoy the natural tropical forest.

Guess what else you will see at Yankari Game Reserve. Different species of animals including patas monkeys, olive baboons, western hartebeest, and the roan antelope. What’s more interesting? All of these animals are in their natural habitats.

Lekki Conservation Area

No doubt, this is one of the most attractive nature reserves within the country. Tourists that visit the Lekki Conservation Area get to enjoy the best of Nigeria has to offer in terms of tourism. The relaxation and breath of fresh air here is second to none.

This location is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the most populated city in Africa. The Lekki Conservation Area is over twenty-one years old. It stretches over an area of seventy-eight hectares.

This location is managed by the NCF (Nigerian Conservation Foundation). It also the flagship project of this body making it one of the icons of nature conservation in Nigeria.

The idea behind the establishment of the Lekki Conservation Area was to preserve the unique biodiversity of this area. It was also to promote the scientific and natural recreational values of this region. A visit to this location will make your trip to Nigeria complete.

Zuma Rock

It is impossible to miss this nature’s edifice as you approach the nation’s capital city from the north. Zuma Rock sits in Madalla, one of the towns in Niger State. It is one of the tallest tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Zuma Rock is a monolithic inselberg that has a human face. Strange right? However, it is adorable. Myth has it that the face on the rock is that of the watchman of the Federal Capital Territory.

The rock overlooks Zuba Town which is on the outskirts of Abuja. There are several other mountains in this area, however, they are away from Zuma Rock by a considerable distance. According to the people of Zuba, this is a sign of respect for the great Zuma Rock. To them, this rock is royalty among other mountains in this region.

There’s more to this mountain than meets the eye. A visit in the rainy season gives you the opportunity of witnessing the Zuma Rock fire. It is no myth that under heavy rainfall, the apex of this mountain catches fire. This is probably one of the greatest wonders any tourist will want to witness.

Hi-Impact Planet

This attraction promises fun to people of all ages and genders. What we mean is that at Hi-Impact Planet, the young and old, male and female are sure of catching maximum fun.

There are so many side attractions such as rides and games. These will help you create fun memories for you and your loved ones. If you are visiting Nigeria with your kids, this one location you should pass by.

While having fun, you can treat yourself and loved ones to the street pastries served by different vendors. What’s the point of visiting without tasting the local cuisine? You will also have the luxury of enjoying local drinks as well as intercontinental dishes and wines.


Aso Rock

If you have read a little about Nigeria, then you must have heard of Aso Rock. This location plays home to the Nigerian State House, the Presidential Villa. But it is more than just the home of the seat of power.

Aso Rock is a rock that spans about 400-meters and is one of the most noticeable natural features in Abuja. Even though it plays host to the Presidential Villa, the Supreme Court, and National Assembly, it is also a tourist attraction.

Tourists are allowed to visit this location and we are sure you’d have a filled day here. In recent times, access to all areas has been a little restricted. This is because of the security situation of the country, especially threats from Boko Haram.

Agodi Gardens

Oyo is an ancient city and Ibadan, the capital, is the largest single city in West Africa. Agodi Gardens is set right in the heart of the Ibadan. This garden is also known as Agodi Botanical Gardens.

If you are a lover of serenity and green life, then you should visit this location. It is mostly patronized during festive periods by lovers and families that want to spend fun time together. You can visit on a weekend as well to enjoy the beautiful scenery here.

This location is great for individuals seeking to rejuvenate creativity or run away from the hustle and bustle of the city. What do you see here?

Beautiful waterparks and animal enclosures. Asides these, you get to walk the beautiful garden paths. This takes you away from reality for the period you are here.

Kajuru Castle

If you are looking for fun retro style, then you should visit the Kajuru Castle located in Kaduna. This castle is constructed to look like a medieval German villa. It was built more than 3 decades ago with the bedrooms designed to mimic old dungeons.

There are several towers made of crenelated walls. You’ll be entertained with this medieval theme all through your visit and there are even a portcullis and a crocodile pit.

The main building here has a knights’ hall as well as a master suite or landlord’s residence. There’s also a guest tower that has 4 rooms. You can also visit the outdoor swimming pool to cool off on a sunny day.

That’s not all. Right beside the pool is a local barbeque spot where you can enjoy “suya.” Looking from the windows in the rooms and the swimming pool, you are treated to the beautiful scenery. The undulating inselbergs and mountains make a great view and beautiful pictures. Lest we forget, this location has a sauna.

Nike Art Gallery

This list will be incomplete without mentioning the beautiful Nike Art Gallery located in Lagos State. If you are a lover of art, you shouldn’t pass off a chance to visit this gallery. It is one of the most prestigious art galleries in the country.

Set in a magnificent white-coated five-story building, you begin to see the art from the exterior. Its fence is covered with beautiful rare marbles. The walls of the gallery are laced with several artistic drawings and inscriptions.

Immediately you walk through the gates of the gallery, you are welcomed with an artistic aura. All these reasons and more are why it ranks very high as a tourist attraction.

Stepping into the inner courtyards, you will behold beautiful stone sculptures, hanging craftworks, and tie-dye works. There are also several paintings hanging on the walls that will endear you to Nigerian and African art.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

Very close to the Lagos Harbor is the alluring Tarkwa Bay. It is very popular among swimmers and lovers of water sports. This location also plays home to a community.

The island is a haven to keep you away from the rigors of Lagos’s noise and traffic. It is hardly overcrowded and you can enjoy some alone time here. This is a great location to take your spouse for a romantic getaway.


There are several other top locations to visit as a tourist when you come to Nigeria. Some of them include Obudu Cattle Ranch, Eleko Beach, the New Afrika Shrine, and the Kano City Walls. Nigeria is indeed a beautiful country with so many attractions to enjoy on a holiday.

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