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temporary work permit in nigeria

A number of people have several questions when it comes to applying for a Nigeria Temporary Work Permit Visa. Question such as how to apply for TWP visa in Nigeria, how long it takes to get a TWP visa and even the best immigration expert to consult to obtain the Nigeria TWP visa.

This article provides answers to these questions and also offers detailed guidelines and important information on how to obtain your Temporary Workers Permit (TWP) visa to Nigeria. Here you will find a step by step guide that will aid the entire process and ensure a successful application for your TWP visa.

Nigeria Temporary Work Permit Requirements and Procedure


Important Things to Note about the TWP Nigerian Visa

Applicants for the Nigerian TWP Visa must take note of the following information before proceeding to the application process.

  1. You can apply for the Temporary Work Permit Visa if you intend to travel to Nigeria for a minimum of one (1) day and maximum of three (3) months.
  2. Usually, you can apply for the Temporary Work Permit visa for any type of work in Nigeria.
  3. The TWP visa permits only single entry
  4. The TWP can also be issued to companies and organizations who intend to visit Nigeria for expatriates’ services for a short period of time.
  5. The Temporary Work Permit applicants are expected to apply directly to the Comptroller –General of Immigration (CGI) as the TWP visa will not be issued without a direct reference to the Comptroller General of Immigration.
  6. There are eligibility rules as regards application for the TWP visa. Hence some of the services that fall into the TWP visa category include experts providing specialized skilled services such:


  • Commissioning or Upgrading of Machinery and equipment
  • Auditing services and Financial records
  • Research
  • Machinery repairs or installation of equipment
  • Training or capacity building for Nigerian staff
  • Feasibility studies


Note that the Temporary Work Permit Visa application can be applied for by email through

  1. Validity of the Temporary Work Permit is usually ninety (90) days
  2. Also be informed that the Temporary Work Permit visa will not be issued at the port of entry.
  3. More importantly, applicants are advised not to purchase non-refundable tickets or make any reservations until they have secured their visa and have their passports in their possession.
  4. Applicants should bear in mind that they may be invited for interview.
  5. Finally, note that the Commission reserves the right to reject or approve visa applications hence no applicant is guaranteed visa approval.


Requirements for the Temporary Work Permit Visa

There are specific requirements to ensure a successful application for the Temporary Work Permit visa to Nigeria.

  1. Valid Passport

First you must be in possession of a valid passport. This has to be original and valid for at least six (6) months after your stay in Nigeria. Also the passport must have at least two blank pages for the Nigerian visa stamp. You should note that the amendment pages at the back of your passport do not count for blank pages and cannot be used for Nigerian visa stamps.

  1. Duly Completed TWP visa application Form ( Visa Form IMM22)

Secondly, you must complete your TWP Nigerian Visa application form. Note that usually, each applicant is requested to fill an application form. Therefore if you have a travel companion he or she must also fill a form. You can fill you Temporary Work Permit visa application form online. However, you must print out at least two copies of the completed application form for reference purposes.

  1. Visa Approval Letter

Applicants also need a pre-approved visa letter which is usually valid for ninety (90) days from the date of issuance.

  1. Passport Photographs

Applicants for the TWP visa are required to provide two passport sized photographs which should be taken on a white background and not older than six (6) months. The passports should be 35 by 40 mm

  1. Evidence of Visa Fee Payment

Applicants for the TWP visa must provide evidence of payment of visa fee. If you are paying online using credit card, ensure that you print the google payment receipt for credit card payments as this would be included with your application. It is important to note the following

  • Your first and last name must match the first and last name of the credit card you are using for payment.
  • Cash payments are not allowed to pay for visa fees.
  1. You may also need the following documents ;
  • Travel Itinerary: you may be required to provide an evidence of travel arrangements such as a computer generated flight itinerary or copies of airline tickets.
  • Medical Document: also, you may be required to provide an internationally recognized evidence of vaccination against yellow fever
  • Proof of adequate funds or an official letter stating the body or entity responsible for applicants finances during the period of stay in Nigeria
  • A letter of invitation from your Nigerian employer stating the duration of stay and source of funds for travel and accommodation expenses/ Letter of Appointment
  • Copy of Professional or educational certificates, Diplomas and resumes which must be duly notarized

Basic Steps in Applying for TWP Visa to Nigeria

Now below are the basic steps to apply for the TWP

Step 1: Generate a Formal Request

First step is to have your company or corporate body in Nigeria file a formal request to the Comptroller General of Immigration on your behalf. This request must contain the following information;

  1. The applicants name and nationality
  2. Applicant’s passport number
  3. The purpose and duration of visit
  4. A statement of acceptance of immigration responsibility
  5. Applicants mission where the TWP visa is to be issued

Step 2: Fill Your Visa Application Form

Please follow the guidelines below in filling your TWP visa application form online;

  1. Click here to start your visa application
  2. Select your Country where you have “processing country “. Then click on “proceed”
  3. You will then be required to log in using either a google or yahoo account or an OpenID
  4. After you have done this, you will be provided with the application form which you should fill correctly and sign.
  5. Proceed to fill all the necessary form details and print
  6. Ensure that you copy and save your Reference Number and Application ID for reference purposes
  7. After printing, you should click “continue”
  8. Then you will redirected to the online partial payment for your TWP visa.
  9. Note that you must pay and ensure that the confirmation of payment is printed as this will be submitted alongside the TWP visa application form

Step 3: Attach Other Necessary Documents

After the formal request has been filed and you have filled your application form, the next step is to gather the following additional documents to be submitted alongside the application. These include;

  1. Company or corporate entities profile
  2. The company’s Certificate of Incorporation
  3. CAC 2 and 7
  4. A copy of the Applicant’s passport data page
  5. A proof of existing contract such as purchase of machinery to be installed.

Note that documents a, b and c are to be submitted by applicants applying for the first time only, Subsequent applications by same company will not require these three documents.

Note: You can send your entire TWP application and  these documents through email at

Step 4: Pay your Visa Fees

The next step is to pay your TWP visa fees. Note that the fees can be paid online. However, you must ensure that you print out an online receipt as this will serve as your evidence of payments. 

Note: applicants must note that successfully paying for the TWP visa does not guarantee that your visa will been approved.

You can check for the fees for your country here .

Step 5: Submit your Application

Now this is where you attach your passports, your duly completed visa application for (Form IMM222) as well as other documents required and submit.

There are three major ways through which you can submit your TWP visa application;

  1. Through the post to the Nigerian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission where you reside or from where you are applying.
  2. You can also submit in person to the Nigerian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission where you reside
  3. Finally, you can submit through a designated visa application center if applicable

Step 6: Wait for Approval

Now that you have completed your application and submitted. The next thing is to wait for the Comptroller General of Immigration’s approval. Usually, this will take up to 48 hours from the time of receipt of your application.

For more information on how to successfully apply for the Nigerian Temporary Work Permit Visa, you can contact us or send us a message.

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