Madagascar Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens – Updated

madagascar visa requirements for nigeria citizens

How to Apply for Madagascar Visa from Nigeria

 As a Nigerian looking to visit Madagascar, you will need a visa to be granted entry into the country. But the good news is that you have different options of procuring a Malagasy visa. The first option is to procure a visa at a Madagascar port of entry, the second option is to procure a Malagasy visa through a foreign representative of the Madagascar authorities  e.g an embassy of Madagascar, and the third option is to get the eVisa/visa on arrival approval letter for Madagascar through their visa application website. We generally advise Nigerians to use the last option of the Malagasy eVisa as it is the easiest and safest method of procuring a Madagascar visa.

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Madagascar Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

Types of Malagascar Visas.

 Madagascar Tourist Visa.

The Malagasy tourist visa is meant for people who are looking to visit Madagascar for a short stay. It is expected that you are in Madagascar for vacation and tourism so the visa is non convertible. Which means that you can’t upgrade the Malagasay tourist visa. The tourist visa normally has a validity period of less than 3 months and you can apply for it on arrival or at the embassy office in your country. Nigeria does not currently have a Madagascar embassy so the options are that you either apply on arrival or at the closest Madagascar embassy in Kenya.

Requirements for Malagasy Tourist visa

  • Two copies of recently captured passport photographs.
  • You are required to submit a duly filled and signed visa application letter.
  • You are to present your purchased return flight tickets.
  • You are required to present a proof of hotel/accommodation reservation.
  • A copy of your valid international passport with blank pages.

Business Visa

If you are going to Madagascar on business related reasons, then you need to get the Malagasy business visa. Here the requirements below:

  1. Evidence of onward/return travel: This is a proof that confirms you are migrating to the country legally and to also ensure you aren’t making an attempt to move there on a tourist visa and never leave.
  2. Proof of sufficient funds: This is a financial documentation from your bank stating you have enough funds to meet all the required expenditures.
  3. The World Health Organisation (WHO) card with yellow fever vaccination will also be required within a period of six months of your arrival

 Other Types of Madagascar Visa

.As a Nigerian, you can apply for other forms of Madagascar visas. Other visas include student visas, work visas and transit visa to mention a few. Make sure that you research the exact type of visa that you will be needing.

However, for all types of visa seekers can apply for the Malagasy eVisa and upgrade to their preferred visa type when they are in Madagascar.

What is the Madagascar eVisa?

The Malagasy eVisa popularly known as eVisa Madagascar is a biometric and electronic visa that allows foreign nationals the same rights that the regular visa affords them. To obtain an eVisa, one has to apply online and wait to receive their eVisa before proceeding to Madagascar.Kindly note that a Malagasy eVisa is normally valid for 60 days and is generally issued as a single entry visa. This means that you can only enter Madagascar with the eVisa once. If you need to leave Madagascar and reenter, kindly upgrade your visa when in Madagascar. Also note that the eVisa is a form of Madagascar visa and not a type of visa on its own. For the different types of Malagasy visas, read the next section.

The Madagascar authorities announced some two years ago that it was going to introduce an eVisa scheme that was meant to help simplify the visa process for foreign nationals who were looking to visit the island nation. The eVisa otherwise known as the electronic visa is now up for foreign nationals from every nation save Pakistan.

Except for Pakistanis, you are now eligible to apply online for an eVisa that is normally issued for single entry applicants that can choose options of staying for 90 days, 60 days and 30 days. Again, you must make sure to submit an application for your eVisa 3 days prior to your planned travel date.

How To Apply for Madagascar Visa as a Nigerian.

Please note that if you are applying for the Madagascar  eVisa yourself, you have to apply at least 3 days before you plan to embark on the trip.

More than ever, it is now a lot easier to visit Madagascar than it has ever been. There is absolutely no need for you to stand in long queues to get your visa and in the case of Nigeria, there is no need for you to travel all the way to Kemya before you can apply for the Malagasy visa. It is now simply easy to apply for a visa that qualifies you to visit Madagascar. The process is simple and you can apply in a few clicks. Just fill the form, and wait for a few hours to receive your eVisa in your email.

Malagasy eVisa Requirement For Nigerians.

You need a copy of your international passport with a validity of at least 6 months. Make sure that your passport has at least two blank pages as well.

You need one of a debit card or a credit card with which you will pay your eVisa fee.

You also need to have a functional email address with which you can receive your approved eVisa and communicate with the Madagascar immigration authorities.

More Things To Note About the Malagasy eVisa.

Nigerians who wish to apply for the Malagasy eVisa must apply for it online.

You must apply for your eVisa at least 7 days before you plan to travel.

After your online application, the decision of the Malagasy authorities will communicate your status to you via your registered email.

After submitting your application, it takes the Malagasy authorities between 48 to 72 hours to process your application. After they have made a decision, you will receive communication via the email address you registered with on the immigration website of Madagascar. If you receive the eVisa, you can then proceed to either print the eVisa or save it to your smartphone. You will be required to present the eVisa on arrival in Madagascar, so we generally advise that you print the visa and save a copy to your phone to be used in case of any emergency.

General Things To Know About Madagascar.

Madagascar is a country located off the coast of South-Eastern Africa. It is widely believed to be one of the largest islands in the world. Madagascar is home to the Malagasy people and is a paradise in every sense of the word. The huge island is home to a lot of wildlife not seen elsewhere including the animals called the lemurs. Madagascar is a destination for adventurous getaways and holds events in activities like fishing,whale watching, kite surfing, fishing, kayaking, bird watching and a host of other activities. People troop to Madagascar yearly to learn about the Malagasy people, their rich heritage and to experience their amazing culture.


The local currency of Madagascar is called the Malagasy Ariary normally abbreviated to MGA and referred to simply as Ariary. And the current exchange rate for the USD is 3200 Ariary to 1 USD. Please note that immigration normally accepts payments in USD so make sure that you convert your money to USD before leaving Madagascar.


The major language spoken by everyone in Madagascar is the Malagasy language. It is the most popular language and is spoken by literally everybody. The second most widely spoken language is French. It is also an official language of the islands and is spoken mainly in the big cities. Just a handful of people speak English but even at that, you will find the locals very hospitable and always eager to help you in spite of the language barrier to English speaking visitors.


Like many countries across the globe, in Madagascar’s big cities, you will always get a taxi to take you around and assist you. In Madagascar, the fare for taxi cabs are negotiable and generally affordable. Do make sure that haggle the price though! Malagasy taxi drivers are renowned to charge tourists higher fares than they actually cost.

Access to Money in Madagascar

Please note that it is more advisable for you to bring new and relatively large bills when visiting Madagascar. It is also a lot easier for you to exchange your currency at the airport of entry otherwise you will be subjected to long queues and limited banking hours. Believe it, the best way to access cash is to change your currency at the airport.

It is best to use cash when you are in Madagascar, Although cards are accepted in the cities, VISA is the only reliable card in Madagascar as other providers like MasterCard do not work most times.

ATMS are not readily available in most parts of Madagascar. You only have easy access to ATMs in the bigger cities, Again, carry cash as it is not uncommon for atms to be empty in Madagascar.

Approval Status of The Malagasy eVisa and Their Meanings

These are the different application statuses for the Malagasy eVisa and their meanings:

Authorization pending: This means that you will get a final answer from the Malagasy immigration authorities via your email in 72 hours.

Travel unauthorized: This means that you must apply for a temporary residence visa via the Malagasy embassy before embarking on a journey to Madagascar.

Authorization granted: This means that your travel has been approved.

Entry Points For holders of the Madagascar evisa.

  • Tananarive International Airport (Antananarivo-Ivato)
  • Toamasina Ambalamasy Airport
  • Tulear Airport
  • Sainte Marie Airport
  • Nosy Be Fascene International Airport
  • Majunga Airport (Mahajanga)
  • Fort Dauphin Airport
  • Antsiranana Airport (Arrachart)

Round-the-clock customer support service for your Madagascar evisa

We run a round-the-clock availability support service in which every client gets a personal account officer immediately they register and sign up for any of our unique services. These account officers are solely responsible to provide all the tasks it takes to process your eVisa. Whenever you have  any complaint, question or queries, there is always an officer readily available to ensure everything is sorted out to your satisfaction.

Speed and timeliness

We understand how valuable time is and it is our responsibility to provide our services at the appropriate time. Our standard Madagasy eVisa package takes just 3 days to arrive with a service charge of 100 USD. On the other hand, our bronze package takes just 2 business days to process at the rate of 150 USD. Our diamond package is very timely. It costs just 300 USD.As stated above, it can be deduced that speed is not an issue as we are capable of getting you a Madagasy eVisa in just 12 hours. Isn’t that a fantastic offer? Our cost charge is relatively affordable compared to the unique timeliness and speed we undergo to satisfy your needs.

Furthermore, we are rated as the most preferred and most accessible visa support service providing company. We are in the best position to provide you with a memorable and pleasant experience when seeking for visas including the Madagasy eVisa. With our help and support, you will be able to get your eVisa in three simple steps.

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FAQs about the Madagascar Visa for Nigerian Citizens

Q: What is Madagascar currency to Naira?

A: 1 Malagasy Ariary to equals to 0.097 Nigerian Naira. In other words, 10000 Malagasy Ariary to equals to 970 Nigerian Naira.

Q: How much is flight from Nigeria to Madagascar?

A: To fly from Nigeria to Madagascar will cost from $500 – $1,900 depending on the season and the class of seats you purchase.

Q: How much does a visa cost for Madagascar?

A: Visa fees for Madagascar is: $43.16

Q: Do you need vaccinations to go to Madagascar?

A: Yes you do, the WHO advises you need vaccinations for yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, measles, meningitis, shingles, polio, chickenpox, typhoid, influenza and pneumonia.

Q: Where is the Madagascar Embassy in Nigeria?

A: The is no Madagascar embassy in Nigeria. You will have to apply for their visa through the evisa application process.

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