When Can I Apply for US Visa Again After Rejection

when can i apply for us visa again after rejection

When Can I Apply for US Visa Again After Rejection

This is a common question asked by most Nigerian U.S visa applicants who have been denied visa to travel to the United States of America. They want to know how soon they can stand before a U.S consular to make their case and obtain the required visa after they have been previously rejected.

Is this your plight?

To give you the short answer; you can reapply within days of being denied visa. But I suggest you do not dash off to reapplying for US visa without knowing why your visa application was rejected in the first place and what to do afterwards. This is why this article is written. Just give me 10 minutes of your time. Thanks

Reasons why your US visa can be rejected

  1. If you are not able to convince and prove to the consular officer that you have enough strong ties in your home country and would be visiting the U.S. on a temporary basis. Example of “strong ties” includes a good job, schooling, property(s), close family and other long term plans in your home country.
  2. If you had travelled before to the U.S and overstayed your visit, it’s an indication to the visa officer that you do not intend to comply with the visa requirement previously issued.
  3. If you recently got back from the United States and you are already applying to return back; the consular officer might question the reason behind you returning so soon.
  4. If you give false or insufficient information in your visa application.
  5. If you cannot show enough evidence that you will be able to sponsor your visit to the U.S.
  6. If your story is not consistent with the information you filled out in your DS-160 form.
  7. If you are applying for the wrong visa category.
  8. If you are not communicating effectively with the visa officer.

What to do after your U.S visa has been denied

Now that we have made a list of reasons why your previous visa application was refused, you should perform an honest assessment of yourself. Figure out why your initial application was rejected and make amends. For example if you were denied visa based on lack of strong ties in your home country, you should not reapply for a visa interview until you have enough evidence to proof your ties in your home country. If you think you were misunderstood by the consular officer in the previous interview, then you will need to simply improving your presentation next time.

How soon you can apply again after rejection

Because the decision of the consular officer is not permanent, you are free to reapply as soon as possible. However, I advise against doing so with the hope that you are going to do a better job at presenting your case before a consular officer. That is usually not the case. You are most likely to get another rejection if your circumstances have not changed and you cannot show stronger ties in your home country.

I suggest you find out what the problem was in your last interview, rectify it and try again. Go when you are full prepared. However, if it is a time sensitive trip that you will be making to the United States, I suggest you re-apply for a visa as soon as possible.

I hope this article helps. If you have any questions or comments, use the comment area below. Thank you.


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    1. I was rejected US visa and i want to reapply, but i was told that US just pass a new law this year that i must wait for 6 month befor replying. Pls how true is it.

  1. Pls I was invited by my cousin along with his mother to attend his graduation ceremony coming up on this December 12 2018 and we’ve filled DS 160 but couldn’t find appointment date saying it was currently unavailable. Pls hw can u help me with this

  2. I applied for F1 visa and I was denied two days ago. The consular asked me four questions before I was denied. He only told me that the form 214b I was given will explain better why I was denied. I’m planning to reapply now because my programme starts January 3rd. He didn’t even ask for any other documents except I-20 and my passport. The questions he asked were, English as a second language, why do you have interest in it? Another question : do you have B.SC ? What have you been doing since you graduated and what year did you graduate? Who is your sponsor? What does he do?. Are you married?. Please, can I change my salary to higher amount while filling in DS-160 again or I should leave it the way it is? Thanks.

  3. Plz I was denied a US visa just October 17 2018, and I wish to reapply, when can I do so? Is it after three or six months? Kindly reply

  4. I was denied because they found out I lied about my mm living In the USA on my old ds 160 form, and now I want to visit her and also celebrate her birthday with her, how can I fix this please?

  5. l was denied recently,the VO didn’t tell me why l was denied but only gave a blue paper that contained lack of strong ties such as profession family, marriage, job the first question she asked was where am going in the US have not mentioned two places when she cut me short to ask if am married of which l told her that am happily married with children,the next thing is blue paper without any explanation.Please how do l explain to another VO if she/he asked me why l was denied if l reapply?

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