How to Write an Invitation Letter for Chinese Visa

how to write an invitation letter for chinese tourist and business visa

How to Write an Invitation Letter for Chinese Tourist and Business Visa

In order to successfully apply for a Chinese visa, whether tourist or business, an invitation letter is one of the vital documents one should prepare and be ready to submit alongside other visa application documents.

Preparing an invitation letter for visa application is as simple as it can get and a well prepared and presented invitation letter has the possibility of increasing the chances of getting your visa granted.

This article is prepared to guide you and give you an insight in the necessary features to include in your invitation letter.

Invitation letter for the L Visa Type (Tourist Visa)

The tourist visa or L visa type is issued to individuals who intend to travel or have been invited to China to visit or partake in tourism activities.

A major requirement for the application of the tourist visa type is the letter of invitation. The letter of invitation is described as a document containing information about you and your trip similar to those in an itinerary and issued by an authorized individual or body.

In order to increase your chances of getting a visa, your letter of invitation must include certain important information and have some specific features. Below are the information to be contained in your tourist visa invitation letter and the features such letter should possess.

Contents of a Tourist Visa Invitation Letter

  1. Applicant’s personal information: this is probably the most important information to include in your business visa application invitation letter. The letter should contain your name, your date of birth gender, passport number including the date of issue and expiration, nationality and so on.
  2. Purpose of travel: your invitation letter should also include the purpose of your trip. You are expected to state clearly who you are visiting either relatives or friends or just personal leisure trip.
  3. Your scheduled arrival and departure dates: ensure you include your proposed dates of arrival and departure to and from China.
  4. Source of funds: information in your invitation letter should include the source of funds and spending for your leisure visit.
  5. Inviting Entity Information: you are also expected to include in your letter adequate Information on the individual or body inviting you or those you will be visiting in China. This information should include the name of such entity, phone numbers and contact address. A copy of the entity’s passport information page is also required.

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  1. If an individual is inviting you to China, you should provide a copy of the individual’s identification or proof of residence in China.
  2. Also, if such individual is a non- Chinese citizen, then the copy of the ID must be a valid passport and a proof of legal status in China
  3. In the case where a company is inviting you or you are being sponsored by a company or organisation, you must ensure the letter contains the seal and /or stamp of such company or organisation
  4. If you are being invited by an individual who is in China on a work permit, you must include the copy of the individuals residence permit.
  5. Ensure you have original copies of these documents available as the consular may request to see such.
  6. Relationship between applicant and inviter: Information on the relationship between the applicant and the inviting entity or body.
  7. Flight Itinerary and Hotel reservation: the details of hotels you have booked, where you will stay as well as information on your flight such as air ticket booked and others must be included in your invitation letter.

Contents of an M Type Business Visa Invitation Letter

The contents of the business and tourist invitation letters are quite alike except for a few additions and obvious variations (for instance in the purpose of travel and source of fund, these should relate to the business and not leisurely visit).  As such, the business visa invitation letter should contain;

  1. Applicant’s information: including job title or your position in the company as the case may be.
  2. Purpose of travel: including the cities in China you plan to visit
  3. Scheduled date of entrance and exit from China
  4. Source of funds and expenditure
  5. Inviting entity information: this should include the full name and office/ contact address of the body. You may also need to include the name of your employer or company as the case may be depending on the type of business you are travelling to China to engage in.
  6. Relationship between applicant and inviting entity.

In addition to the above, the business visa invitation letter should have the following information;

  1. Authentication details: finally your invitation letter should contain the stamp and/or seal of the inviting entity as well as the signature of the appropriate representative of such entity.
  2. Validity period and number of entries of visa: your letter should also include the specific validity period of the type of visa you are applying for. This could be three (3) or six (6) month validity. Also the number of entries should be stated either single, double or multiple entry visa.
  3. Letterhead/ Official Paper: presenting the M type visa invitation letter on a letter head paper of the inviting body, entity or organisation is necessary as it will add to your letter an air of authenticity and a recognizable degree of genuineness.

Features of the Invitation Letter

It is important to note that the invitation letter for the Chinese M type business and L class tourist visa has no rigid or laid down format by which they must e written or presented. However there are some important features that each letter must possess and these include;

  1. Legibility: the contents of the letter should be legible. Avoid using extremely small fonts and ambiguous words in your invitation letter.
  2. Conciseness: also be sure to go straight to the major purpose of the letter. No need for frivolities and unsolicited explanations or greetings.
  3. Honesty: be honest in all the information you give in your application letter as any form of discrepancy or untrue information will jeopardize the chances of your visa being granted.

Important Note

  1. Always make extra copies of all documents you use during your visa application process including the invitation letter. This is important in order to have a replacement handy or as evidence of submission in case of loss of such documents at the embassy.
  2. Note that the Immigrating official or the Chinese Consular office may decide to place a call to the inviting body for confirmation of claims in your invitation letter. Therefore, you should ensure your inviting body or individual is aware and be prepared for such call.

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