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how to visit scoan in nigeria without invitation

In this article am going to show you how to visit SCOAN in Nigeria. So whether you want to know how to visit SCOAN from South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia or from anywhere in the world, Or you keep asking yourself this question: “how much does it cost to visit SCOAN?” this article will answer all your questions and also show you how to visit SCOAN without invitation. Read on!

The Synagogue Church of All Nations commonly referred to as SCOAN is located in Lagos, Nigeria. SCOAN is a popular destination for people all over the world seeking miracles, deliverance and faith healing as the church widely proclaims.

Thousands of people apply to visit the Synagogue every year and so it may be hard to get a response in time. Usually, foreigners are expected to schedule a visit to SCOAN in advance before visiting. You may need to keep applying severally before you can get an invitation especially if you intend to stay several days on the church premises.


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However, if you choose to do the processing yourself and stay on SCOAN premises throughout the visit, then this article has all the guidelines that you need to follow.

Below are the certain basic steps you need to follow to have a successful visit to SCOAN.

Step 1: Schedule a Visit

This is the first most obvious step. For international visitors, it is required that you schedule a visit to the Synagogue, Church of All Nations. Scheduling a visit is not just as simple as it sounds. If you have applied to visit the SCOAN and you are not getting any response from them, you can still visit SCOAN without an invitation. So you do not need to schedule a visit or fill out a questionnaire. Otherwise you have to be prepared to follow the procedure and meet the basic requirements.

  • First of all, you should be ready to give information about your health. This may be by answering a few open and close ended questions. The reason for this requirement is not farfetched. A lot of people visit SCOAN for healing purposes hence the church will ask about your health at the point of your application to visit. You will be required to declare if you have an illness, health condition or disability of any kind. Although there are several people who want to visit for other reasons possibly for tourism, to listen to people share their testimonies and experiences, for spiritual retreat or even spiritual breakthrough, still the church will inquire about the state of health of any foreign individual applying to visit the church. Therefore if you are unwilling to declare or speak about your state of health, then you may want to reconsider your decision to visit the church.
  • Secondly, you need to complete an online questionnaire. The questionnaire can be found on the SCOAN website and it serves as your application form for visiting the church. You are required to fill out the questionnaire completely and in all honesty. Note that in the questionnaire, you will have to;
  • Fill in your basic details such as age, name and gender as well as nationality. In addition, there will be a space to indicate your contact address (your phone number and email address).
  • About the details of your health status, first you will state whether you are ill or not. Furthermore, if you are ill, then you will need to indicate the form of illness. You may also need to give details as to the symptoms, when it started, how long you’ve been ill and so on. Almost similar to some of the information you will give at a doctor’s appointment. Since you are probably coming for healing too.
  • In addition, you will be required to reveal your HIV status. Declare if you are HIV positive or negative.
  • Foreign visitors will also be expected to notify the church and provide information on the presence of any form of disability or condition that will make moving around the church premises difficult.
  • In the case where you are being accompanied, you are expected to provide information on whoever is accompanying you. This should be done in the “Comments” section of the visitation questionnaire.
  • Finally, note that whoever is accompanying you must also fill his or her own questionnaire to schedule a visit.

STEP 2: Wait for Confirmation of your Visit

After you have scheduled your visit and filled the required questionnaire completely and accurately, the next step is to wait for a confirmation of your application. Typically, the SCOAN officials will get in touch with you to inform of you of their decision. You will be informed by the officials if they will let you visit and when you can visit.

Important Note;

It is important to take note of the following information as regards confirmation of SCOAN visit.

  • Avoid making any travel arrangements until you have received a confirmation form the SCOAN officials that you can visit. The questionnaire you filled is an application for what is usually referred to as the International Visitors Programme and you should not make travel plans except you have been accepted into the programme.
  • Usually, once your visit has been confirmed, you will receive an official invitation letter to the church from SCOAN.
  • If you need to get any information or ask questions pertaining to your visit to SCOAN after your confirmation, you may contact the church.

STEP 3: Make Preparations to Travel

Now that you have received your confirmation of visit to the Synagogue Church of All Nations to be a part of the International Visitors Programmes, the next important step is to start the preparation for your travel. Visiting SCOAN is not like a regular tourist visit into Nigeria and your letter of invitation from SCOAN alone is not enough to get you entrance into the country and consequently the church premises. You must make certain travel arrangements to ensure a successful visit to SCOAN.

  1. Obtain a valid International Passport: if you do not already own an international passport, then this might be the right time to get one. Usually, foreign individuals are required to possess an international passport to visit Nigeria. Note that you may need a proof of citizenship in your country of residence to obtain a passport. Check at the appropriate departments and ensure you have all requirements.
  2. Apply for a Nigerian Visa: once you have obtained your passport, you are expected to apply for a visa to travel to Nigeria. Any foreigner travelling into Nigeria is required to apply for a visa to enable them enter into the country. This is with the exception of those living within ECOWAS countries or other countries who do not need to obtain a visa to enter Nigeria. Specifically, you will be required to apply for a Nigerian Tourist visa. You can follow the steps below in applying for your Nigerian Tourist Visa.
  • Name of Visa applicant.
  • Scanned copy of the bio data page on visa applicant(s) international passport.
  • Date of entry into Nigeria.
  • Date of departure from Nigeria.
  • Port of entry into Nigeria (Murtala Muhammed International Airport, etc.).
  • Copy of Airline Return ticket reservation (We will provide this document).
  • Copy of Hotel Reservation (We will provide this document if necessary).
  • Email address of visa applicant.
  • Also, you will be required to attach a copy of the SCOAN invitation letter. Ensure you have the original copy of the letter available for viewing.
  • Other documents you may need is the proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Nigeria (usually a print out of your bank statement).



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You will be issued a Visa Approval Letter (Pre-approved visa letter), valid for 14 days from the date of issuance. This document will be sent to your email. You are to come to Nigeria with this visa approval letter. You will present this letter at the port of entry in Nigeria so that you will be issued a visa on arrival to Nigeria. You will pay visa fee to the Nigeria Immigration Service at the port of entry in Nigeria.

  • Book a flight: Now after you have obtained your visa, next step is to make flight arrangements. You should select an airline of your choice and book a flight. Note the following as regards scheduling a flight ;
  • First, note that the first day of visit at the Synagogue is the scheduled date of arrival of your flight
  • If you intend to stay on the church premises you must inform SCOAN about your scheduled arrival once you have booked a flight. With the information on your arrival time, there will be SCOAN officials assigned to you waiting at the airport to receive you and guide you to your accommodation on the church premises.
  • Accommodation arrangement within the church premises is normal for international visitors except for individuals who have a disability or condition which the church premises is not well equipped to handle.
  • Usually, the church provides you with a room within its guest house. The church accommodation provides a choice of dormitories, private or family rooms
  • Typically, each room has all basic facilities including a toilet, a bathroom and air conditioning
  • There is also provision for feeding as the church has a dining room that provides three complete meals per day
  • There is a church shop where visitors can get snacks, toiletries, drinks and other necessities.
  • Also, ensure you travel with light comfortable clothes that suit the hot, humid climate of Lagos where the Synagogue is located. Travel with more cool and comfortable clothing that won’t absorb heat

Staying on SCOAN Premises

Having discussed all the basic steps you need to get yourself an invitation letter and travel to SCOAN successfully, there are some basic information you need to know about staying on the SCOAN premises and visiting SCOAN generally.

  1. Get as much information as you can about staying in SCOAN.
  2. Usually, the International Visitors stay on the SCOAN premises for up to one week. Most foreign visitors are scheduled to arrive on a Wednesday or Thursday so as to be able to attend the visitors’ programme.
  3. During the period of your stay, you will participate in a number of programmes including attending church services, listening to lectures from the church founder, Prophet T.B Joshua, watching faith based videos, listening to testimonies, visiting the Faith Resort Ground (a prayer hub specifically started by the founder of SCOAN), Prayer huts and other similar activities as led by the Holy Spirit
  4. There are no particularly strict dress codes within the synagogue but visitors are advised to dress modestly. Flimsy, revealing or scanty clothing may not be accommodated.
  5. SCOAN does not provide free internet or telephone facilities therefore if you will require these services, you must hold enough cash to pay for such. You may also need cash to get yourself any extra services not provided by the church. Goods and services can be paid for in US Dollars, Pound Sterling or Euro on the church premises. Just ensure you hold enough cash for any miscellaneous spending.
  6. Move around and get to know other visitors especially foreign visitors like you. However, you should rely only on SCOAN official representatives for guidance during your stay. As earlier stated, when you have a confirmation of visit, you will be assigned a representative who will meet you at the airport and guide you to the church premises. At the time of your departure, an official representative will again be selected to escort you to the airport from the church so you are never left alone on your own out the SCOAN premises.
  7. Avoid wandering off from the church premises under any condition. In the case where you decide to visit the off-site Prayer Retreat centre outside the church premises, you should inform the SCOAN officials and a guide will be allotted to escort you to the place.
  8. Be at the hall on time if you want to attend the Sunday service as the main auditorium fills up quickly. Although there are overflow canopies for those who miss the auditorium, the church auditorium is most probably where you get the best view.
  9. It is possible to visit the SCOAN for a single day if you are from any of the neighbouring countries to Nigeria or even from Nigeria. In this case, you are advised to visit on a Sunday as that is when the prayer at SCOAN takes place

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