US B1/ B2 Visa Interview Sample Questions and Answers


US Visitor Visa Interview Sample Questions and Answers

Do you have a US visa interview appointment to attend and you are wondering what type of questions would be asked and how you will answer them? Then you are on the right article. In this post am going to list and discuss top US visa interview questions and how you should answer them. Bear in mind that you are not to answer your visa interview questions word for word with the answers we have here. This is a guide to aid in your US interview preparations.

Before we get into the sample US interview questions and answers, let us talk about the mannerism, mindset and attitude that you must have as a US visa applicant. I have had a lot of people tell me that they were denied US visa even when they answered all their questions correctly. What then is the problem? An interview doesn’t just have to do with what you are saying but how you are saying it, your tone, gesticulations, composure and expressions. The visa officer has been treated to see through your bluff so they can tell when you lie.

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Don’t be Pessimistic

Judging from the number of sad faces coming out of the US embassy everyday, you can say that there are a lot more US visa denials than visa granted. I can say that only 10% of US visa applicants are actually granted visa. I believe that you have heard a lot “denied” tales from your family and friend and this adds to your worries. In your head, you tell yourself that if they can deny Mr. X a visa, then what are the chances that yours will be approved.

Stop being pessimistic, stop having such negative thoughts .As the saying goes: “As a man thinks in his heart so is he”, if you harbor fear and doubt about getting the visa, that’s what you will get. Uncertainty will show up in your interview. There will be a drop in your energy level, your will look tense, your voice will crack, you will be perspiring profusely and you will be edgy. This is a recipe for having your US visa application denied as the visa officer will think that you are hiding something.

Dress Well

While attending your visa interview, you are allowed to dress any way that you want to. However, how you dress portrays who you are. Skimpy and sexy dresses are cool. But will you be comfortable tell the visa officer that you are going for a Christian youth conference dressed like that?

Expressions and Gestures

Communication in an interview is more than just what you are saying. All visa officers are highly trained to listen to nonverbal communication you emit when you are being interviewed. The following are the top 4 non-verbals you should work on when it comes to attending a U.S visa appointment interview.

Eye Contact – Maintain eye contact with your interviewer as the need arises (while listening and speaking). If you do not maintain eye contact when you speak, it can be seen as you lack confidence or that you are lying. And if you look away when you are spoken to, it can indicate that you are not interested in what is being said to you.

Facial Expressions  – Go to a mirror and take a good look at your yourself.  First eliminate all negative facial expressions then replace with a smile. You do not need to keep the smile plastered on your face for the full length of the interview, but keep coming back to it.

Posture – Make sure you portray correct posture when walking, standing and sitting at all times. It helps to portray who you are.

Gestures — During your interview, gestures should be very limited. Don’t overdo it. When you use gestures, make sure they come natural and are relevant to the discussion at hand.

Now let’s look at sample U.S interview questions and answers:

For this sample interview, we are going to use a B1/B2 US visa applicant who is going to the US for vacation.

Primary Questions and Answers

Q: Why do you want to travel to the USA / what is the purpose of your visit?

A: I will be traveling for tourism purposes and to visit my sister. Since I will be visiting Dallas in Texas, I will be visiting places such as the Reunion tower, Dallas museum of art, African American museum, mockingbird station and neighboring towns. These places are drivable distance from my aunt’s home. Remember that you are applying for a US tourist visa so your answer should stipulate so.

Q: Why do you want to visit the US now?

A: Am planning to visit the U.S in summer when the weather is good for sightseeing. My sister (who is in the US) and I have arranged our leave from work during that time frame. I want to enjoy all tourist attractions immensely. You should do some research on the city you will be visiting in the United States. If you have a travel plan, show it to the interviewer.  We can write a well detailed travel plan in a short notice. Contact us at 0703378184.

Q: How long do you intend to stay in the U.S?

A: I will stay 3 weeks in the US. I intend to arrive the U.S on the 8th of August and leave on the 28th.If you have your flight reservation, now is the time to show the visa officer.

Q: Where will you stay in the US?

A: 81 Parkvillage Avenue Fairview, Dallas, Texas 75069. Memorize this address and make sure that it is the same address you filled in your DS 160 form.

Q: How much do you expect this trip to cost?

A: $4000 dollars. I have set aside enough money to cover for my flight and shopping. As I will be staying in my sister’s place, I won’t be paying for accommodation. Show the visa officer your bank statement(s), pay slip and any other document to show that you can afford the trip. However, if your relative will be taking care of the sponsoring your trip, you should let the consular know. Be prepared to show any the following documents from your sponsor to the visa officer:

  • Bank letter
  • Employment letter
  • Letter to the consulate
  • Invitation letter
  • Income tax documents
  • Marriage certificate
  • Proof of green card
  • Original birth certificate

Q: Have you been denied a U.S visa in the past?

A: Yes/No. If you have been denied a visa in the past, you will need to tell them why. If you do not know their reasons for denying you a visa in the past, tell them. If you have been issued a U.S visa in the past, let them know.

Q: Is your sponsor married?

A: Yes she is married to Emeka Igwe and has 2 kids, Peter and Paul. You should have enough information about your sponsor’s family. For example, name(s) of spouse and kid(s), ages, names of the organization they work for, job descriptions, how long they have been staying in the U.S, etc.

Q: Can I have the contact details of your sponsor?

A: Her phone number is +12345678921 and her email address is Memorize their contact details and make sure they are the same with what you filled in your US DS 160 application form.

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: Am a medical doctor. I work with a private hospital, Kings Clinic in Abuja. As a general surgeon, I perform operations and procedures on the human body. You should show your ID card at this point.

Q: How much do you earn?

A: Am paid N300, 000 after taxes. Show your pay slip or bank statement to the visa officer.

Q: How can you assure us that you will come back home?

A: “I will definitely return home because I have 15 relatives in the country, and I also have 2 commercial buildings I inherited from my  dad, besides; I have my wife and a kid to take care of”. Or “I do not intend to ruin my travel records because I still plan to see more places in the U.S in the future”.

Other possible US visa interview questions include;

Q: Have you traveled abroad before?

A: Answer truthfully

Q: Do you have any close relatives in the U.S?

A: Answer truthfully

Q: Are you going to work when you visit the U.S?     

A: Answer truthfully

Q: Can I see your leave approval?

A: Answer truthfully

Q: Who will take care of your business/family when you are visiting the U.S?

A: Answer truthfully

Q: How many siblings do you have and where do they live?

A: Answer truthfully

Q: Do you have a car?

A: Answer truthfully

I hope this article helps. If you have a question or you want to make a suggestion, use our comment area below. Thank you.


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    1. Hello Japheth
      You will attend your interview with the new DS160 confirmation page. The serial number to your new form should be evident in your interview appointment booking. You can discuss with us at 07033378184

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  21. All you need is to put yourself together…consulars are humans like since you know the reason why your applying for visa,…I have an interview on Monday 27/08/18 so be yourself ,what will be will surely be for good I pray.

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