US Visa Appointment Available Dates in Nigeria

US Visa Appointment Available Dates in Nigeria

If you are reading this article, it probably means that you are searching for how to schedule US visa appointment in Nigeria and the available dates for US visa interview in Abuja or Lagos. If that’s the case, you will find the tutorial and instructions in this article worthwhile. Keep reading!

Before you can talk about getting a US appointment schedule in either the US embassy in Lagos or Abuja, you should have fulfilled the other American visa application requirements. These includes:

Filling out the DS-160 form – The US DS-160 form must be filled out and submitted online before your interview is scheduled. This is because the 10 digit bar-code on the DS-160 confirmation page is needed in order to book your US visa appointment interview. To learn how to complete the DS-160 form , read our article here:

How to Fill the U.S DS160 Visa Application Form (WITH PICTURES)

How to Apply for a U.S. Visa in Nigeria

If you need assistance getting an appointment date for your interview at the U.S embassy in Abuja or U.S Consulate in Lagos, contact us on 07033378184 or via email:

Pay your US visa fee – Make your US visa fee payment at any Guaranty Trust Bank branch close to you. You will be providing them a photocopy of your bio data page, your full name and the category of visa you applied for in your DS-160 form. The fee charge varies depending on the type of visa you applied for. For example, someone going for vacation or attending a conference will pay N64000.00 for a “B” visa class while athletes and entertainers will pay 106000.00 for a “P” visa class to attend and participate in an event within the U.S. You will be issued a receipt for the visa payment. On this receipt is a UID number that will be needed in order to schedule your interview appointment. You can also make your visa fee payment on the Guaranty Trust Bank online app (That’s if you bank with them).

United States of America Non-Immigrant Visa Fees in Nigeria

Book your Interview Appointment – Now you have your DS 160 Confirmation page and the visa fees receipt, its time to book your interview appointment. To do this, go to

Click on “New User”, fill out the form and click on “Submit” to create a new profile. As soon as you are done, a dashboard is opened in your name so that you can schedule your interview.

To know more, read our post on: How to Book an Appointment for US Visa – US Visa Interview in Nigeria.

us visa appointment available in nigeria

Note: It is only when you are logged on to this platform that you can find out and see for yourself all the US visa appointment available dates in Nigeria. The US embassy and Consulate attends to applicant all year round except on weekends and public holidays that are observed in the United States of America or Nigeria or both.

In Nigeria, the embassy and the consulate general will be closed to the public on the following dates:

Date Reason for the Holiday
January 1 New Year’s Day in US and Nigeria
January 15 Martin Luther King Day in US
February 19 President’s day in US
March 30 Good Friday in Nigeria
April 2 Easter Monday in Nigeria
May 1 Workers Day in Nigeria
May 28 U.S. Memorial Day in US
May 29 Democracy Day in Nigeria
June 15 Eid-El-Fitr** in US
July 4 Independence Day  in US
August 22 Eid-El-Kabir**  in Nigeria
September 3 Labor Day in US
October 1 Independence Day in Nigeria
October 8 Columbus Day in US
November 12 Veterans Day in US
November 21 Eid-el-Maulud** in US
November 22 Thanksgiving in Nigeria
December 25 Christmas Holiday in US and Nigeria
December 26 Boxing Day in Nigeria

If you need assistance getting an appointment date for your interview at the U.S embassy in Abuja or U.S Consulate in Lagos, contact us on 07033378184 or via email:


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  1. hi sir/ma,
    I have invitational appointment on July 6-9..
    I tried to get a date for visa interview, but August was displayed as the earliest date available…please how can i get interview date from now till June end..

  2. good day sir..
    i was turned back on 3th may 2018 at the CGI check area of the US Embassy lagos due to bacode issue.
    i was ask to go and edit /refill the DS- 160 form after 3 working days.

    sir, my problem now is that after the 3 working days its not accepting my reference number to re-schedule another appointment

    main while i have initially first schedule my appointment for april 4th 2018, then re-schedule it for 3rd may
    2018…pls sir, is my reference number still valid or what do i need to do

    1. Good day,

      Were you told that your receipt number was unlocked by the CGI official or it was at the entrance you were told to go back?? And were you able to use the same receipt or how did you solve it?
      Thanks in anticipation of your response.


  3. I want to apply for Us vacation visa for myself and two daughters, what is the fee

  4. I heard there is no appointment again in this year that till next year before one can book for America.How truth is that

  5. Sir how can i get available interview date in Lagos between 20th july to 10th august the date that is showing is 30th October please help

  6. I was denied visa and try to reschedule date again but I’m not seeing any date please is there any way to get a date?

  7. Please my emergency date was approved on Wednesday by Abuja consulate but I can’t view the date. How can i view the approved date? What do I do? Please I need a quick reply, thank you.

  8. after done all the necessary things,and put my receipt no to book appointment November 8 was display and by the time i get to where to confim the date, it shown no noschedule date available. I do not mind any date before December but till now , no date available

  9. Hello have a conference to attend by September 25/26 in Chicago, if i start the application now can i still make it? i mean considering interview date etc.

  10. I am based in China but want to come back to Nigeria for the interview can i apply and pay the visa fee here in China then come for interview in Nigeria?

  11. If i pay US visa fee in August, when i’m i likely to get an appointment? your reply will be appreciated asap… thank you

  12. I need to know the next appointment date for US visa bookings and I need some help on how to get my visa approved

  13. I scheduled my visa interview for January 2018 as it was the earliest available date listed and the location chosen was Lagos. I would like to know if there is a way I could get an earlier date for the visa interview appointment. I would also like to know if I can reschedule my location to Abuja in order to get an earlier date for visa appointment. Thanks

  14. Please I want to know when the US embassy update it’s Visa dates? I thought it was Mondays however I just checked and it hasn’t changed. Trying to get late November.

    Thank you

  15. i will like to visit my mom in the us cos of her medical condition. I’ll like to go on JAN 10 2019 and return by end of JAN. Pls when is the latest available date for the visa interview. I’ll appreciate your reply. Thanks.

  16. Please I already schedule an appointment in November, suddenly my agent told me American embassy changed the date to deb 2019. Is it true. Did Abuja or Nigeria pass thru anything recently

  17. Hello thanks for the tips ot really help am through and all I need to do is book an appointment please can you be of help will apprieciate been on ustravel but saying couldn’t be register expecting from you thanks

  18. Good evening sir,
    I want to know if there is any interview date for students visa either in Lagos or Abuja before the end of the year

  19. I chose Lagos as my location when I filled the Ds 160 form and also Lagos for interview although I have not submitted the interview form. The earliest appt time is May 2019 which is too far off. Can I schedule my interview in Abuja? Pls respond

  20. I paid visa fee in May 2018 can i still make use of it or i need to pay another fee.Please its urgent. What do i need to do to re-validate it.


  21. I received a message on my phone that my appointment time has be changed and email has been sent to my mail but I didn’t receive any mail how do I check to know my appointment time please.

  22. Hello sir
    IMMARRIED WITH KI DAND working withminiswith state mimistry ofPrtroleum

  23. Good evening
    I want to schedule a date for a Visa interview at the U.S Embassy in Abuja. Kindly revert back on the necessary procedures i need to take for this interview.
    Thank you.

  24. Please when is the closest interview appointment date that can be given at the US embassy as at today? And is it true that it is the US embassy that choose interview date

  25. I submitted my passport for a dropbox renewal. But was asked to schedule an appointment. Please I have been trying to book a date for the interview without having access to any date from the drop down list. Please I need help as I still cant see any available dates to choose from. All I see is a first available date and cant click it to confirm it.

  26. I have completed my DS-160 form and I have been trying to schedule an appointment but the gave me first appointment which is on 23rd of July, of which it has exceeded the date for the celemony which is June 15 and I have sent mail for reschedule yet no response, pls I need your assistance urgently!

  27. good morning sir, i have appointment inus between 10- 14th of september in usa but no available date for interview. please can you be of any help>?

  28. good am sir. please i am urgent need of close interview date because of my appointment in us between 10th – 14 th september 2019. please can you be of any help.

  29. I took Lagos as my location for interview but could not get appointment date suitable in Lagos but I was able to schedule a date in Abuja. Hope I’m in order

  30. I scheduled for visa interview but the date was not favourable for me, I cancelled it and try to get another date. Since then, I’ve not been able to get another date, what I see on my dashboard is there are currently no appointment available. For two weeks now. Please what do I do

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