Tanzania Visa Requirements for US Citizens

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If you are an American citizen planning a trip to Tanzania, you must apply for your visa online no later than two weeks before your trip.

Travel visas for multiple entries are the only type available to Americans. Having numerous entries on your passport makes it much simpler to travel around Africa or to enter Tanzania in the event of an extended layover.

zanzibar stone town

Do US Citizens Need A Visa For Tanzania?

Citizens of the United States are required to obtain a visa for stays that are going to be shorter than 90 days for each entry. Filling out an online application for an e-Visa to Tanzania can get you one if you are a citizen of the United States.

What are the types of Tanzania Visa

  • A tourist visa for Tanzania only allows a single entrance and gives the holder permission to stay in the nation for a total of three months at a time, whether for tourism, short-term medical treatment, or any other activity that is permitted by the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.


  • A tourist visa for Tanzania that allows multiple entries and is intended for use by United States citizens who frequently travel to the nation. With this visa, tourists are permitted to stay in Tanzania for a maximum of three months in a row at a time, and the visa is valid for a term of twelve months. To be eligible for this visa, the applicant needs to provide a variety of supporting documentation and have an invitation from a Tanzanian citizen. Additionally, the applicant needs to have an invitation from a Tanzanian citizen.


  • A Tanzania transit visa is issued to tourists who intend to stay in the country for no more than seven consecutive days throughout their journey to another country.


  • A Tanzania business visa is offered for professionals who aim to visit Tanzania to invest in the country’s businesses. The length of time that the visa is valid can be anywhere from one and six months, according to the requirements of the tourists.

Visa Requirements for US Citizens in Tanzania

Tourists from the United States are the only ones eligible for Tanzania’s multiple-entry visa program.

U.S. citizens who plan to travel frequently to Tanzania should apply for a multiple-entry tourist visa. This 12-month visa allows visitors to Tanzania to stay for up to three months at a time. The applicant must have been extended an invitation by a Tanzanian citizen to be granted this visa


Professionals interested in investing in Tanzanian enterprises can apply for a business visa to the country. The length of time a tourist visa is valid might vary from one to six months. A multiple-entry visa is required, however, it can be extended for US citizens. Provide the following required paperwork:


  • A passport with at least six months validity from the date of entry into the United States.
  • A photocopy of the passport data page
  • White backdrop with a black and white photograph
  • The Yellow Fever Vaccine (optional but highly recommended)
  • Having a ticket out of Tanzania, either back to the United States or onward is also required. Passengers may be refused entry if they are unable to provide proof of an upcoming departure.

How Long Can I Stay In Tanzania With A Visa?

Per entry, American citizens are limited to a maximum of 90 days in Tanzania.


For a multiple-entry visa to remain valid, visitors must leave Tanzania at least once every year. This means that you can’t spend an entire year in Tanzania without leaving and then returning.

Is the Tanzania Visa on Arrival Scheme Available for US citizens?

Tanzania does allow citizens of the United States to seek a visa upon arrival, however, this process can take a long time and requires payment of a charge that is not fixed and may change.


The new, more streamlined computerized Tanzania visa system is anticipated to increase the number of American visitors visiting the country, who now make up the second-largest visitor group after Kenyans.

Are US Citizens Eligible to Obtain the Tanzania eVisa?

To enter Tanzania, US citizens can apply for an eVisa online. This also facilitates their movement to and from the semi-independent archipelago of Zanzibar.


The Tanzania eVisa for U.S. citizens is a multiple-entry visa good for travel within Tanzania for up to one year from the date of arrival.


Within the validity period, it can be used many times for entry into Tanzania and Zanzibar by citizens of the United States. Each stay is limited to 90 days within a total of 180. It’s great for leisurely American tourists who want to spend a few days exploring Tanzania.


Travelers from some countries, including the United States, can apply for a Tanzania visa online, bypassing the need to visit a Tanzanian embassy or consulate in person.

Application fees for a Tanzania visa for US Citizens

Fees for U.S. passport holders are $100. A USD 50 fee is charged to anyone who does not hold a US passport.


Credit cards and debit cards are our only payment options (except for American Express).


The visa application fee is non-refundable, so please plan accordingly.

Types of visa and visa fees In USD.

Ordinary (Single Entry) Visa: 50 USD

Multiple Entry Visa: 100USD

Business Visa: 250USD

Transit Visa: 30 USD

Student Visa: 50, 250,550USD

Tanzania Entry Requirement for Covid19

  • It is mandatory that all travelers, including Tanzanians, returning residents, members of the crew, and layover passengers, fill out a Traveler’s Health Surveillance Form online in an honest manner before entering Tanzania mainland.


  • Those travelers entering the Union Republic of Tanzania who has received their full vaccinations, including Tanzanians, returning residents, and those in transit through land borders, will not be required to submit to RT PCR or Rapid Antigen Tests. This exemption applies to all travelers entering the country.


  • Guests will be required to present a valid vaccination certificate with an accompanying QR code at check-in. The only vaccines that are allowed to be used are those that have been given the green light by both the United Response Team and the World Health Organization.


  • To enter Tanzania, you need to produce documentation that you have had all of your vaccinations. At the time of check-in, visitors will need to produce a current vaccination certificate that includes a QR code for purposes of verification. The only vaccines that are allowed to be used are those that have been given the green light by both the United Response Team and the World Health Organization.


  • Those who have not received their full vaccination, those who have not received any vaccination at all, and those who are not eligible to receive the vaccination will be required to present a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR or NAATs certificate with a QR code that was obtained within the previous 72 hours before departure.


  • Real-time polymerase chain reaction and fast antigen testing will no longer be required for children younger than 5 years old.

Tanzanian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania

Phone: (202) 939-6125

Address: 1232 22nd St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20037

Visa Information Tel: (202) 884-1085

Visa Processing Tel: (202) 884-1092

Fax: (202) 797-7408

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