STR Visa in Nigeria – How to Apply

how to apply for str visa in nigeria

STR Visa in Nigeria – How to Apply for an STR Visa in Nigeria

The Subject to Regularization Visa is popularly known as the STR visa and is also referred to as the Short Term Resident visa. It is the kind of visa that is issued to individuals who have been offered a business or job opportunity in Nigeria and may be pursuing permanent employment. It is different to the Temporary Work Permit Visa because it is available to aliens who have received offers of employment from either private bodies, individuals, government or Non-governmental organisations in Nigeria.

The process of applying for the Nigeria STR visa may appear a little bit cumbersome. However, in this article, you will find the basic guidelines that can aid you as well as other important information you may require to successfully apply for a Nigeria STR visa without hassles.

STR Visa Eligibility

First you have to determine if you are eligible for the Nigeria STR visa. The STR visa is available to individuals who are expatriates and employed by corporate bodies, individuals or government in Nigerian.

Documents Necessary to apply for a Nigeria STR Visa

The following documents are required for a successful application for the STR visa in Nigeria

  1. A valid Passport

Applicants for the STR visa are required to possess a passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond their period of stay in Nigeria. Also, this passport must have at least two blank pages where the Nigeria visa stamp will be placed. Applicants must note that the amendment pages at the back of a passport are not useable for Nigeria visa stamps

  1. Recent Passport Photographs

In order to apply for a STR visa successfully, you need at least four (4) recent passport photographs preferably taken on a white background and not older than six months. Also, applicants are expected to sign at the back of their passports. Avoid making use of scanned or photocopied passports.

  1. Duly filled Nigeria STR Visa Application Form

There is no way you can apply for the STR2 visa without obtaining and duly completing the STR visa application form. Applicants are expected to provide four copies of this form completely filled and signed. You can fill one online and then print four copies.

  1. Certificate of Incorporation

You also need to provide at least four (4) copies of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Nigerian company

  1. Offer Letter / Letter of Employment

Applicants for a Nigeria STR visa are expected to provide four copies of letter of employment offer from the potential employer in Nigeria. This letter must clearly state the nature of the job, the job offer, kind of contract as well as the due start date.

  1. Letter of Acceptance ( of employment offer)

The Applicant is also expected to provide a copy of his letter of acceptance of the employment offer usually addressed to the employer and stating clearly the acceptance of the job offer.

  1. Employment Contract

This is documents showing the details of the new job or employment contract and must be duly signed by both the applicant and he prospective employer. Also, the document must state the exact position you are being offered.

  1. Employment Qualifications

The applicant is expected to provide an evidence of all academic or professional qualifications or certifications as regards the job being applied for in Nigeria. This could include original certificates, Diplomas and any other relevant credentials.

  1. Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae

Applicants may also be required to provide a copy of their CV for reference purposes.

  1.  Evidence of Online Payment

Applicants must print payment acknowledgement slips after completing the online application form.

  1. Evidence of Approval

The applicants is also expected to provide four copies of the Nigerian Immigration approved expatriate quota.

  1. Business Permit

Applicants travelling for the purpose of business must hold at least four (4) copies of their business permit which must have been issued by the Ministry of Interior. Note that this is for companies who have foreign shareholders.

  1. Letter of Request

This is a document that be written by the organisation or prospective employer in Nigeria and must include applicants full name, as well as an acceptance of moral and financial responsibility of the applicant’s visit. The letter must also specifically request an STR visa and state the duration and number of entries required. It must be original, drafted on company letterhead and signed by the organisation or business entity and must be addresses to the Nigeria High Commission.

  1. Travel Itinerary

Applicants for the STR visa also need to provide copies of their flight itinerary and travel arrangements.


  1. Note that you must make available at least four copies of all the documents listed above as this will be required for submission.
  2. Most of the documents required for the STR visa need to be provided by the employer, company or entity for which the applicant is willing to work in Nigeria.
  3. The Nigeria STR visa is usually issued as a single entry visa and is valid for ninety (90) days
  4. The processing of the Nigeria STR visa may take about five (5) to ten (10) working days.

Steps to Complete the Online STR Visa Application Form

Follow the instructions below to successfully complete the Nigeria STR visa application form online;

  1. First click this link to begin your online STR visa application, then select your Country where you have “processing country “.  After this, click on the “proceed” and then log in using either a google or yahoo account or an OpenID.
  2. Next, fill the application form correctly, print and sign. Then make four copies for submission.

Note: Ensure that you copy and save your Reference Number and Application ID for reference purposes.

  1. After printing, you should click “continue” and proceed to make the online partial payment for your STR visa. Ensure that the confirmation of payment is printed as this will be submitted alongside the STR visa application form

Note that applying for the Nigeria STR visa is not exactly an easy task and it is highly advised to seek the help of immigration experts.

For more information and help in obtaining your Nigeria STR visa, you can send us a message or contact us through the email provided. We have a team of experts who will help handle your visa application without any hassle. Contact us today

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