Sample Invitation Letter to Attend Conference in the U.S.

sample invitation letter to attend conference in the us

Sample Invitation Letter to Attend Conference in the U.S.

If you are reading this post, it means that you or someone around you is planning a trip to the United States of America or to any other country but needs a letter of invitation from the inviting person. You are in the right place. In my previous post “How to Write an Invitation Letter for U.S. Tourist Visa (With Samples) I talked about how to write an invitation letter for someone who intends to visit a friend or family in the U.S. and I also gave sample letters to illustrate my point.  In this post, am going to talk about how to write a letter of invitation to attend a conference in the U.S. This kind of letter is usually written by an organizer of a conference to the U.S embassy/Consulate on behalf of a visa applicant, who is  seeking visa to the United States to attend the conference.

What is an Invitation Letter for Visa?

In like any other visa application, when you apply for a U.S Visa the authorities concerned want to be sure that you will be visiting the United States of America for the purposes you have stated and that you are not going to stay longer than you stated or try to work illegally within their country.

As mentioned in my previous posts on what documents you need to provide when applying for a U.S. visa, If the reason for your travel is to visit someone, attend a conference ,medical purposes, workshop, summit,seminar, attending a university etc, you will need to show an invitation letter from the inviting person or organization as the case may be. As the post title implies, we are going to focus on letter of invitation for attending a conference. Also bear in mind that the visa applicant is seeking a B1/B2 visa as this type of visa also covers for attending conferences in the United States.

How do You Write an Invitation Letter for Conference?

Here are the most important elements of the Invitation Letter for Visa when attending a conference:

  • Date
  • Embassy Name, Address, Phone Number.
  • Opening Salutations.
  • Inviting person /Organization Name, Address, Phone number, Email ID.
  • Applicant’s Name, Passport Number.
  • Reasons for Invitation.
  • Registration number of the organizer of the conference.
  • Details of Enclosures/Attachments (conference brochure).
  • Ending Salutations.

The body of the letter should cover the following essentials:

  • Whether costs and expenses of the guest will be covered by the host.
  • Where the guest will be staying.
  • A detailed itinerary of the conference dates.
  • And any other additional information.

Now lets see sample letter of invitation for visa to attend a conference in the U.S

Date: July 10th, 2015

U. S. Embassy, Abuja                                                                                    Institute on Abuse and Trauma
Plot 1075 Diplomatic Drive                                                                                     65 Grove Road, Suite 02
Central District Area, Abuja                                                                                          San Diego CA 23432
Nigeria                                                                                                                             Tel: (123)456-7890
Telephone: (234)-9-461-4000                                                                             Email:
Fax: (234)-9-461-4171


Name of Participant: Daniels Jane Ede
Address: 10 Ajui Street. Elema, Housing Estate,
Owerri. Imo State, Nigeria
Passport No: A1234567
Tel: +2348012345678



We cordially invite Daniels Jane Ede to help make the 22nd International Conference & Summit Violence, Abuse and Trauma a resounding success. Having international guests at our conference provides opportunities for us to share and exchange new ideas, strategies, programs, and research from across the world.

This exciting event is hosted by the institute on Abuse and Trauma (IAT). The event will be held August 18th – 31st, 2015, at the Convention Center in San Diego, California, USA. We expect to draw more than 1000 professionals, advocates, researches, and others from major organizations, foundations, educational institutions, government institutions, universities, clinics, agencies and shelters. This event is considered to be one of the premier annual conferences on violence, abuse and trauma, worldwide.

The goal of this International Conference is to coordinate efforts, bridge gaps, and comprehensively examine strategies that prevent child abuse and family violence by bringing together national leaders, as well as those working on the front lines with children, adults victims, and offenders. Proceeds from the Conference will allow us to further expand our services and bring us closer to accomplishing our goal of ending violence worldwide.

The overall mission of IAT is to improve the quality of life for individuals worldwide by sharing and disseminating vital information, improving network among professionals, and assisting with program evaluation, consultation and training that promotes violence-free living.

We hope that Daniels Jane Ede will be able to attend this important event. Registration fee, travel, hotel,CEs, additional functions, and other expenses will be paid by Daniels Jane Ede or a sponsor. We are not covering any expenses stated.

Please, contact me with any questions or if I can be of further assistance.


Albert Grey
Outreach and Volunteer Specialist
(123)456-7890 Ext. 1234

Now you can use the sample above to write compelling letters of invitation to the U.S. embassy on behalf of your guests. However, if you do not want to write to the embassy, you can write to the visa applicant so that he or she can take the letter as a supporting document to the visa interview at embassy. Here is a sample of that kind of letter:

Name of Participant: Daniels Jane Ede                                                         Institute on Domestic Violence
Address: 10 Ajui Street. Elema, Housing Estate,                                                      65 Grove Road, Suite 02
Owerri. Imo State, Nigeria                                                                                             San Diego CA 23432
Passport No: A1234567                                                                                                    Tel: (123)456-7890
Tel: +2348012345678                                                                                          Email:

Dear Daniels Jane Ede,
Thank you very much for your request to attend the 2015 National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence presented by Institute on Domestic Violence, March 19th-21st, 2015, at the Renaissance Downtown San Diego, DC Hotel. We are very pleased to extend an invitation for you to attend based on your request. Please note, however, that you will be personally responsible for all travel and lodging arrangements and expenses required to attend this conference, as we stated in our prior communication.
The National Conference aims to advance the health care system’s response to domestic violence. The conference attracts the nation’s leading medical, public health and family violence experts from across the U.S. with increased international participation. Workshops, poster presentations, and plenary sessions highlight the latest research and most innovative clinical responses to domestic violence, with a focus on the work being done by physicians, physician assistants, dentists, nurses, nurse midwives, mental and behavioral health providers, social workers, domestic violence experts, and others.
If you decide to attend the conference, you must formally complete the registration information and pay the required fees. To register or for more information about the conference, visit our website: If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (123) 456-7890, or at
We look forward to seeing you in March in San Diego.
Warmest regards,

Albert Grey
Health Program Specialist
Institute on Domestic Violence

I hope these sample letter of invitation for U.S visa has been of great help  to you. If you have any question or contribution, use the comment area below. All the best!


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  1. I have letter of invitation to attend a conference in USA, but on the body of the letter, the organisation inviting me has stated the day’s i am going to stay and the hotel name where they make the reservation, so I ask what other documents do I need again for the interview. Thanks

  2. I have an invitation letter from training organization
    but it is written on like
    “To Whom It May Concern”

    it doesnt addresses like

    To the Consulate of United States Jeddah Saudi Arabia

    My question is that is tha okey for the invitation letter?? or should it be addressing to US consulate

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