Questions to Ask Before Attending the US Visa Interview

questions to ask yourself before us visa interview

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Attending the US Visa Interview for a Visitor (B1/B2) Visa

Asking the right questions helps you to direct your thinking and actions toward your desired results; in this case obtaining the visa you urgently need to travel to the USA.

Therefore before you dare to submit your application forms and supporting documents, you MUST ask yourself and a trusted friend/colleague/relative the following questions and be able to genuinely give and get an answer in the affirmative.questions to ask yourself before us visa interview

The questions include:

  • Ask yourself, if you would give yourself the visa, if you were the Consular Officer reviewing the application forms.
  • Ask yourself if you would understand the reasons for applications
  • Ask yourself if you satisfy the 4 cardinal points for qualifying as a visitor.
  • Ask yourself if you have appropriately included proofs to show that you satisfy the 4 cardinal points.
  • Ask yourself if your claims in your application form or supporting documents appear or sound fake, untrue, unrealistic and out of place with your life activities and style.
  • Ask yourself if you sound too desperate to get the visa.
  • Ask yourself if you have proven to the Entry Clearance Officer that you will return at the end of your short visit.

If you are able to give the correct answers to these questions, then you are on your way to obtaining your genuine and guaranteed USA Visa.

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How to Apply for U.S Visa in Nigeria

Surviving the US Visa Interview Stage

The four keys required for a successful interview includes:

Confidence:  Don’t be intimidated by anybody. As long as you have used genuine documents and have valid reasons acceptable by the law for you to travel, then you should not be intimidated by any officer interviewing you.

At the interview, look into the eyes of your interviewer with confidence, but do not get into a staring contest. Don’t be shifty, if you are not comfortable looking into the eyes of the officer interviewing you, then rest your eyes on their lips, forehead or slightly above the nose. Whatever you do, be confident with your answers.

Honesty: Friend, no matter how confident you are, if you are submitting fake documents,  that will reduce your level of confidence which will be apparent to the officer interviewing you. Be honest with your papers. It is better to explain why you do not have a certain document than for you to submit fake papers.

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Honest and genuine documents boost your confidence level and you can question officers who decide to treat your applications without regards to the laid down application rules.

Knowledge: Know your facts. You know why you are traveling, you have completed the application form, so do not be afraid of giving the answers when you are asked.

Be Organized: This is the pitfall of some applicants. You need to organize your documents in a format that enables a conversation flow. Arrange your supporting documents in an understandable format with stick-on notes to label items that you want officers to pick out immediately. Put your documents in a neat file jacket so that when you are being interviewed you can pull them out neatly to support your answers.  This leaves officers with the impression that you know what you are doing, which in turn helps with your visa application assessment.

I hope this helps. If you have any question or suggestions, I recommend you use the comment area below.



  1. Thanks for your words… pls kindly explain to me when asked by the consular, why are you traveling at this time what does it mean?

  2. While being interviewed, if I have any supporting document to support my statement, should I mention that to the officer or wait for them to ask me if I have anything to support my particular statement?

  3. Hello sir, i saw your write up . it is re ally nice. please what is the possibility of a single lady getting a visa. i am applying for a three month catering school in chicago Dareien . i am really scared. i have been given an admission letter to ease my application at the Embassy. I am a teacher by profession

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