How to Apply Nigeria Business Visa – Updated

how to apply for nigeria business visa

Nigeria Business Visa Requirements and Application Guidelines

Do you need to travel on a business trip to Nigeria? Getting a Nigeria business visa is a lot easier than you think if you know how to go about it. In fact you can now get a business visa to Nigeria within 48 hours. Yes, it is as easy as that!


So in this article, am going to show you how to apply for the business visa to Nigeria. This includes the documents required, application form and instructions. Let’s get started!

In this article, we will be talking about the following aspects of Nigeria business visa process:

  • Who is eligible to get the business visa.

  • Ways on how to apply for the business visa to Nigeria.

  • Documents required for the Nigeria business visa Application.

  • How to apply for the Nigeria business visa.

  • Defining the Nigeria Business Visa on Arrival Scheme.

  • Advantages of the Nigeria Business Visa on Arrival scheme.

  • How to Apply for the Nigeria Business Visa on Arrival.


Who is eligible to get the business visa?

Foreigners who wish to visit Nigeria for the purpose of business meeting, seminar, conference, contract negotiation, trade fairs, humanitarian services, marketing, sales, job interviews, emergency/relief work, researchers, staff of INGOs, crew members, staff of NGOs, musical concerts, etc. If your travel purposes do not fall under any of those listed above then the Nigeria business visa is not for you.

Ways on how to apply for the business visa to Nigeria.

There are two ways to apply for the Nigeria business visa.

  1. Through the Nigerian Mission/ Embassy in your home country.
  2. Through the Nigeria business visa on arrival scheme.


Documents Required for the Nigeria Business Visa Application

You will need the following documents to successfully apply for a Business visa to Nigeria;

  • A valid international passport preferably not older than six months. It must have at least two blank pages for your visa to be stamped/ endorsed.
  • Two Recent and identical Passport photographs size 35/40 mm preferably taken on a white background. Ensure that the passport is not damaged, torn or altered.
  • You will also need at least two printed copies of your completely and accurately filled and signed electronic visa application form. You will need to attach a copy of your receipt and photograph on the form and all other necessary documents to the form.
  • A computer generated travel itinerary showing your provisional airline bookings is required. Usually, you should also provide a copy of your return tickets as well as the hotels you booked and addresses if applicable (physical and contact address including phone numbers for verification). This must include your scheduled dates of arrival and departures. If you will be staying with someone while you are in Nigeria, you should provide the address of your host.
  • Evidence of adequate funds to travel and sustain yourself while you are in Nigeria.

Other documents;

You may be required to provide the following documents so you should make them available;

  • Invitation letter: A letter or evidence of invitation from Host Company (the organisation or company or person in Nigeria that you will be visiting or staying with). The invitation letter should include;

– The date of your visit, the period of stay and the purpose of visit.

-The company/organisation address and phone number or a person that you will be visiting for business.

-The kind of visa you are requesting specifically stating the number of entries.

-Should be written on a company letterhead.

-Should also state that the host takes full immigration and financial responsibility of the applicant.

  • Business Cover letter: a cover letter from your country based company. This should be written on the company letterhead with appropriate mailing address.
  • Proof of internationally acceptable vaccination: make available yellow fever vaccination evidence endorsed by an acceptable medical practitioner.
  • Certificate of Incorporation: a certificate of incorporation is also required issued by the Nigerian Government
  • A letter of introduction which should contain your physical address, email and phone numbers.

Visa fees

You can check for information on Nigeria Business visa fees on the Nigeria Immigration Website.


The single entry business visa is valid for up to ninety (90) days.


How to Apply for the Nigeria Business Visa

Step 1:  Review Documents

Review all your documents, ensure that you have all required documents complete.

Step 2: Visit the Nigerian online visa application website and start your application

After you have made available all required documents, the next step is to visit the visa application website and complete your visa application form. Follow the guidelines below.

  1. Log on to
  2. First you have to choose your processing country.
  3. Then click on “start application”
  4. Next, log in using either a google or yahoo account or an OpenID
  5. Proceed to fill in all details of the visa application form correctly
  6. Print your visa application form and make two copies.
  7. Ensure that you copy and save your Reference Number and Application ID for reference purposes
  8. After printing, you should click “continue”
  9. Then you will redirected to the payment page for your Nigeria Business visa.

Step 3. Confirm and Pay your Visa Application fees

After you have filled and printed the appropriate form, you must pay your visa processing fees.

You should pay your application fees using a bank card such as the master or visa card.

Note that the visa application fee is non-refundable. If your application is eventually rejected, your funds will not be returned to you.

You must print the evidence of payment receipt as this will be submitted alongside the Business visa application form

Step 4. Submit your Application form

After completing your form, you can then submit. Attach your passports, your duly completed visa application for (Form IMM222) as well as other documents required and submit.

You can submit your Nigeria Business visa application;

  1. Via post to the Nigerian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission where you live or from where you are applying.
  2. In person to the Nigerian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission where you live
  3. Finally, you can submit through a designated visa application centre if applicable

Important Information

  1. No foreigner has a reserved right to be granted visa to Nigeria. It is solely based on the discretion of the Nigeria Immigration Authority to grant visa to individuals that are deemed fit and has met all requirements.
  2. Submission of incomplete documents or irregular information may lead to your passport been returned to you without a visa.
  3. The standard time for visa application processing is two to three days. This may however vary depending on the conditions surrounding individual applications.
  4. Some visa application centres may offer expedition of visa application or processing services.
  5. You may be required to attend an interview before you are granted a visa.
  6. The Nigerian Immigration Authority reserves the right to update their visa application requirements without notice. Therefore ensure you keep up to date with application requirements at the point of application




Defining the Nigeria Business Visa on Arrival Scheme

So what exactly is this program about? The visa on arrival system was adopted by the Nigeria Immigration Service. The main purpose is to ensure that people who apply for a business visa to Nigeria receive it on arrival.

With this system, individuals in countries where there is no Nigerian consulate or embassy are catered for. If you live in such countries and you have cause to visit Nigeria urgently, this scheme covers you. As a result, people can visit Nigeria and secure a business visa at the airport anytime.

Isn’t this great news? We bet you are excited about this but there’s more to cheer you up. Let’s share with you some of the advantages of this scheme.



Advantages of the Nigeria Business Visa on Arrival Scheme

As you will expect, this scheme will come with several advantages. Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy from this scheme:

  1. There is no need to seek for the Nigerian Consulate or Embassy in your country. You can simply complete your application and pick up the visa when you get to Nigeria.
  2. The waiting period for the visa to be processed is no more as long as it used to be. It is now possible to complete the entire application process from your home. All you’ll be needing is a computer as well as the internet.
  3. Within the first 48 hours of submitting your application, you will receive information about the visa status from the NIS. This far quicker than it used to be in times past.

Looking at these advantages, you must be really excited about the prospects of receiving your visa on arrival in Nigeria. Just so you know, there are certain requirements that you must satisfy before your application can be approved. Along with these, there are certain costs and a couple of procedures to undergo as well. You will do well to read through the rest of this post to find out about these.

How to apply for the Nigeria business visa on arrival

In this section, we will consider the requirements you must satisfy to get your visa on arrival in Nigeria.

  1. You must be 18-years-old or older.
  2. This visa is only issued to individuals visiting the country for business purposes. We are not saying that you cannot get a visa on arrival in Nigeria if your reason for visiting is not business-related. Continue reading to get the juicy details that can help you attain a visa on arrival regardless of your reason.
  3. You must be financially capable of meeting your needs while you are in the country. These needs include feeding, accommodation, and transportation. To this end, you will be required to present proof of your account statement.
  4. You should have filled and submitted the visa on arrival application form online. To do this successfully, you need to provide a list of documents that we will show you in the next section.

Required documents

Here is a list of the documents you need to submit to ensure that your application is successful.

  1. A scanned copy of your international passport (the bio-data page).
  2. A scanned copy of your passport photograph.
  3. A scanned copy of an introduction letter. This should be written by you and it should state the reason why you are visiting Nigeria. You should also state how many days you plan to stay, where you are entering from, and where you will reside during your stay.
  4. An invitation letter from your host in Nigeria. The NIS expects that your host should be an owner or employee of a registered company in the country. This letter must be presented on the letterhead of the inviting company and should be duly appended by your host.
  5. A scanned copy of the CAC documents of the host company.
  6. A scanned copy of the flight booking or reservation to Nigeria.
  7. A scanned copy of the document showing where you will reside while you are in the country. Most times, a document showing hotel reservations for the period will suffice.

Required Information for the application process

There are certain pieces of information you need to present while filling the visa on arrival form online. We have put them together in this section and they include:

  1. Full name as it is presented on your international passport.
  2. Date of birth as it is presented on your international passport.
  3. Sex
  4. Nationality
  5. Birth country.
  6. International passport number.
  7. The location where the passport was issued.
  8. Issuance and expiry dates of your international passport.
  9. Intended arrival date into Nigeria.
  10. Intended airport of arrival into Nigeria.
  11. Contact address in your home country.
  12. Contact email and phone number.
  13. Name of the host company and its contact address in Nigeria.
  14. The amount of physical cash you intend to bring into the country.
  15. Hair color, height, and eye color.

Now that you are abreast of this information, let’s take a look at how to fill out the online form.

To fill out the online Nigeria business visa on arrival application form, go to this Nigeria Immigration Service Visa on Arrival Page here at

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