Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for Canadian Visa

Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for Canadian Visa in Nigeria

Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for Canadian Visa in Nigeria

Canada is without doubt one of the most captivating countries of the world with the grizzly bears, rocky mountains, fascinating winter skiing experience and the warm and friendly people.  Annually, it is a recorded that over 30 million people visit Canada to explore and enjoy all the wonderful benefits the country has to offer. Nigerians represent a significant percentage of people who visit Canada. Although a lot of Nigerians travel to Canada to school, find a new work or even a new life, others travel to sight see, visit family and enjoy the environment.

Applying for a Canadian visa in Nigeria is by no chance a child’s play and mistakes as little as a blank space on the visa application form can jeopardise the acceptance of your Canadian visa application. Sometimes even when an applicant possesses all required documents and has taken all the necessary precautions, some parts of the visa application process may still be made strenuous as a result of the applicant being Nigerian. This is not to say all Nigerians are fraudulent or unfit to travel to Canada but it is a result of the attitude and behaviour of Nigerian applicants in the past. A lot of Nigerians have travelled and extended their stay in Canada illegally thereby causing the Canadian government to tighten their reins on Nigerian who wish to travel into the country.

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However, the process of Canadian visa application can be made easy if the applicant pays attention to details and gather enough information before proceeding to apply. The importance of correctly filling visa application forms, avoiding omissions and been honest during interviews cannot be over emphasized. All applicants must know that for a visa application to be rejected, there must have been a reason which most of the time could have been avoided and so they must pay due attention to every step of the procedure.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) do not necessarily provide detailed explanations on why an individual’s visa application was rejected hence most applicants are left saddened and frustrated since they cannot fathom what mistakes they have made and what to do avoid such in the future.

To help alleviate this problem, this article is designed to highlight the common errors that may pose a threat to the approval of an individual’s Canadian visa application in Nigeria. This is supposed to assist prospective visa applicants to understand the reason behind Canadian visa rejections and be well equipped in advance to avoid falling victim of visa denial and increase the chances of their Canadian visa approval. Overall, the good news is that you as an applicant have the power to influence your chances by avoiding these common mistakes and making use of the important tips derived thereof.

Common Mistakes you should avoid while applying for a Canadian Visa in Nigeria

The most common and popular mistakes in Canadian visa are found in documentation and meeting of requirements. This ranges from insufficient proof of funds to not meeting health requirements and improper or incomplete documentation. Therefore, this first section will cover all mistakes as regards documentation and meeting of the Canadian visa application requirements:

  1. Improper documentation/Incomplete documents: applying for any type of Canadian visa necessitates that certain documents be provided by the applicants. These documents are required by the Canadian High Commission and should be presented and filed as appropriate. The inability to provide all required documents may result in rejection of an applicant’s visa application into the Canada. Ensure that all necessary documents are attached to your application. For a Canadian visitors’ visa for example, some of the documents to be provided includes duly completed application forms, applicant’s photos, visa application fees, passport, a photocopy of return ticket and travel itinerary, a proof of adequate financial backing or support or any other document depending on the local visa application office. In some cases, other documents are needed and must be provided. Proper documentation is very important and can affect an individual’s Canadian visa application process.
  2. Inadequate funds or proof of fund: If a Canadian visa applicant has no adequate proof of funds or resources for sustenance in Canada then the application will most likely be rejected. The lack of sufficient fund to cover your accommodation and travel expenses is a major reason that may lead to your visa application being rejected. Usually, you are required to provide a bank account statement that will verify your ability to take care of yourself while in Canada especially for individuals going for educational purposes. It is therefore pertinent that you have enough funds in your account to cater for your living expenses while abroad. It is suggested that you have at least fifty dollars ($50) to spend per day for the duration of your trip and additional amount to cover for your flight expenses and accommodation. This is especially important for people travelling as tourists. It is also vital that you have a regular inflow and outflow of funds from your account and such must be traceable to a reliable source. A sudden change in the amount of money being paid into your account may arouse suspicion and jeopardise chances of getting your visa approved.
  3. Ambiguous/Unexplained reason for travelling: when applying for a Canadian visa, it is important that you state clearly your reasons for travelling. Purpose of travelling ranges from tourism to educational purposes, employment offer and so on. In any case, ensure you can provide an adequate explanation on your purpose of travel, duration of stay and time of return.
  4. Inability to meet up with required health standards: there are certain health requirements for a person applying for a Canadian visa in Nigeria. The Citizen and Immigration Canada request for specific health statuses that must be satisfied for an applicant’s visa to be approved. An applicant’s Canadian visa application may be rejected if the health condition of such applicant is measured liable to be a threat to public health or might plausibly be anticipated to cause unnecessary demand on the social or health service of the country.
  5. Involvement in an ongoing criminal case: if an applicant is found to be involved in an ongoing criminal case, such applicant is most likely to be rejected a visa by the Citizen and Immigration Canada. It is advisable to avoid applying for a Canadian visa until an applicant is clear of all criminal investigations as the Canadian Government will thoroughly investigate all information provided and this will eventually be discovered even if such person has tried to cover up the information.

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There are also some common mistakes in the filling of Canadian visa application forms. This ranges from the use of irregular signatures to dishonesty and incomplete filling of forms.

  1. Offering unsolicited explanations, documents or information: an important aspect of the visa application process if that the applicant responds adequately to every question asked and provides details where necessary. However a common mistake that results in Canadian visa application rejection is the attachment of documents that were not requested in the visa application form or provision of unsolicited information. Some applicants out of eagerness or anxiety about the visa application will add some additional documents even when those documents were not requested. As simple and harmless as this may seem, it is capable of jeopardising such individual’s chances of having their visa application approved therefore ensure that only requested documents and information are provided in your application.
  2. Choosing and applying under a wrong visa category: it is very important that an applicant chooses the right category to which his or her visa belongs. The Canadian Immigration Council offers different visa application categories including general, statutory sick pay and university. An applicant must endeavor to choose only the category to which their visa belongs else the visa application will be rejected.
  3. Irregular Signature: it is extremely important to stick to a particular signature when filling your Canadian visa application form. On no occasion, should the applicant change signatures or alter existing signatures. This is a major reason why visa applications are rejected and must be avoided completely. Also ensure that this signature is the same with what you use for your documents especially those you will be attaching to your Canadian visa application form.
  4. Incomplete or empty forms: when filling the Canadian visa application form, make certain that you leave no blank space. In the case where you have no response to a question asked or such question is not applicable to you, simply fill the space with “N/A” (not applicable). Do not leave any space blank.
  5. Avoid Dishonesty or Withholding Required Information: always fill your forms honestly and correctly. Avoid lying or withholding information while filling your Canadian visa application form. Being dishonest earns you a very high risk of getting your visa application rejected.

Some other visa application rejections occur as a result of errors committed during the interview process. These are really common errors and applicants must take note to avoid them, they include:

  1. Lack of confidence during the interview process: applying for a Canadian Visa in Nigeria usually requires an applicant to appear at the embassy for the presentation of documents and verification of information. During this process, an interview is usually conducted where the applicant is asked a number of questions as regards their visa application and the intended purpose of visit. To scale through this stage conveniently, an applicant must have a lot of confidence. The following tips will help boost your confidence when attending a Canadian visa interview;
    1. Prepare all the required documents before hand and have them well organised
    2. Check out for frequently asked visa interview questions especially as regards your reason for travelling and intention to return and have all your answers ready
    3. Appear neat, simple and presentable. Ensure you put on well ironed cloth and look responsible.
    4. Exude confidence (Please do not be pompous or overconfident). Put your head up and make sure you make eye contacts with your interviewer. Avoiding eye contacts may bring about suspicion.
    5. Ask questions: you can also ask the interviewer a simple question like what period should you be expecting a response to your visa application or something simple just to show you are at ease.
    6. Be audible and communicate in simple/clear terms: during your interview, always ensure that you speak loud enough for the interviewer to hear you. Avoid using complicated language or unnecessarily complex grammar to communicate. If you do not understand a question, ask for it to be repeated or explained.
    7. Inadequate evidence to show commitment to return to Nigeria: this is one of the most important reasons why visa applications are rejected. Ensure you provide enough evidence and proof that you will return to Nigeria after your visit. Let the interviewer know that you have a job, a family and maybe some estate and properties that you manage and require your attention back in the country. Inability to convince your interviewer of your return will most likely lead to your visa application been rejected.
    8. Be cautious as not to appear as an enemy of the state: sometimes during the interview, applicants may say some things that will make them appear as an enemy of the state. Avoid making statements that show your dislike for the country. A visa application may be denied if the applicant is found to have ulterior motives for visiting.

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From the above, one can see that having enough funds to travel or simply filling the forms correctly is not enough to be granted a Canadian visa in Nigeria, all other factors must be put into consideration and adequate precaution must be applied throughout the entire visa application process. As earlier stated, get all your documents ready, prepare for your interview and take note of mistakes to avoid during your visa application process. With this, you stand a better chance of getting your Canadian visa approved in Nigeria.

All the best in your Canadian visa application.


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