Sample Invitation Letter for Visa to India

How to write an invitation letter for a visa to India (With Free Samples)

First-time candidates frequently have difficulties understanding the significance of particular documents, such as an invitation letter, when they submit their applications for the first time. Everything that is connected to a letter of invitation can be characterized as being quite simple and uncomplicated.

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It is a letter that must be submitted to the embassy or consulate where the applicant is applying for a guest visa. To the consular official who will be handling the applicant’s visa application, address this letter.


Written confirmation from the applicant or the consular officer’s host stating that they will house them in their home for the duration of the applicant’s stay while they are in the nation where the host lawfully resides. In either case, it is addressed to whoever is applying to the consulate.


A tourist from another country who plans to spend their entire time in India on leisure activities and sightseeing can apply for an e-Visa. A casual visit to meet friends or family, participating in a short-term yoga program, receiving medical treatment (including treatment under Indian systems of medicine), conducting business, and not traveling for any other reason or activity are all acceptable.


This facility will not be made available to the individual if either of his or her parents or grandparents (whether maternal or paternal) was born in Pakistan or was a permanent resident of Pakistan at any point in their lives. e-Visa facility shall not be available to holders of diplomatic or official passports, holders of UNLP (United Nations Passports), and holders of foreign travel documents such as INTERPOL personnel.

Are all types of invitation letters for Indian e Visas the same?

There are three sub-categories of e-Visas, which are as follows:


e-Tourist Visa: For recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends or relatives, and attending a short term yoga program


e-Business Visa: For business purposes and for any activities that are permissible under a normal Business Visa and for any business-related travel


e-Student Visa: For students who wish to study yoga in India


e-Medical Visa: To receive medical treatment, which may include therapy according to Indian systems of medicine. A foreign national will also be allowed to club these activities provided that he or she has declared the intention to do so clearly and concisely in the application form together with any necessary supporting papers.


For this article, we would put out focus on the most basic and common types of invitation letters for visas to India.

Why do I need to send a letter of invitation?

The host nation wants to be certain that you will not overstay your visa and continue to remain in their country illegally after the invitation letter for a visa has been sent.


The person who is writing the letter is required to provide their contact information and affirm that you will be staying with them while you are on your trip. If you overstay your welcome in this manner, the authorities will have an easier time finding you.


The writer may also be required to state that they will be financially responsible for you while you are in their country. This may be a requirement of the visa application.


Your point of contact will, in all intents and purposes, serve as a sponsor for your visa application. They will support your application to enter your destination while also guaranteeing that you have a place to stay and an adequate amount of money (if applicable).

Are there specific requirements for writing an invitation for a visa?

Yes, there are;

Requirements to Write a Visa Invitation Letter.


Your contact needs to meet the following requirements to write a proper letter of invitation:


  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the country that is hosting you.
  • Take on the identity of a person you already know, such as a lover, acquaintance, or relative.
  • Have a home that is on record with the government
  • Have sufficient room for you to remain with them if you choose to.
  • If the host can demonstrate that they match all of these criteria, then they are qualified to write your visa invitation letter.


Sample Letter of Invitation for Business Visa to India.


(Company’s Letterhead and Logo)

15 March 2020

Consulate General of India United States of America

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to welcome Dr. Peng Buff from Star Rise Hospital to India. Please grant Dr. Peng Buff a one-year multiple-entry visa. From April 1st to 15th, 2021, Dr. Peng Buff will be in India for a customer visit at Hisharo Medtronic in No. 315/1, Brindavan Rd., Fairlands and will participate in several business meetings.


For the past twelve years, Dr. Pend Buff has served as the hospital’s lead consultant at Star Rise Hospital in the United States. He intends to hold a series of medical and health-related business meetings with his Indian support staff while he is in India. A one-year multiple entry visa is required by him since he intends to visit at least four more times within the next year.


Dr. Peng Buff’s major point of contact in India during this trip will be Kim Nayan Tailor, CEO of Hisharo Medtronic, located at 315/1 Brindavan Rd, Fairlands, Bangalore, India.


Telephone number: 6254XXXXXXX


He will be staying at:


GOA hotel at No 250/6 Delhi road, Fairlands.


During Dr. Peng’s stay in India Hisharo, Medtronics Inc. shall cover all expenses towards travel, lodging, and board.


Thanks and regards.


Kim Nayan Tailor

CEO, Hisharo Medtronics Inc.


Invitation Letter Format for Tourist Visa to India.


3rd September 2019

The Indian Embassy

Washington State


Sub: Letter of Invitation for Shanti Sharma: Passport No. 78945AA


Dear Sir/Madam,


To support Mrs. Clara Jones’s visa application, this letter is being written.

She is my mother, a U.S. citizen, and a permanent resident. New Green Hill, Washington State is where she lives, and her residence phone number is 011-7097691.


For the past fifteen months, I have been working and living in India. At 54, Green Park, New Delhi, I am a Team Leader for Microsoft and earn a salary of one million rupees a year. I have been assigned to work here for three years.


From October 1 to November 10 next year, I would love for Mrs. Clara Jones to come to visit me in India.


Please give her the visa for the specified period. During this period, I will be solely responsible for her well-being and the safety of her home. She will be staying with me and I will take care of her other costs while she is here for the holiday. On the expiration of her visa as well. I will see to it that Mrs. Clara Jones makes it back to the United States.


Please find all the necessary documents with the letter

Thanks in anticipation

Jonah Jones

008: 20 September 1995

Address: 54, Green Park, New Delhi

Phone: 989898989

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