Infant Visa to Nigeria – Steps to Obtain a Nigerian Visa for Your Baby

infant visa to nigeria

Infant Visa to Nigeria – Steps to Obtain a Nigerian Visa for Your Baby

Very Often, people find it hard to go through visa application processes for infant and little children by themselves. Usually, a visa agent or immigration professional is preferred to help through the process.  It could even be more perplexing when getting a visa for a baby to travel to Nigeria. However, this page is here to help ease the process and ensure you get a Nigerian visa for your baby without much struggle as long as you follow the laid down steps and guidelines.

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Let’s go back to how to get a Nigeria visa on arrival for your baby/infant

Option 1

STEP A: Gather all Necessary Documents

First and foremost, you need to make certain documents ready. This should not be surprising. Even for adults to travel, certain documents are required and so it is the same for babies. Therefore documents you need to make ready for a baby’s Nigerian visa application includes;

  1. First of all, you need a valid and original passport for your baby. Ensure that this is valid for at least six months even after the period of your baby’s stay in Nigeria. Also, you must make sure that this passport has at least two blank pages. This will be the space for the Nigerian visa stamp.

Now importantly, note that amendment pages usually found at the back of passports are not acceptable for the Nigerian visa stamp.

  • Secondly but also equally important is the Nigerian visa application form. Usually, the Nigerian visa application form is available online. So you can just complete the form online and then print it out. You can complete your online visa application form here

It is important to print out two copies and even make photocopies for reference purposes.

  • Also, the baby’s birth certificate is required and must include the correct signatures of both parents.
  • You will also need a letter of reference. This is important and should be signed by both parents and legal guardians (if applicable) of the baby. Now you should note that the parents’ passports will also be required. Hence ensure that the signatures on the letter of consent matches the ones in their passports as well as the one on the baby’s birth certificate.

Note that in the case where there is only a single parent or if only one parent has total custody, ensure that you provide a legal document confirming this. In this case, only the signature of the single parent will be required.

  • You also need two (2) recent passport photographs of the baby preferably coloured and on a light background.
  • A letter of invitation from a sponsor/relative or whoever is inviting you to Nigeria or that you will be staying with. Note that this invitation letter must be duly signed and also include the duration of stay, purpose of visit as well as the relationship of such person to the baby and his/her contact details.

If you are coming to Nigeria as a tourist, you may not need an invitation letter. However, if you plan to visit relatives or friends, then the invitation letter is required.

  • A copy of the sponsor or host’s passport must also be made available. If such person resides in Nigeria, a residence permit should be provided including the bio page on their passport.
  • Now importantly, you must make available a copy of your flight itinerary as well as the airline return ticket. This is a compulsory requirement.
  • Also, you should provide a copy of your hotel reservation (if applicable of the baby) .
  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate which must be internationally recognised is also required.


STEP B: Pay your Baby’s Visa Application fees

Once you have made available all the required documents, the next thing after these is the preparation and payment of fees. The Nigerian visa application fee can be paid online using the credit card or money order. For applicants who pay by credit card, you must ensure that you print out and make copies of your google payment receipt available. For those who pay using money order, make sure you make available your confirmation of payment. This will serve as your evidence of payment. You can make payment for the Nigerian visa application for your baby here . Also you can check the fees for different countries here.

STEP C: Submit the Documents

After you have made available all documents and paid your fees. You can then go ahead and submit all documents at the Nigerian Embassy in your country. Otherwise, you can also upload them on the Nigerian Visa application website.

Basically, there are three different ways through which you can submit the Nigerian visa application form for your baby alongside other required documents;

i. Through post: here you must make sure that the documents are well arranged in a folder. Then proceed to send to the Nigerian Embassy, Consulate or High commission in your state of country of residence.

ii. Through Visa Application Centres: You can also send through a recognised and designated Visa application centre

iii. By Person: you can submit in person to the Nigerian embassy, Nigh commission or consulate of Nigeria in your state or country of residence.

STEP D: Wait for you Visa Application to be Processed

Now that you have paid and submitted visa application documents for your baby, all you need to do is await the visa approval. Usually it is stated that visa application processing takes two to three working days, however you are advised to leave a space of seven to ten working days to receive approval. Therefore ensure you add up this time into your schedule to avoid any disappointment.

Once you receive notification of your visa approval, then your baby is ready to travel to Nigeria.  The visa is usually valid for up to ninety (90) days.

If you need more information or help in obtaining a Nigerian visa for your baby, you can send us a message here. We have a team of immigration and visa service experts who will help obtain your baby’s visa to Nigeria without any hassle and within the shortest period.

Option 2

This is the most reliable way to get this done. You should hire the service of an agent in Nigeria. This agent will help expedite the entire process such that you will be receiving the visa approval letter within 48 hours of filing.


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