Indian e-visa for U.S Citizens – Updated

indian e-visa for us citizens

Indian e-visa for U.S Citizens

U.S citizens need to get visa to enter India. At the time of this writing, Americans can obtain the Indian e-visa if they want to stay in India for a maximum of 60 days.

indian e-visa for us citizens

In 2014, India introduced the electronic visa system that allows U.S citizens and other nationals of over 60 countries to apply for an Indian e-visa. In subsequent years, India extended the number of countries that are eligible to enter India through the e-visa system.

U.S citizens are eligible for an Indian e-visa for tourism, medical, business and conference visa.

In this article, we are going to talk about everything that has to do with how to apply for India visa online from USA.

Let’s get going.

What does e-visa mean?

e-visa is a short word for electronic visa. This simply implies that you can apply for a visa to a particular country visa through that country’s visa website over the internet and at the comfort of your home

What is the difference between e-visa and regular visa for India?

There are very little differences between the e-visa and the other types of visas.

  1. Everything about the Indian e-visa is done online. This means that you will have to fill out an online application and your e-visa will be sent to you via email. Whereas, the regular visa involves that you visit the nearest India embassy for filling of documents and collection of visa.
  2. India E-visa is usually for short stays (30-60 days) while regular visas can be issued for longer stays.
  3. The Indian e-visa process is usually the fastest way of getting a visa to India on short notice.

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India e-visa Requirements for U.S Citizens

What are the documents required for an Indian e-visa?

International Passport – Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your travel date back to the United States. For example, if you are expected back to the States in March 2021, your international passport should still be valid up till August 2021.

Flight Ticket / Reservation – You should have a flight ticket or reservation showing that you will be travelling to India and returning back to the U.S at specific dates.

Hotel Booking / Reservation – A hotel reservation showing that you have a room or rooms reserved on your behalf in India. This document should show your name and the number of days you will be staying there.

Letter of Invitation – If you are visiting and staying in a friend’s home then you should have an invitation letter from that friend.

Photograph – A softcopy photograph. This photo should be taken within the last 6 months prior to the day you are applying for the e-visa.

Proof of income – You must be able to show that you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay in India. A print out of your bank statement in the last 3 months will suffice.

Information required for the Indian e-visa online process.

You will be required to input the following personal and travel information;

  • Full name.
  • Passport number.
  • Soft copy of your passport photo.
  • Issuance and expiration date on international passport.
  • Country where your int.passport was authorized.
  • Physical address in your resident country.
  • Contact phone and email address
  • Nationality
  • Date and place of birth
  • Type of visa you are applying for
  • Your marital status
  • Occupation
  • Your proposed expected port of entry and exit from India
  • Contact person in India (if applicable)
  • Address of where you will be staying and places to will be visiting in India
  • Countries you have visited in the last 10 years and countries you were dined visa.
  • Educational qualification
  • Religion
  • Do you have any visible body marks?

How to Apply for Indian e visa from USA

  • Go to the Indian e-visa website
  • Fill out the online application correctly.
  • Upload your international passport and photograph.
  • Pay visa fees
  • Submit application
  • As soon as your e-visa application has been approved, an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) letter will be sent to you via the email address you provided when you were filling out the online application.

You are required to print out this ETA letter and travel to India with it.

The Indian e-visa application is fairly easy to work around once you have all the required documents and you know what you are doing. You can contact us to help with your India e-visa application.

Why you should apply through Travelvisa?

  • We process your visa application within 3 hours.
  • We edit your photo according to the Indian embassy specification.
  • We are on Whatsapp 24/7, call and email support.
  • We make sure you receive your ETA letter within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the processing time for Indian e-visa?

After you have submitted and made payment for the visa fees, your e-visa will be processed and the ETA letter sent to your email address within 24 hours.

What is the e-visa India fees for US citizens?

The Indian visa fees are categorized in 2 options;

Option 1 – Tourist visa

Option 2 – Other visa types

Tourist Visa Fees

30 days e-TV (April to June) – $10

30 days e-TV (July to March) – $ 25

01 year e-TV – $ 40

05 years e-TV – $80

Other Visa Fees (For business, medical and conference visas)

US citizens who want to travel to India for medical, business or to attend a conference will pay $100 for visa fees.

When can I apply for an Indian e-visa?

You should apply for your Indian visa at least one week prior to your travelling date. This is to enable you have enough time to receive the ETA letter and also plan for your trip.

What happens if you arrive in India without a visa?

If you arrive in India without a visa, you will most definitely be rejected, fined and sent back to your country.  So do not make the mistake of travelling to India without an entry visa.

How long is India e-visa valid for US citizens?

Americans can stay up to 60 days from the first day that they enter the Republic of India.

What are the Indian e-visa photo requirements?

  • Your face must be clearly visible.
  • Your photograph must have a white background.
  • Your head must be centered in the middle of the photo.
  • The photograph must show your head from the crown to the tip of your chin.

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