How To Write A Letter Of Invitation For Visa Application +SAMPLE

letter of invitation for visa application

How To Write A Letter Of Invitation For Visa Application (WITH SAMPLE)

As you travel around the world and start visiting many countries, something that you will quickly notice is that visa application requirements differ between several countries.

However, one thing you might also find out is that one of the most helpful pieces of a document that can always boost your chances of been granted a visa anywhere in the world is an invitation letter.

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A letter of invitation can be written by anyone who is a legal citizen of any country who has a relationship with a guest that is visiting their country.

What is a Visa Invitation Letter? 

A visa invitation letter is a letter written on your behalf or a letter you are writing on somebody else’s behalf asking your home country or your country embassy in their county to help grant them a visa for a reason.

The visa invitation letter also helps show the embassy and the government that the invitee will be under the care and supervision of the inviter for the duration of his/her stay in the country.

A letter of invitation for a visa applicant is not a need for visa granting but it is a document that helps strengthen your case on the side of the immigration officials.

It is generally submitted to the consular office, and a scanned version sent to the applicant for him or her to add to his/her visa application documents.

Now that we understand what a letter of invitation for visa application, let’s take a dive into how you can write a letter of invitation for a visa applicant trying to visit any country in the world.

What to Include in a Letter of Invitation for a Visa Application

The first step in writing a letter of invitation for a visa applicant is to know what you should include in the letter itself.

Requirements and structure of invitation letters might vary from country to country, but as a rule of thumb, most embassies require the following information:

Information Required About Guest

The guest’s full name (make sure it corresponds with the name on their international passport)

The guest’s date of birth

Exact entry date and exit date

The purpose of the guest’s visit (why are they coming to the host country and when they intend to leave)

His/her contact address and active phone number

Relationship between the host and the guest (make sure to subtly emphasize this as much as possible)

Who will be financially responsible for the guest?

Information Required About Host

Your full legal name

Your correct address

Your date of birth

Your occupation

Type of home you own

Your resident status in the host country

How to Write a Visa Invitation Letter.

Remember that anyone you are inviting over to your host country has to have a good relationship with you, so take extra care not to sound too formal.

This might sound a little difficult seeing that you are submitting the letter to your country’s consular, but if you are required to address the letter to your guest, remember that it is a letter of invitation to your guest and not to the consular officer so write as you will write to your guest normally.

This is to make sure that the consular officer has an understanding that you have a real relationship with the person you are inviting over to your country.

However, if you are addressing the letter to an embassy officer, write a letter that will convince him or her that you and your guest really have a relationship.

Write it in a formal format and try to convey helpful and important details.

You also want to make sure that your letter is not overly lengthy. You might be tempted to make the letter you are writing to your friend very lengthy to communicate to the embassy office that you guys are really related or friends, but don’t fall for it.

Make your letter as concise as possible. Make sure you use short sentences to pass your point across. Stick to the reason the person is coming over, the time the person is staying and why the person is not a risk or threat to his/her host country and explain other points later.

Sample Invitation Letter for Visa Application

Here’s a sample invitation letter for a visa applicant that we have created specifically to help inspire you to write your own invitation letter for a visa applicant.


Immigration Officer

The Nigerian High Commission

295 Metcalfe Street Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1R9 Canada

Re: Invitation Letter for Grubb Bush with Passport No.xyz345ca


Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Chimere Smith resident at Number 5, Orlando Owoh Avenue, Ketu-Lagos and a permanent citizen of Nigeria, am writing this letter to support my friend Grubb Bush in her visa application.

My friend, Grubb Bush’s purpose of coming to Nigeria, is to visit me. As former colleagues, while I was in her home country, our relationship developed into a beautiful friendship that we have always shared even though we have been miles apart for a while now.

I would appreciate it very much if you could grant her a visiting visa to Nigeria as I have always wanted to show my friend, Grubb Bush, the life I have built back home here in Nigeria. This will also be an opportunity for us to reconnect and for her to meet my children.

Grubb Bush will visit during the following dates: from 21 to 09/19 to 21/10/19.

Within the specified dates above when she will be in Nigeria, we will take a trip together to the magnificent Obudu Cattle Ranch and The Point of No Return in Badagry. Also, Grubb  Bush will stay at the executive suite of Providence Hotels in Calabar. I will fund the whole trip.

Please find the following documents attached:

Copy of Grubb Bush Passport

Copy of my National ID

Picture of myself and Grubb Bush in Canada

Receipts of payment for her hotel apartment

Copy of her return ticket to Canada.

We humbly request the you consider Grubb Bush’s application. You can alway reach me on +234012345678 or shoot me a mail at chimeresm@gmail for any inquiries or questions.


Best regards,


Signature and date

Inviting person’s name.


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