How to Write a Business Invitation Letter for US Visa

How to Write a Business Invitation Letter for US Visa

A business invitation letter is just as its name signifies: a letter written to invite a party over business matters. There are a lot of formats that business invitation letters can follow. However, there are specific formats to follow if the business invitation is to be honored, especially with regards to a VISA application to the united states of America.

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The function of the invitation letter is to make sure the country to which the letter is addressed has facilities to cater to the one who’s applying for the VISA in terms of human capital. A business invitation letter for a United states VISA application has to come from an organization that’s residents and has all relevant permissions to function within the united states.

The duration of the kind of VISA granted with this letter is usually limited. It is expected that the one for which the letter is written is just coming into the united states for a business function, after which such would go back home. One must, however, note that a business invitation letter is formal in all regards to its context. Therefore, even if the parties involved in the business invitation are friends, the letter must hold a formal context to increase its chances of being honored.

There are a lot of reasons to support the need for a business invitation letter, and we will highlight some of the major reasons in the following lines of this write-up.

The primary reason for a business invitation letter is the fact that there’s sometimes a need for international business transactions, and in order to foster trust and a smooth business relationship among the parties involved, it is essential that one party visits the other to either carry out a negotiation or plan the smooth running of the business. There are a lot of businesses based within the united states, whose major customers are far out in Asia, Africa, or the middle east; in cases like this, a business invitation letter is an expedient tool to get relevant permissions from the authorities.

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In some cases, there may be a need to carry out deliveries on a small scale. In cases like this, a business invitation letter is needed. Sometimes, there may be international business conferences that require stakeholders from diverse areas of the world to have a round table meeting.

The reason why the authorities of the united states of America requests a business invitation letter for such business activities is because the United States wants to be kept apprised of everything that goes on within its borders. This fosters the accountability of the government over its citizens because it can then go and make some more verifications about the individual for whom the request is made. While some may see this as a hindrance, the business invitation serves a whole lot in keeping the united states together as a nation. There are sometimes enemies who want to deceive the authorities to carry out terrible (and sometimes terrorist) activities within the borders of the nation. This is why the authorities of the united states require a business invitation letter from whoever is visiting its nation for business purposes. The business invitation letter lets the government of the united states verify the identity and records of the person who’s visiting its borders in order to avoid unnecessary eventualities.


Although there are several other reasons that prompt a business invitation letter, the ones stated in the lines before this are the most basic. It is to be noted, however, that the major reason why the government of the united states requests a business invitation is that it wants to be able to verify the identity and intents of the traveling party and, in some cases, even the party within the united states writing the invitation.


As earlier stated, there is a format one should follow in writing a business invitation letter if the request is to be honored. One must take a very careful precaution to ensure the letter satisfies all the necessary factors as required by the government of the united states.


The first factor that can greatly influence the positive feedback for a business invitation for a united states VISA is the fact that the one writing the invitation must be a lawful permanent resident of the united states. As earlier stated, the United States of America has a policy of verifying the details of its residents and so it believes that all its lawful citizens already have a track record in the country. If the invited party therefore misbehaves, it would fall on the United States citizen to pay some penalty after the invited party is deported or persecuted as required by the US laws.


Another factor that can greatly influence the positive feedback of this invitation letter is that the person writing the invitation must hold the form or a relationship with the invited party. The relationship with the invited party goes a long way to improve the credibility of the invited party before the relevant authorities of the United States of America. Then the one inviting the other party must have a registered place of residence within the united states as well as have the capacity to accommodate or host the invited party.


The following should be the content of an ideal business invitation letter for the United States of American VISA application:

  • Details of the host (or inviting party) This involves the information that pertains to the one writing the invitation. The information that should be contained in this part of the invitation are highlighted below:
    • Full name
      This will highlight the full registered name of the host with the government of the united states of America. The full name of the host should normally be the official name of the host within the united states of America. The reason why the full name of the hosts is required is that the government of the United States would also verify the identity and working history of the host to make sure that he/ she is capable of hosting the invited party. The name of the host, in the case of an organization, should still carry a person’s name, which the government of the United States can verify.
    • Date of birth
      The date of birth of the host is also required in the invitation letter because the government would not normally allow under ages’ to write invitation letters, because it is believed that under ages’ are in the care of someone and so they may not be able to host or cater for any other party.
    • Address and telephone number As earlier stated, it is expected that the host should be able to accommodate the needs of the invited party, and this is why it is expected that the address and contact details of the host should be stated within the invitation letter. Another reason why the address and contact details of the host are required in the invitation letter is because of the eventuality that the invited party engages in fraudulent or life-threatening activities. The government of the person who’s also invited in many cases wants to know where exactly their citizen is in a foreign land so as to ensure proper accountability for its citizens.
    • OccupationThe occupation of the host will give the government of the United states the reassurance that the host is able to accurately cater to the needs of the invited party or not. The occupation of the host will also prove the truthfulness of the intent of the invitation letter in the case of a business invitation as similar or appending occupations go hand in hand.
    • Proof of status within the United States of America
      The status of the host within the united states will tell if (or if not) the host can invite other citizens for any purposes. There are also some certain citizens of the United States of America who are given more favorable consideration in terms of inviting citizens of other nations because of their contributions to the development of the country, and so the government believes such citizens would always have the best interest of the united states at heart.
    • Signature
  • Details of the guest (or invited party)
    These are the details that pertain to the guest who’s being invited to the united states. All the details stated above that pertain to the host also apply to the guest except for status within the United States. The following are additional details required of the guest in the invitation letter:

    • The relationship of the guest to the host
    • The reason why the guest is being invited
    • The intended length of stay within the United States
    • Accommodation and sustenance plan within the timeframe of stay in the United States


Some of the other documents required to accompany the invitation letter are:

  • Host’s Identity card (Scanned)
  • Host’s financial records
  • Proof of the host’s accommodation status
  • Flight itinerary
  • Supporting affidavit

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