Sample Covering Letter for German Visa Family Reunion

How to Write a Covering Letter for Family Reunion Visa in Germany (With Free Samples)

The German government has made is easy for registered partner in Germany to bring in their spouse. Same is applicable to the third-country people that are residing legally in the country to have their spouse with them. But the clause is that you must fulfill all the laid –down conditions which has been stipulated by the government. Now, when once the conditions have been fulfilled, the next stop is to get the visa and one way to easily get the visa is to write a personal covering letter for German visa family reunion to the recipient.

So a cover letter for German visa family reunion is a backup document that covers the real purpose of the visa application. The covering letter will be a kind of introductory letter where the recipient will get to know about the sender and the details of the visa application. It is always of essence to simplified fact to allow the reader know more about an application to take an informed decision, this would be the whole idea of a personal covering letter for a German visa.

Writing an effective personal covering letter for German visa family reunion will need you stating in clear terms your facts with some evidences. You would need to convince the German consulate General that you have met all the requirements and provided all needed documents. So the letter shouldn’t only be compelling it should be informative. You would need to input all the information that you believe will interest the recipient. The below writing tips would help you write a convincing letter that would prompt the consulate to give an approval

  • Start by stating your name and address
  • Then state the recipient name, title and address, beneath this you can include your subject
  • Salute the recipient formally. You can use dear Sir or Madam
  • Begin the first paragraph with an introduction or a preamble then move to detailing the need to get into Germany
  • State the reasons or purpose of the letter. Don’t forget to add the needed documents to the letter
  • Tell the recipient to contact if need be, so that you can explain issues to the recipient to clear out things
  • Reiterate the need for your request to be granted
  • Close your letter and sign off with your name and title

Below are the sample personal covering letters for German visa family reunion

Sample 1

Victor Williams

345 landmarks Avenue,

Sacramento, USA


German Consulate General

4th floor, Barry house building

St Peter road

Karnataka 0986765

Subject: request letter for issuance of family reunion visa

Dear Sir,

I, Victor Williams hold a passport number 453245 want to apply for the German visa family reunion visa for my family. I want to join my wife that is presently working as an Engineer in Germany. My wife Benny Williams is a blue cardholder with passport number 123456 works with the Staco engineering company as an site Engineer in Berlin, Germany.

The truth is that we got married on the 3rd sept 2020, she is currently residing at 20 Indiana road Berlin. This stated address will also be my residential address when I move into the country. I intend to pay for all our expenses though I know my wife will want to help out as well. I have attached to this letter the required documents for verification: proof of accommodation which will be more than enough for me, proof of my German language skills, our marriage registration certificate and the identity card of my spouse. I attest that all the information I have provided here are all true to the best of my knowledge.

I wouldn’t mind furnishing you with other information you might need of me. On this note I reiterate that you approve and issue me a visa for a family reunion in Germany.

Yours sincerely

Benny Williams

Sample 2

Hosea Collins

789 bayside Road,

Chennai, Germany

4th may, 2021

To: the consulate general of the federal republic of Germany

564 hockeys Club Street

Chennai, Germany,

Dear Sir

This is a request letter for German visa family reunion written on behalf of my wife Sharon Collins. I am her husband currently working with the tx automotive company at Altdorf Germany. I am the senior liver coordinator and I live at no 789 bayside Road. Chennai, Germany. We got married in England, UK and she has been there for a while to finalize her projects. She is done now and I would like to invite to permanently join me here so that we are progress with our married life together here.

All the expenses that would be incurred while she is here will be borne by me. I have attached all the needed documents as evidence for your perusal. I can assure you that my wife wills only conduct herself to the tenets of the rules and regulations as upheld here. With all of this in mind, I plead that you allow a visa for her. Thanks for your consideration; I hope that the response will come sooner than I think.

Yours sincerely,

Hosea Collins


It is great news now as the German immigration authorities has created a German visa for family reunion. So if you live in German and you need your spouse or family to join you then you would need a reunion visa for the person. When once the conditions are met, then you apply for a visa and to get things easily done you would need to include or attach a covering letter to your application.

Writing the personal covering letter isn’t difficult provided you know the information to include and the format to adopt. The writing tips above have given you the detailed information on how to get it right. You just need to adopt and include them in your letter to craft it excellently. The samples are also written for your convenience; you can adopt any as your template and fit in your original information to your taste.

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