How to Apply for Chinese Visa in Nigeria

how to apply for chinese visa in nigeria

How to Apply for Chinese Visa in Nigeria

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China is a highly developed country that surpasses many other countries of the world in terms of modern technology. The economy of the country has been described as the second largest in the entire world. While China maintains its stand and keeps growing in terms of technological development, it also has a very fascinating blend of well preserved ancient culture, a warm and friendly population of about 1.4 billion and amazing modern technology.

These attributes among others are the several reasons a lot of people from all over the world troop to China including Nigerians. The country offers a booming and attractive economy to support innovative ideas, businesses and entrepreneurial activities for business minded people and a beautiful culture as well as a wide range of spectacular cuisines and beautiful artistic structures that also attract tourists. Two common reasons why Nigerians travel to china is to explore the opportunities for economic and financial advancement and also to study.

In order to travel to china to explore all of these opportunities, Nigerians are required to obtain a Chinese visa.  The type of visa to be applied for depends on the specific purpose for which the individual intend to travel to the country as there are different classes of visa to enter into China available to Nigerians. It is important to state here that applying for a visa to China from Nigeria is not a particularly difficult process. With the right information, it is possible for any Nigerian to successfully apply for and obtain visa to China so far they meet all the requirements.

China Visa Requirements for Nigeria Citizens

The following contains all the information required for a successful Chinese visa application in Nigeria.

Step one: Determine the Type of Visa that You Require to Travel to China

The first basic requirement before any Nigerian can proceed to apply for a Chinese visa in Nigeria is to determine the type of visa to apply for. This decision is made based on the purpose for which you wish to travel to the country and the requirement for that class of visa. You must be sure that you chose the type of visa for which you meet the basic requirements.

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There are different categories of visa available for Nigerians to travel to China, these include;

  1. The Study visa(X Visa): the type of visa is for those wg0o wish to travel to China to study. The study visa is further classified into two based on the duration of study. There is the long term study visa and the short term study visa
  2. The Long term Study visa or the X1 visa: the long term study visa is for those individuals who intend to travel to China for the purpose of studying for a long period. The duration of the long term study visa is usually over 180 days.
  3. The short term study visa of the X2 visa: is the second type of study visa for individuals travelling to china to study for a short period usually less than 180 days.
  4. The Business Visa (M Visa): also referred to as the M visa. This is the type of visa issued to individuals who wish to travel to China for the purpose of carrying our trading or commercial activities. The business visa is obtained solely for business reasons.
  5. The Visit Visa( F visa): this form of visa is issued to individuals who intend to travel to china for the purpose of exchange or to go on a visit or study tour and other similar activities
  6. Work visa (Z visas): this type of visa of is solely required for individuals who want to travel to China to work.
  7. The Tourist Visa ( L visa):   also referred to as the L visa, the tourist visa is required for the individuals who intend to travel to China  to visit relatives or simply for tourism purpose.
  8. Permanent Resident Visa (D- visa) : this visa type is issued to individuals who intend to migrate to China permanently. This form of visa is for those seeking permanent residence in China.
  9. The Transit Visa: this class of visa is available to applicants travelling through China into another country. It is called a transit visa as the holders are only passing through and not intending to make China their final destination.

Step 2: What documents are needed for Chinese visa application

Once you have determined the type of visa for which you want to travel to China, you must determine whether or not you are eligible to travel by getting ready all your travel documents. This is the most important step of your visa application. It would be a total waste of time and possibly money if you commence application and later find out that you are not eligible. There are certain requirements that must be met before any Nigerian is allowed to visit China. These include:

  1. Your completely and accurately filled visa application form. You can download the application form here
  2. Ownership of a valid international passport (it is preferable that this is not older than six months) showing your bio page, and with enough blank pages at least two. You must provide the original and photocopy of this.
  3. You also need two recent coloured passport photographs taken with a light coloured background. Ensure you sign at the back of these.
  4. Previous passports (if any) to show your travel history especially if you have been to China before and need to renew your visa. You will need to present a photocopy of your previous passport showing the previous visa.
  5. You also need to show proof of residence status, certificates of residence, student or employment status evidence and any other relevant document to show your proof of residence in Nigeria. This is applicable if you are not a Nigerian but applying from Nigeria.
  6. A letter or evidence of invitation from a person living in China that you will be meeting. This letter should include the dates of your visit, the period of stay and the purpose of visit.
  7. An itinerary showing your provisional airline bookings as well as the hotels you booked and addresses (physical and contact address including phone numbers for verification).
  8. Evidence of adequate funds to support you during the period of study in form of a bank statement of at least six months (usually a bank balance of between four (4) to six (6) million naira is required.

Important note (Additional Documents for specific visa types)

The following are important documents needed for different categories of visa as an addition to the previously listed documents;

  1. For individuals applying for a Student Visa (X1/X2 visa), the following extra documents are required;
  2. Admission Letter:You will be required to provide an evidence of admission into the school or institution of study specifically your admission or acceptance letter with appropriate seal and signature.
  3. Visa Application Form: A completely filled student visa application form either the JW201 or the JW202 referred to as the “Visa application For Study in China “
  4. Academic Record and Certificates: copies of your student or academic records including original and photocopy of certificates.
  5. Evidence of adequate funds to support you during the period of study in form of a bank statement of at least six months (usually a bank balance of not less than six million naira is required).

Note: This is required for students who are not on scholarship

  1. The X1 type of student visa also requires the applicant to apply for a Foreigners Residence Permit at administration of public security at the place of residence not more than 30 days after entry in to China.
  2. For a student visa, you are also required to have a letter from your sponsor in Nigeria usually referred to as Guarantee Letter of Sponsorship.
  3. For those applying for a Business or Visit visa (F/M VISA) , the following extra documents are required;
  4. A letter or evidence of invitation from a relevant body or authorised unit in China with vital information. This can also be a confirmation letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a partner in China.

The letter should include the following;

  • Important dates of your visit( arrival and departure)
  • The period of stay and the purpose of visit.
  • Basic information such as your full names, date of birth, gender and so on
  • The source of your finance and every other spending of the business
  • Basic information on the individual or body sending the invitation( such as the name, physical address, phone numbers)
  • Signature of a representing legal body
  • Official Stamp, signature and logo of the inviting business entity
  1. You will need to provide proof of funds in terms of a bank statement of your account (not less than six months). This is required for those applying for the first time.
  2. You should also prepare the original and photocopy of your certificate of incorporation of your business or corporation.
  3. For individuals applying for the Work visa (also referred to as the Z visa) to china, the following additional requirements are needed depending on your nature of employment or work you are going to do
  4. A copy of an invitation letter signed by your employer or any other relevant and authorised body.
  5. Confirmation letter of invitation issued by such relevant body or the Chinese entity.
  6. A copy of your Foreigners or Alien Employemnt Permit of the Peoples Republic of china. The Foreigners Employment Permit is a document which is issued by the Chinese Government for Human Resources and Social Security.
  7. You may also need a Foreign Experts working in China Permit or the Foreign Experts Certificate. This is issued by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts. This is required for foreign experts working in China.
  8. You should also be prepared to present a Registration Certificate of Foreign Enterprises permanent office or Resident Representative Offices of enterprises of foreign countries as applicable. This is issued by the Chinese Authorities of Industrial and Commercial administration.
  9. Cultural performance approval document which is usually issued by the Chinese government authorities for cultural affairs and an invitation letter to support as applicable.
  10. A letter of invitation is required for foreigners for offshore petroleum operations in China. This is issued by the Chinese National offshore Oil Corporation.
  11. Permanent Visa additional document: for the permanent residence visa application ( D Visa) the additional document required is the;
  12. The original and photocopy of your permanent residence status confirmation from as issued by the Chinese Ministry of public security.

NOTE:  Applicants should ensure to check for other documents as may be prescribed by the Chinese embassy. You can check for required documents here.

Step 3:  Book an Appointment for Your Interview at the Chinese Embassy

Once you have determined the type of visa and made available all the necessary required documents. The next step is to visit the Chinese embassy and book an appointment for an interview.

There are two locations where you can book an appointment for an interview during the visa application process to China.

  1. Chinese Consulate Lagos: the Chinese embassy in Lagos covers the following regions; Oyo, Ogun, Osun , Ekiti, Anambra, Delta, Imo, Ebonyi, Nassarawa, Akwa Ibom, Kogi, Bayelsa, Edo, Ondo, Cross River, Taraba and Lagos State.


Plot 161A, Idejo Street,

P.O 70510, Victoris Island,

Lagos State.

Phone Numbers:

+23412715585, 2713534


  1. The Chinese Embassy Abuja: the Chinese embassy in Abuja covers Niger, Gombe, Kwara, Yobe, Adamawa, Jigawa, Zamfara, Kano, Sokoto, Katsina, Kebbi, Plateau, Bauchi And Abuja.


The Embassy of China

Plot 302/303

A.O Central Area, Abuja.

Phone Numbers;


Important note:

  1. You are advised to visit the Chinese embassy for booking interview appointment between 3 and 5 pm every Tuesday and Thursday.
  2. Ensure you go along with all your complete application documents.

Step 4: Prepare and Attend The Interview

Once you have successfully applied for an interview date and been given a date for interview. The next thing is to start preparation towards your interview day.  The following are a number of tip for a successful Chinese visa interview:

  1. Ensure you do not submit fake documents and be honest during the interview
  2. It is advisable to be mindful during the interview at the embassy. Try as much as you can to convince the immigration officer of your return at the end of your visit.
  3. Appear neat and composed

Note that being successful at the interview doers not necessarily mean that you will be granted a visa.

Step 5: Retrieve your passport

This is the final step in obtaining your Chinese Visa. You are expected to visit the embassy personally with your pick up form on the date specified on the form (usually one or two weeks after your interview) to check the result of your visa application process. Once you are successful and have been granted visa, you will be required to pay a sum using a debit or an atm card at the consular hall and then proceed to obtain your passport.

However if on the other hand, you were not granted the visa, you will still have to retrieve your passport but you will not be required to pay any fees. Usually the embassy may not notify you of any reason for the rejection of your visa application. So you are advised to have patience and apply again.

Chinese Visa Fees in Nigeria

The following are the fees for visa application to china in Nigeria

  1. Single entry visa: if you are applying for a visa with a single entry (this means the visa can only allow you to enter into China once), cost is N 14, 0000. The single entry visa is usually valid for only three (3) months.
  2. Double entry visa: For a double entry visa that allows you to enter into China two different times within the validity period, the cost is N21, 000. This form of visa is valid for six (6) months.
  3. Multiple entry visa: multiple entries visa to china with validity of six (6) months cost N28, 000.

There is another multiple entry visa with a validity period of one (1) year validity and it costs N 42,000.

  1. Visa renewal: the cost of renewing your old Chinese passport for those who are not travelling to China for the first time is N11,200.
  2. Civic Affairs Authentication : also referred to as notarisation is done at N8,400
  3. Business Affairs Authentication: this costs N16,800

Also there are expediting services available for people who wish to speed up their visa processing time. Usually the processing of a regular Chinese visa should take about one to two weeks or ten (10) working days on the average. However, expediting services speed up this time and attract additional costs

  1. One (1) day working day expedition: this will allow your processing time to be reduced to one working day and it goes at the cost of N14, 000
  2. Three (3) to Four(4) working days expedition There is also the three to four working days processing which costs N9,500

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