Central African Republic Visa for Nigerian Citizens

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The Chutes De Boali waterfall in the Central African Republic is a major attraction for sightseers.

Dzanga-Sangha National Park is a great place to see gorillas, elephants, and other wildlife on a trip to the country. The national park also offers Lowland Gorilla Trekking, Boating Safaris, and the world-famous Dzanga Bai, among other things to do.

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The number of tourist visas issued has increased during the past decade. The Central African Republic receives over 157,000 international visitors every year.

Do Nigerians need Visa to Travel to Central African Republic (CAR)?

Yes. To enter the Central African Republic, nationals of Nigeria are required to obtain a valid visa. Multiple entry visas with a validity period of either three or six months can be obtained from the CAR. Obtaining the visa through the Embassy of the Central African Republic in Abuja, is compulsory.


In addition, passengers will be required to present a passport that is current and confirmation that they have been vaccinated against yellow fever.


If you intend to travel outside of the nation’s capital city of Bangui and into the mining regions located in the southwestern part of the country, you must first ensure that you have secured the appropriate licenses directly from the authorities in the CAR.

Types of Visa to Central African Republic.

When planning a trip to the Central African Republic, travelers have a few different visa options to choose from. Visas for tourists, students, business travelers, and diplomats are all included in this category. Prospective visitors to the Central African Republic are required to submit an application for the appropriate visa and state the purpose of their trip.


You can submit your visa application online, or you can choose to go to the consulate or the embassy to get one. The country that will be hosting you has the authority to either grant you a visa or refuse to do so at their own discretion.


Single Entry Visa: You are only permitted one entry into the Central African Republic with a single entry visa. You are not permitted to use it again after you have already done so for an entry and an exit.


Multiple Entry Visa: You are granted permission to enter the Central African Republic on many occasions with a multiple entry visa. It is good for up to one hundred eighty days.


Transit visa: the transit visa typically has a validity period of three (3) days or less, and it is required in order to travel from the Central African Republic to the subsequent country.


Tourist Visa: This visa is provided for travel for recreational purposes, such as visiting friends and family, and not for conducting business.


Business Visa: a business visa is required in order to engage in any kind of commercial activity within the borders of the Central African Republic.

Tourist visa Requirements for Nigerians visiting the Central African Republic.

In order to submit an application for a visa to enter Central Africa, travelers must first demonstrate that they meet all of the requirements listed below.

  • A valid passport.
  • Application form for the visa that has been properly filled out and signed.
  • If the applicant is a minor, the paperwork needs to be signed by both sets of parents or legal guardians.
  • Pictures of a passport size that have been taken on a white background.
  • Travel itinerary.
  • Evidence of the support provided financially
  • Documentation to support the claim that
  • A copy of the ticket for the outbound flight
  • Evidence of the applicant’s ties to their home nation, such as a letter or verification from their job in their home country.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • The documentation that verifies the reason for the trip.

Business Visa Requirements for Central African Republic

This is the category of visa that is given to citizens of Nigeria who are going to the Central African Republic for reasons related to business.

  • You will be required to produce documentation in the form of a letter of invitation from the business in the Central African Republic that you intend to visit.
  • This letter will also provide their complete address, in addition to the date of your trip and the reason you are actually going there.
  • Confirmation or an invitation from the conference organizer or the institution is necessary in the event that it is desired to participate in a meeting or seminar.
  • It is strongly advised that business visitors who plan to participate in conferences while in the nation pre-register in advance. A substantiating document for this registration is required.
  • If you are currently working, you will be required to produce a certificate from your employer saying that you are authorized to travel for business purposes.
  • It is needed that you provide evidence that you have sufficient finances to cover the expenditures of your stay, such as a bank statement covering the most recent two months.
  • People who are self-employed may be required to provide evidence that their business is registered.
  • While you are in the country with this visa, you will not be permitted to work for pay in any capacity.
  • It is necessary to provide evidence that the visa application fee has been paid.

Student Visa Requirements for Central African Republic

The following items must be shown either before or at the time of application for a visa to enter the Central African Republic.

  • A passport that is current, has at least one blank page, and is valid for at least the next six months is required.
  • A letter of invitation from the Central African Republic in order to obtain a visa for study or business.
  • Documentation confirming travel plans or an itinerary, along with fully filled out and signed application forms. An e-mail address, which will be used to send the visa if the application was completed online.
  • Photographs in the size required for passports in accordance with the regulations.
  • Certified copies of vaccination records against international cases of yellow fever.
  • Evidence that you have a reservation or accommodation in CAR
  • Documentation proving that you have sufficient finances to cover your stay in CAR.
  • Evidence that the student has been accepted into the CAR university
  • Personal Contact details, or contact person details in CAR.

Central African Republic Visa Fees

  • Single Visa: $67


  • Multiple entry Visa: $335


  • Temporary work permit Visa: $335


  • Subject to regulation Visa : $335
Central African Republic Embassies in Nigeria

Address: 1A, Abdou Diouf Street, Off Kwame Nkrumah Crescent, Abuja – Nigeria

Website: www.consulateofcentralafricanrepublic.com

Email: aloymichael@yahoo.fr info@consulateofcentralafricanrepublic.com

Phone: (+234) 803 350 6649 – (+234) 814 493 5588

CAR Covid 19 Entry Requirement

In certain locations, the precautionary precautions and limits imposed because of COVID-19 are still in force.

These might include the following:

  • Lockdowns, curfews, or other limitations on movement may be implemented.
  • In order to access public and private services and venues, individuals were needed to either provide proof of vaccination or the result of a COVID-19 test.
  • Check to see whether any particular requirements or restrictions are still in place before you set out on your trip.

Airlines fly from Douala Airport to Bangui Airport?

The only airport in the Central African Republic with regularly scheduled passenger and cargo flights is the Bangui M’Poko International Airport. The most popular airline in this area is 3, which operates flights to 3 different locations.


There are multiple airlines that fly between Douala Airport and Bangui Airport, including ASKY, Royal Air Maroc, Kenya Airways, and Rwandair Express.


The bus and flight combination that takes 11 hours and 20 minutes, costs between $260 and $650, and is the most cost-effective way to travel from Nigeria to the Central African Republic.


The distance from Nigeria to the Central African Republic is 1350 kilometers. The driving distance is roughly 2370.8 kilometers.

Airlines that fly from Nigeria to Central African Republic

Askyasky Airlines

Website:  flyasky.com

Flights from Douala to Bangui

Ave. Duration:  1h 35m

Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Estimated price:  $470 – $1,100

Flights from Abuja to Bangui via Port Harcourt, Douala

Average Flight Duration: 7h 10m

Time:  Sundays

Estimated price: $420 – $950

Flights from Lagos to Bangui via Port Harcourt, Douala

Ave Flight Duration: 10h 35m

Time: Sundays

Estimated price: $430 – $1,000


Royal Air Maroc Airlines

Website: www.royalairmaroc.com

Flights from Douala to Bangui

Average Flight Duration:  1h 40m

Time: Friday and Sunday Estimated price $220 – $600

Flights from Abuja to Bangui via Douala

Ave flight Duration: 6h 55m

Time: Sunday

Estimated price:  $210 – $650


Rwandair Express

Website: www.rwandair.com

Flights from Douala to Bangui

Average Flight Duration: 1h 50m

Time: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

Estimated price:  $300 – $650

Flights from Abuja to Bangui via Douala

Average Flight Duration:  13h

Time: Thursday and Sunday

Estimated price: $270 – $600

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