How Much is Canadian Visa Fee in Nigeria?

canadiain visa fee in nigeria

How Much is Canadian Visa Fee in Nigeria

Canada is one of the most important countries that form an integral part of North America, it’s the second largest country in the world in terms of land mass and touches three great oceans on the north, the west and the east (the Arctic, the pacific and the Atlantic oceans).

People migrate to Canada for a variety of reasons. For the tourists, this may be the abundance of lakes ( Canada has more lakes in it than all the lakes we have in the world altogether) about two million, the multicultural population with about a fifth of the country’s population being immigrants and the warm embracing people all attract people from over the world. For business minded people however, the boosting economy of the country comes in very attractive.

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Although Canada shares a border with USA which is the longest land border in the world with thousands of people crossing in and out daily, a large number of Nigerians also cross into this beautiful country such that it has become one of the go-to places for people of Nigeria.

Applying for a Canadian visa in Nigeria is not an especially hard task. Apart from the couple of forms you have to fill, an important aspect you must take care of is the payment of all necessary fees.  These fees vary and depends on the class of visa for which you applying such that someone who is applying for a temporary residence visa will pay different amount from what a person applying for work permit will pay. Also the fees for individuals applying for visa differs from that of groups or family members.

In this article, I am going to make a list of all visa types available to Nigerians and discuss all accompanying visa application and processing fees attached to each visa type.


This includes the Visitors visa, student’s visa or study permit, super visa and work permits.

  1. Visitors Visa Fees

The Visitor Visa includes visa for individuals, family or groups who wish to visit Canada on a temporary basis as a tourist or visiting family. It is issued irrespective of whether one intends to obtain the visa for a single visit or multiple visits.

Visitors Visa Fees (for individuals)

For a single individual willing to migrate to Canada, the visitor visa fees is 100 Canadian dollars (Note that it is 286.64 Naira for 1 Canadian dollar as at 7th February, 2018).

Visitors Visa Fees (for family)

For a family consisting of five or more members, the visitor visa fee is 500 Canadian dollars. In order to be eligible for the 500 Canadian dollar fee as a family, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Your family members must all apply at the same time and at the same Visa Application Centre.
  2. Your children must meet the requirement of dependents. This means that they must be under 22 years of age. You can check if your children qualifies as dependents by clicking the link here .
  3. The family visitor’s visa cannot be used for groups of people who are not family members.

2. The Super visa

The super visa is the required type of visa for parents and grandparents of permanent residents of Canada or Canadian citizens. It is a long term visa that allows for multiple entry. Although it is a temporary visa, it allows parents and grandparents to stay for as long as two years in Canada on one visit and is usually valid for up to ten years.

The difference between the super visa and the regular visitor visa is that the regular visitor visa only allows up to six months stay per visit.

The Super visa fees

The cost of super visas are the same as that of the visitor’s visa.

Stay Prolongation fees

If an individual wishes to prolong his/her as a visitor, such individual is required to pay 100 Canadian dollars.

Restoration of Visitor Status fees

You may also be required to reinstate your visitor status in a case where you have lost your status. This is in accordance with section 182 of the Immigration and refugee protection Regulations. In this case, you do not need another visa fee but will be required to pay 200 Canadian dollars.

For more information on restoration of status, you can visit this link.

  1. Student Visa fees

These kind of visa are for students or people who intend to go to Canada to study. For a student visa, you are required to pay a study permission fees which includes prolongation. The cost of student visa application for an individual is 150 Canadian dollars.

Restoration of student status fees

To restore your student status when necessary, you will be required to pay:

  • Restoration of status fee which is 200 Canadian dollars and
  • New study permission fees which is 150 Canadian dollars

Therefore, a total of 350 Canadian dollars is required.

  1. Work Permit Fees

There are different classes of work permit for people migrating to Canada:

  1. The open work permit: this gives you the opportunity to work for an employer in Canada as long as he/she is not ineligible to operate. You cannot get a work permit for an employer who offers services such as erotic dancing, striptease or any other erotic based businesses. You can find out if you qualify for an open work permit
  2. There is also the employer specific work permit: this gives you the opportunity to travel to Canada for work based on conditions specified on your work permit. These conditions include the name of the employer you want to work for, the duration and location of your work.

Work Permit Fees (for individuals)

The fees for individuals work permit is 155 Canadian dollars including extensions

Work Permit Fees (for a travelling group)

Work permit fees for a travelling group (of performing artistes) of three people or more is 465 Canadian dollars including extension.

It is important to note that the work permit fees for performing group is only applicable if members of the group apply at the same time and at the same Visa Application Centre.

Open work permit

If you are a holder of an open work permit, then you are required to pay just 100 Canadian dollars.

Restoration of Status fees

If you wish to restore your status under a work permit visa, you will be required to pay 200 Canadian dollars. However you will also pay a new work permission fees which costs 155 Canadian dollars which makes a total of 355 Canadian dollars


For Temporary Residence Visa applications, it is required that applicants pay for their biometrics to be taken. This include the details of your fingerprints and photographs. The cost of biometrics include:

  • Individual = 85 Canadian dollars
  • Family = 170 Canadian dollars and
  • Group of artists ( 3 members or above ) = 255 Canadian dollars


The fees for obtaining Permanent Residence Visas are different from temporary residence visas under each category. The classes of visas and there fees under Permanent Residence Visa include;

  1. Business immigration

These fees apply to the following categories of individuals

  1. People migrating to Quebec permanently for business purposes. (Quebec Business Immigration)
  2. Individuals who are self-employed
  3. Startup Visa

Business Immigration Fees

The visa application cost for business immigration include:

  • The processing fees which cost 1,050 Canadian dollars and
  • The right of permanent residence fee which is 490 Canadian dollars.

If you are travelling with your spouse or your partner, you will be required to pay

  • Processing fees costing 550 Canadian dollars and
  • The right of permanent residence fee which is 490 Canadian dollars. (Making a total of 1040 Canadian dollars)

Also if you have one or more dependent children, you will be required to pay 150 Canadian dollars per child

  1. Economic Immigration Visa (Express Entry Included)

The economic immigration visa fees is required for those who are migrating to Canada as:

– Educators and Caregivers

-A part of the federal skilled employees, professionals and skilled trades

-Skilled workers selected for Quebec

– Immigration aviators of the Atlantic (Atlantic Immigration pilot)

-. Provincial nominee candidates and

– The Canadian Experience Class

Economic Immigration Visa Fees

The fees include:

  1. Visa Processing fees which is 550 Canadian dollars
  2. Permanent residence right fees which is 490 Canadian dollars.

If you are migrating with your spouse or partner and a dependent child or children, then your fees will include:

  • Visa Processing fees which is 550 Canadian dollars
  • Permanent residence right fees which is 490 Canadian dollars.
  • 150 Canadian dollar for each dependent child
  1. Humanitarian and Compassionate Visa Fees

This covers those who are travelling to Canada on humanitarian and compassionate purpose.

Note: the same Economic immigration visa fees also apply for individuals who are migrating to Canada for humanitarian for compassionate courses

  1. Permit Holders Class Fees

The visa application fees for an individual in the permit holders’ class include:

-Processing fee which is 325 Canadian dollars and

-Right of permanent residence fee which is 490 Canadian dollars

It is important to note that in some cases, The Minister of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) may decide to accord a permanent resident status to a previously prohibited immigrant on humanitarian and compassionate grounds or based on public policy foundations.

  1. Protected Persons

For the individuals who fall into the Protected Persons category, the visa processing fees include

-550 Canadian dollars for an individuals

– 550 Canadian dollars for a spouse or partner

-and 150 Canadian dollars per dependent child.


The types of visa under this category includes sponsorship for adopted children, individual’s relatives and spouse of individual’s relatives.

Independent Relative fees (22 years and above)

To sponsor a relative who is not a dependent, the fees are as follows:

  • Sponsorship fees which costs 75 Canadian dollars
  • Processing fee which costs 475 Canadian dollars and
  • Right of permanent residence fee which costs 490 Canadian dollars

Dependent Relative fees (below 22 years of age)

To sponsor a relative who is dependent, the fees are as follows:

  • Sponsorship fees which costs 75 Canadian dollars
  • Processing fee which costs 475 Canadian dollars

Dependent Adopted Child fees

To sponsor an adopted child or one that is about to be adopted, the fees include:

  • Sponsorship fees which costs 75 Canadian dollars
  • Processing fee which costs 75 Canadian dollars

Partner or spouse of your relative

Fees include:

  • Processing fees which costs 550 Canadian dollars and
  • Right of permanent residence fee which costs 490 Canadian dollars


To apply for Canadian citizenship, the fees include:

– Citizenship certificate costs 75 Canadian dollars

-Right of citizenship costs 100 Canadian dollars

You can also decide to renounce your citizenship, this will require you to pay a sum of 100     Canadian dollars

If you are uncertain, you can search for your record of citizenship for 75 Canadian dollars.

Important tips to note before you pay your visa fees

  1. It is important to note that all payments for the Canadian visa in Nigeria can only be made in naira.
  2. All your applications must the submitted with details of payment. Without the details of payment attached, your application will most likely be rejected and returned to you.
  3. For every payment you make concerning Canadian visa application, there is always a receipt issued as an evidence of payment. Always make a copy of your payment receipt and keep for reference.
  4. Note that once your application processing has started, you will not get any refund even if your application is not approved.
  5. In the case where your form has to be returned to you, you will pay all the cost incurred for returning your file or any unrelated documents you have submitted by mistake.
  6. Although you may be informed at the embassy that your visa processing will take only about 34 days, you should bear in mind that due to Nigerian factors, your visa processing might span between three to sixteen weeks so do not panic.

All the best in your application!


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