Canadian Express Entry Application From Nigeria

canadian express entry application from nigeria

Canadian Express Entry Application From Nigeria

The Canadian Express entry application was developed by the Government of Canada to deal with permanent residence application in Canada by applicants utilizing certain special immigration programs. The Express Entry system allows individuals to obtain permanent residence in Canada by selecting from a large pool of candidates the ones deemed fit to settle easily in Canada and contribute positively to the Canadian economy.

Eligibility for the Canadian Express Entry Application

The Canadian Express Entry System can only be applied for by immigrants or intending applicants through the following avenue or immigration programs for their permanent residence application to Canada:

  1. Federal skilled worker
  2. Federal Skilled Tradesperson
  3. Canadian experience class
  4. Parts of the Provincial Nominee program

Find out of you are eligible to apply for the Canadian Express entry system through any of the above mentioned programs by clicking here

How does the Express Entry System Work?

The Canadian express entry system works through a point and ranking arrangement. Each individual applying through any of the eligible immigration programs under the system has to obtain a required number of points, based on which they will either be issued an invitation to apply for permanent residence to Canada or not. The Express Entry system calculates each individual’s points and weighs them against others applying through the same avenue using what is referred to as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) criteria.  Under the Comprehensive Ranking System criteria, individuals are awarded points based on a predetermined group of factors. These factors include:

  1. The age of the applicant
  2. Level of education
  3. Language proficiency
  4. Work experience
  5. Possession of a Canadian degree or certificate
  6. Possession of a valid job offer
  7. Availability of a provincial or territorial nomination

Under the Comprehensive Ranking System, there are two sets of points that are combined to make the total score for an applicant, the Core points and the Additional points;

  1. Core points: this is the basic point under which an applicant is scored. The core point is usually a total of 600 points and is based on the skills possessed by applicants as well as work experience. There is also the language proficiency factor and the level of education which are converted to points and used to rank applicants. I have listed some of the factors and there corresponding points below;
  • Age = 100 points
  • Level of education of applicant= 140points
  • Language proficiency level= 150 points
  • Applicant’s work experience in Canada= 70 points
  1. Additional points: the additional point under the comprehensive ranking system also adds up to 600 points and this is based on factors such as the applicant having a Canadian degree, a nomination from a province or territory in Canada , possession of a valid job offer or having a relation who is living in Canada and already has permanent residency. In addition to these, excellent French speaking ability usually adds up to an applicant’s additional points and invariably the total score.

Note: After grading is done considering all factors, applicants who obtain the highest number of points as compared to others ( usually these are regarded as most suitable or most qualified applicants) are issued an immigration invitation to Canada.

How to apply

The following are the basic steps to follow if you wish to apply for permanent residence in Canada through the Canadian Express System;

  1. Determine your eligibility:

If you are applying for the express entry through nay of the earlier stated immigration programs especially through the federal skilled worker system and the federal skilled tradesperson, you are required to first determine your eligibility before proceeding to apply under any of the systems. The following are the things you should make a note of to ensure your eligibility:

-You may need to take a language proficiency test to determine your level of proficiency.

-For applicants who have their education in other countries but Canada, you will need to obtain an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

– For those who have work experience, you need to determine the validity of your work experience. You can check your validity and learn the skill type of your work experience by clicking here.

Important Note: the Educational Credential Assessment is not required for applicants who have worked in Canada for at least a year or those who have a work experience in a skilled trade or manual labour.

You can also determine your eligibility to apply for permanent residence in Canada through federal skilled workers or tradesperson express entry by clicking this link.

  1. Create your online Express entry Profile:

After you have successfully determined your eligibility, you must then create an online express entry profile. Usually, in order to be considered under the express entry system, an applicant is expected to create a profile called the express entry profile. This profile will contain all information with which the applicants will be granted points and then ranked against other applicants using the Comprehensive Ranking System. Information included in the applicant’s Express entry profile includes identity of applicant, spoken languages as well as contact information of the applicant. You will also need to provide information about your level of education, work experience and identity of any family member coming with you to Canada if applicable.

The express entry profile is created online and the process is free of any fees or service charge, the system is also secured such that applicant’s information is well protected. Once an individual completes the online profile and meets the criteria, he/she will be added to the pool of applicants already existing in the system and scored alongside others.

Important note: Any intending applicant is expected to finish completing the express entry profile within sixty (60) days of starting the online process. It is advised that the applicant fill all information in the form completely and correctly as these will be used to determine if such individual will be considered eligible for the program and possibly sent an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

In order to successfully complete your online express entry profile, you will be required to provide certain documents including:

  • you passport,
  • document of national identity
  • Travel documents
  • Proof of Language proficiency
  • Educational Credential Assessment (If applicable)
  • Proof of a valid job  offer (if applicable)
  1. Create a job match account:

This is the third stage in the application process for express entry system. Although this step is not compulsory, it is highly recommended. After completing your online express entry profile and being accepted into the pool of candidates, the next step is to create a job match account or link up with recruiters.  The job match account is a system of job search in Canada. It is an online job search tool used to connect job seekers or potential employees with employers who have job offers that suit the skills of the applicants. It is important to create a job match account so that an applicant can easily find a job once they arrive in Canada. Having a job offer in Canada increases an applicant’s chance of been invited for permanent resident application in Canada. You can also keep using your job match account even while in Canada.

Important note: Applicants can also predispose themselves to more job opportunities by using various other tools such as job boards.

  1. Apply for Permanent Residence

Once an applicant has been accepted into the pool of applicants and sent an invitation to apply for permanent residence. The next step is to go ahead and apply. You will be given a period of ninety (90) days to apply for your permanent residence in Canada once you have received an invitation.  During your application, ensure that you fill all your forms correctly and completely and attach all requested documents.

The period of getting your application for permanent residence processed may take up to six months depending on the situations surrounding your application. However, it may also take less time if your application does not require much investigation or request for other documents.

Important note

  1. It is possible for an express entry applicant to not receive immigration invitation to apply for permanent residence. In this case, such applicant is advised to create and submit another profile. However, this must be after twelve (12) months of creating the first Express Entry profile.
  2. Invitations are sent out to highest ranking individuals periodically to apply for permanent resident from the available profiles in the system and based on the points per factors of such applicants.
  3. There are factors that affect the number of applicants that are sent invitation through the Canadian express entry system apart from ranking. One of these is the Periodic Quota-the Canadian government usually sets a baseline or quota for the maximum number of applicants that will be sent immigration invites periodically. For the year 2018, the quota was fixed at 310,000 with different quotas for each month, hence only the top ranking 310,000 individuals from the system will be sent immigration invites at that period even if there are others who meet the cut off.


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