How to Apply for a Kenyan Visa in Nigeria

how to apply for a kenyan visa in nigeria

How to apply for Kenya visa from Nigeria

Kenya Visa Requirements for Nigeria Citizens – Kenya is often described as a charming country to visit in Africa with a number of beautiful cities and beaches to enjoy. A lot of Nigerians travel to Kenya to school, others travel to sight see, visit family, find a new work, find a new life or just to enjoy the environment.Not all African countries require a visa to visit Kenya, however Nigeria is not one of these, any Nigerian applicant is expected to obtain a visa to visit Kenya.

Classes of Kenyan Visas Available to Nigerians

There are different classes of Kenyan visas available to Nigerians including;

  • Single Entry/ Ordinary visa: the single entry or single journey visa available to Nigerians travelling to Kenya for a short period of time mainly for the purpose of visiting relatives, business, medical treatment or holiday /tourism. The short stay single journey or ordinary visa is valid for a period of three (3) months. Once you have exceeded three months on a single entry visa, you are expected to apply for reapply for another visa by visiting the immigration centre at the capital (Nairobi) for your visa renewal.


  • Courtesy Visa: issued to individuals travelling to Kenya as an international courtesy. It may also be issued to individuals travelling to Kenya for official purpose. The courtesy visa is also issued to individuals travelling through Kenya (on transit) to another country for official duties.


  • Transit Visa: this class of visa is available to applicants travelling through Kenya into another country. It is called a transit visa as the holders are only passing through and not intending to make Kenya their final destination. Transit visas are valid for a period of three (3) days.


  • Multiple Journeys/ Multiple Entry visa: this is the type of visa required for individuals who intend to visit Kenya on several occasions within a particular period. Such applicants usually travel in and out of Kenya often for one reason or the other such as business. The validity period for a multiple journey visa is between six (6) to twelve (12) months.


  • Official /Service visa: this form of visa issued to individuals who hold service passports and are travelling to Kenya for official purposes.


  • Diplomatic Visa: this is the type of visa required for diplomatic officials (individuals who hold diplomatic passport) who intend to visit Kenya for official purposes. The diplomatic visa is issued to diplomats and diplomatic officials, service passport holder and several other related country officials.


Comprehensive Guideline on How to Apply For a Kenyan Visa in Nigeria

It is relatively an easy process to apply for a Kenyan visa as far as you meet all the requirements and posses necessary documents. It is a straightforward process that you can carry out yourself.  All you need is to be careful and adhere strictly to instructions

You may decide to contact visa centres for help but if you would otherwise do it yourself (which I recommend), worry not, this article will provide you with all that you need to know and do. The visa application process to Kenya can be done online from start to finish without having to visit an embassy or consulate. Below are the basic steps:

Determine whether or not you are eligible to travel and prepare your documents

This is the most important step of your visa application. It would be a total waste of time and possibly money if you complete the visa application process only to find out at the point of entry that you are not eligible to migrate to Kenya. There are certain conditions that must be met and a number of documents that one must make available to be eligible to visit Kenya. They are as follows;

  • You must possess a valid international passport ( it is preferable that this is not older than six months and has an extra page for your visa to be stamped/ endorsed)
  • Your completely and accurately filled visa application form usually referred to as Form 22.
  • Your valid Nigerian passport (original and photocopy) to show your travel history, your bio-data page, your passport number and photograph.
  • Two Recent and identical Passport photographs
  • Possession of adequate funds to travel to Kenya (including your visa application fees), sustain yourself while there and return to your country. You will need to provide proof of funds in terms of a bank statement of your account (not less than six months) or an On-ward air return ticket.
  • A letter or evidence of invitation from a person living in Kenya that you will be visiting or staying with in Kenya. The introduction letter should include the dates of your visit, the period of stay and the purpose of visit.
  • Birth certificates must also be made available if you have children or any dependents travelling with you.
  • Proof of internationally acceptable vaccination: you must make available yellow fever and cholera vaccination evidence endorsed by an acceptable medical practitioner.
  • Family pictures and marriage certificates if applicable
  • A letter of introduction with vital information such as your physical address, mail address and contact phone numbers.
  • You can click here to check for more required documents and ensure you prepare all.

You could jeopardise your eligibility to gain entry into Kenya if:

  • You put up a personality that will expose you to being found as a security threat/risk (mind your choice of word and behaviour at the point of entry)
  • You have perpetrated or caused an human right violation
  • You have once been convicted of a crime( such as murder) either in Kenya or any other country and considered an objectionable immigrant
  • You are indebted, bankrupt or in severe financial trouble
  • If you do not have the proper vaccinations of have a health issue that may has been indicated by a medical practitioner to be a threat to the inhabitants of Kenya
  • You are diagnosed of ill mental health
  • You are into the business of prostitution or live on proceeds from such business
  • You are engaged in human trafficking, money laundering or illicit arms business
  • You are dishonest in filling your application form ( Incomplete forms will not be accepted)
  • You are going together with a family member or you are a dependent of a person found to be ineligible to travel to Kenya or that belong to any of the above category of people

Visit the Kenyan eVisa website and start your application

After you have determined your eligibility to travel and made available all required documents, the next step is to visit the visa application website and complete your visa application form.

  • First you have to create an account then register as a visitor online by clicking on the e-visa visitor button
  • Confirm your account by clicking on the link sent to your email box.
  • Click on the Department of Immigration services and  submit your selection
  • Select the type of visa for which you intend to apply
  • You will be presented with the visa application form which you must fill completely and correctly
  • Submit your Application form

After completing your form, you can then submit online. Do not click the submit button until you have cross-checked that your application form is correctly filled. You will not be able to make any correction after submission.

Confirm and Pay your Visa Application fees

After you have filled the appropriate forms, you must pay your visa processing fees.

The visa fees vary for different forms of visas so ensure that you are paying the correct fees for the type of visa you are applying. You should pay your application fees using a bank card such as the master or visa card.  You can check for more information on visa fees here.

Note that the visa application fee is non-refundable. If your application is eventually rejected, your funds will not be returned to you.

Receive Approval and Download you e-Visa

Once you submit your application, you have crossed a major step of your application process. If successful, an approval mail will be sent to the email address which you provided. You are required to download the e-visa and print out for reference purposes.

You will be issued a stamped visa at the point of entry to Kenya, there you must present you eVisa both soft ad printed copy.

Individuals who do not possess required documents will not be allowed entry into Kenya.

Important Note

  • Having an eVisa is not a guarantee that you will be granted entry into Kenya. Therefore ensure that you meet all current requirements so as not to jeopardise your eligibility to enter into Kenya.
  • The Kenya Immigration Authority reserves the right to update their visa application requirements without notice, hence make sure you keep up to date about their requirements at the point of application.
  • Visit the Kenya high commission website at for more information on visa requirements for Nigerians.

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